Reclaiming Consciousness

#74- The Hidden Energetics of Client Attraction

June 01, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 74
Reclaiming Consciousness
#74- The Hidden Energetics of Client Attraction
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“Everyone has their own unique way of attracting clients because it's your specific frequency, it's your business. You are not gonna do it like anybody else, and that is the beauty of it. That is the thing that is actually gonna attract people to you when you allow yourself to be in your most authentic uniqueness.”  - Alyse Bacine

In this solo episode, I am sharing a few crucial ideas that can help you in the process of attracting clients for a successful business. It's important to let go of linear thinking and instead focus on energetic investments in your business, which will return in unexpected ways.

It's also important to be willing to be visible and seen in your full power and to heal any underlying fears of being judged or criticized. Ensuring that what you're offering is energetically congruent with where you're at and what you're willing to do, will help you attract clients in a more honest and transparent way.
As always, I believe Mentorship is key, and investing in it from the beginning is important to continue growing and calling in the right clients. Find the right one for you.

Let me know what you think of these ideas and how willing you are to implementing them on your business and your life in general.


(07:14) Client attraction: starting my own business and overcoming the initial fear.
(10:45) Do not emulate but rather do things YOUR way. Go back and listen to my episode with Dr. Robyn McKay
(13:27) Reflect on this: What is my unique client attraction frequency?
(14:45) The idea of client attraction being non transactional. 
(15:49) Letting yourself be wowed by how things show up is a huge piece of client attraction.
(21:40) Your willingness to be visible and be seen: “The Witch Wound”.
(26:10) The protection-hurt duality.
(30:19) Asking others to do something that you aren’t willing to do.
(35:02) Being magnetic.
(36:00) If you want to go deeper with all this Quantum Magnetism is the key to it.


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Alyse: Everyone has their own unique way of attracting clients because it's your specific frequency, it's your business. You are not gonna do it like anybody else, and that is the beauty of it. That is the thing that is actually gonna attract people to you when you allow yourself to be in your most authentic uniqueness.

I know there are many of you out there who are thinking about, do I wanna start a business or I do wanna start a business and I'm not sure when to start, or I'm not sure how to start. The answer to that is now. And the other answer is, find a mentor that you resonate with your true potency, lies, and your ability to fully claim and own who you really are unapologetically.

Elevating beyond the fear of being judged or criticized is a huge piece of the client attraction puzzle. 

Alyse: Welcome to reclaiming consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor, breathwork practitioner and owner, and CEO of Alyse Breathes. For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial and ancestral trauma. Right now, during this epic time in history, people are waking up, realizing who they really are and reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they unknowingly gave away.

This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're capable of. In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising conscious. And creating a new way of living on this earth.

Get ready to go deep now. Let's dive in.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So today's episode, I love so much because this is something that I have been tuning into and kind of compiling for a long time as I work with clients and just as I've been going on my own path of. What it means to attract clients, what it means to be magnetic, and just the energetics behind this.

And there are some very specific hidden energetics that I've noticed, and you guys all know I love diving deep beneath the surface. I love seeing what's hiding, what's lurking in the shadows. So of course I have come up. With, for you some key energetics that I feel like are really important. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're non-negotiable in looking at within yourself in order to enhance your client attraction and just your ability to be magnetic and manifest in general.

So I go over these here. Can I just talk about my own journey and what I've seen with clients, but I really feel like these are gonna illuminate for you things that you probably haven't thought about when it comes to client attraction and magnetism. So I'm super excited for you to listen. Couple of quick announcements here.

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So you are getting. Daily coaching from me. Daily illumination of your blind spots, bringing your challenges to me. I will let you know what I'm seeing, what's lying underneath the surface, what are the things we can clear? And then of course, you're getting breath work, which changes everything for everyone all the time.

That's the thing that is gonna move the energy, that's gonna create the momentum, that's gonna create the space for you to call in what it is that you're desiring, whether it's more clients, more money, or both a new relationship. Whatever it is that's gonna create the space for you to call that in. So this program is for entrepreneurs, emerging entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial, curious to understand the energetics of client attraction, of creating magnetism, and of going to that next level of allowing yourself to be fully seen, fully visible in your power and in your potency.

So that is starting in the beginning of June. So we're gonna link that below and you can reach out to me to sign up for that. Also, I have a couple spaces available for private mentorship right now. Just a couple. And this is where you deep dive with me for six or 12 months with one-to-one calls Voxer.

Plus you get access to one of my programs, either Accelerated Wealth Mastermind. Or my certification program or the metamorphosis. Um, so this is for the person who is wanting close proximity private mentorship to learn how to run a spiritual business that brings in high five figure months each month.

So if this is you, reach out to me and we can talk about what it looks like to work privately with me, and then also if you're interested in Accelerated Wealth and Mastermind, my certification program. Or you're looking to completely change your life by clearing, familial, ancestral trauma, understanding your purpose on a deeper level and starting your own business doing it, the metamorphosis is for you.

Reach out to me, so inquire about any of those programs. I know you're gonna love the episode, and I will leave it there. Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. I am recording an episode for you today around the hidden energetics of client attraction. This is a topic that I feel like eludes so many people.

If you have a business, and even if you don't have a business, there's always this idea of being magnetic or being able to draw to you the things that you desire, right? Client attraction is no different. It's really similar to the laws of manifestation. However, there are a few hidden energetics that I have noticed over my three plus years in business at this point that I really wanted to highlight for all of you with the intention.

Of giving you some insight or some hidden knowledge on how you can use this information to help you in your own client attraction process. Or for those of you who don't have a business, just in your process in general of drawing to you that what you desire, or if you're an emerging entrepreneur, being able to understand this stuff so you can hit the ground running is, in my opinion, invaluable.

And I know there are many of you out there who are thinking about. Do I wanna start a business or I do wanna start a business and I'm not sure when to start, or I'm not sure how to start. The answer to that is now. And the other answer is find a mentor that you resonate with. But beyond all of that, these are super important things for people at any level in business to understand.

So the first thing I wanna mention is I've been reflecting on my own experience when it comes to client attraction and why it's been easy for me at times and why it has been challenging for me at times. I think this is something that we all come up against at certain levels, and I remember for me, when I first started my business, that was actually my biggest fear and it was actually the reason why.

I didn't start a business a lot earlier in my life and I remember thinking, cuz you guys all know my story, I discovered breath work at age 19 and by age 22 I was an experienced certified breath worker, leading groups, having private clients, and I knew my stuff. And the idea to me at that time of starting my own business, Felt completely overwhelming for a few reasons.

One being I didn't have anybody modeling that to me other than my breathwork teachers. I didn't see anyone in my life be an entrepreneur. My parents were both teachers. I didn't know anybody who'd done this, so I didn't have anything to model it off of. And at the same time, I remember thinking how daunting it would be to, to get clients.

I thought, how would I get clients? But the funny thing is, and the ironic thing is, is that as I progressed and I went through all of these different breathwork trainings in my early twenties, what they would do a lot of times is they would ask me to be an assistant for a lot of their trainings because I had so much experience and I had done.

All of the trainings before. So what happens is you like graduate to this level where they ask you to be an assistant and part of the job of being an assistant is you get to do the program for free. You help out, you support people, but also they ask you to invite people to the trainings. And it was so funny cuz I would always by accident or unintentionally invite people into the trainings.

And it wasn't because I was really trying, it was just because of. The way I was being. And people would ask me like, oh, what are you doing? Or, what's that thing that you're always going to, or Why are you different now? Or What are you doing? And I would just tell them and then they would want to come. And when I was doing all of these trainings back then, they didn't call it client attraction.

They would call it enrolling, and they would always say, oh, Alyse is such a good enroller. And I never actually thought of myself as that, but looking back, I actually was, but it wasn't necessarily because of anything I was doing. Like I said, it's just the way I was being, and offhand I would mention to people, Hey, I'm doing this, or Hey, I'm doing that, and they would automatically wanna do it and I would've zero attachment to it.

I know now going into my business that this is something that I've been good at. I've always been good at being a leader at bringing people together. People always tell me that. The groups that I create, all of my group programs are like so magical because everybody's so divinely aligned with each other and all of that.

So I know that I've had that ability, and I guarantee you most of you do too. Or there are things about your own client attraction process that you are naturally really good at. And that's the first thing that I wanna highlight is everyone has a different way of doing this. And if you guys listen to the episode that I recently did with Dr.

Robin McKay when we were talking about our trip to Palm Springs, our retreat, We were talking about this idea of the spiritual businesses that we have and how they are portals to creating change in the world and portals to healing and bringing people together and creating the new earth. There is this way where you have to do it your way and you can take things that other people teach you and you can look at what other people are doing and you can tune into the frequency of what they're doing and integrate it within yourself, but you can't emulate it.

You have to do it your own way, and that's one of the. Most important things that I wanna highlight off the bat is I want you to take these things that I'm sharing, these principles that I'm sharing with you, and allow them to simmer, allow them to integrate into your being with the intention of ultimately getting more clear on what your unique client attraction frequency is because, That is the most important piece is really understanding the way that you do things.

And there are really important strategic things with this and there are really important energetics to understand, but you need to assimilate them into yourself. So it's interesting cuz I was reflecting on this for myself and my guides told me that my unique client attraction frequency is the sacred relationship.

So for me, with all my close proximity clients, but even everyone in my world, I consider all those relationships sacred. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm close touch with everybody. I have people in different programs at different levels, and the business gets to serve them. However, because my energy and my frequency is infused in the business, I consider them coming into my business and being attracted to my work.

As sacred, and that's the energy, the frequency that I hold around, the specific way that I call in clients. And I do a lot of energy work to call in the exact right people that are meant to be in my frequency, that are meant to be in my different containers. And it always happens, it always unfolds perfectly.

But I do infuse a lot of other things into the way that I do client attraction. And I've also noticed a ton of things that clients and myself will come up against in the process that I really wanna highlight for you. So first of all, I want you to write down what is my unique client attraction frequency.

And I just want you to ponder that. You don't have to have an answer. You don't have to know, and maybe some words will come through for you, right? That you're like, oh, and you'll just have a few words come through. Write them down. And just let this kind of evolve for you and just live in this question and get curious about what this is for you, because the same way that everyone has their own unique way of manifesting, everyone has their own unique way of attracting clients because it's your specific frequency, it's your business.

You are not gonna do it like anybody else. And that is the beauty of it. That is the thing that is actually gonna attract people to you. When you allow yourself to be in your most authentic uniqueness, your true potency lies, and your ability to fully claim and own who you really are unapologetically.

And you've heard me talk about this all the time, so I want you to really just reflect on that. What is my unique client attraction frequency? And just allow that question to brew underneath the surface as I'm going through some of these energetics that I wanna highlight. So the first thing that I wanna talk about is the idea of client attraction being non-transactional.

So the mistake that I see a lot of women making, or I don't even wanna call it a mistake, I just wanna call it like something that you think when you first kind of start doing this. Is we have this idea of applying linear thinking and old paradigm thinking to this new paradigm of spiritual entrepreneurship.

These types of businesses that we have that are about personal growth, coaching, healing, whatever it is, we try to apply these linear thought patterns or these linear ways of thinking to this realm, and it doesn't apply. So what happens is I'm seeing a lot of people who. And I've seen this with a lot of my clients where they will be like, okay, I put out a post now, why isn't anyone liking it?

Or Why isn't anyone responding? Or, I sent out an email with my offer. Now people should be responding and buying my offer. It's transactional. It's A plus B, equal C, and that's actually not how it works. And here's why, because. Anytime you are putting something out there into the world, you're sharing something for your business, you're sharing content, you are putting an offer out there, whatever it is you're sharing on social media, you're sending out an email.

That is you making an energetic investment in your business. So just like similar to making an investment in the stock market, you might have an idea of what your return is gonna be, but you don't know exactly. And it's the same thing here where it's like, you can bet that that energetic investment that you're putting in your business is gonna get a return.

You just don't know how or when that return is gonna come. However, if you keep putting that investment in, that investment starts to compound and then you start to get returns in ways that you just didn't think of. One of the things I always joke about is, for example, when I'm launching a program, it's like I'll be focusing on launching that program and then like over here, people are buying all of these other things for me because I've put so much energetic investment into all my programs in my business.

So those will return in ways that I've least expected it, right? And it happens. All the time, or there'll be things that happen. I will talk to somebody about joining a program and then they'll decide in the last minute that they're not ready, and then later on I'll be talking to somebody else about joining a different program, and then before I know it, that person from before comes back and says they're ready to join that other program or something like that.

Do you see how you can't predict exactly how things unfold, however, If you know that just by continuing to put those energetic investments into your business, they will return. You just don't know how It takes that transaction outta it, and it takes that. Expectation and disappointment outta it. And I see this as a mistake that people make where, again, I don't wanna say mistake, but it's more like where it's like thinking about it in a way that's not exactly how it is.

So I. I did this thing and it's not working how I wanted it to, or it's not working how I expected. And the thing is, yes, of course we can have strong intentions around our business, and I do believe in the power of deciding that things get to work and the power of knowing that you are going to be successful no matter what, and you're gonna create your vision no matter what.

That is a thing. And I do believe in that. And I'm a product of that, by the way, and still evolving. But however, you don't always get to know how it's gonna unfold from your human perspective. There is not always a way that you can know the way that things are gonna unfold for you. So what you do is you do what you're guided to do.

You share what you're guided to share, you offer what you're guided to offer, and then you allow the investments to return to you. In the way they're meant to. And guess what? It's usually better than you could have imagined. Cause think about like a manifestation that came through for you, right? Think about something that you've called in.

Did anything ever show up for you in the way that you thought it would? I'm guessing no, cuz it never showed up for me in the way I thought it would. And every time I wanted to manifest something or create something in my business by a certain date, guess what? It never happened. But something either equal or better happened at a time when I least expected it.

So being open to the possibility of your energetic investments in your business, returning to you in ways that are better than you can imagine, living in that realm of possibility is so much better than saying, oh, my post didn't get enough likes, or, oh, this person isn't coming in when I thought they were going to, or looking for the ways that things aren't working instead.

Being open to how things can unfold in ways that your human brain couldn't even conceive of. So that's the first one is letting go of this linear transactional way of thinking, because that's actually not how client attraction works. It works very differently. So if you can look at, as you run your business, And even if you don't have a business, by the way, you can still do this because it's just being intentional with where you're putting your energy and putting an energetic investment into what it is that you wanna create.

So for example, if you are looking for a new job, there's action steps that you can take, energetic investments that you can take to create that. It doesn't mean that it's always gonna yield exactly what you wanted, but it's showing the universe. That is of high value to you, that you are claiming and owning the fact that this is important to you and this is what you intend to experience.

So it's the same thing when you're running your business. You take those action steps that make. A statement to the universe that this is what you desire to experience. This is what you're holding the energy around, and you are allowing it to come through. You just can't always know how it's going to, right?

So being open to possibility, being open to being surprised, and being open to being wowed by how things show up is a huge piece of client attraction. Okay, so the next one is around your willingness to be visible or to be seen. And I know we come up against this at each level of our business because being willing to be fully visible and be seen is a process.

Right. But what it really is, because it's not just about being seen, right? I think at a certain point everyone can like, The bullet, even if you're scared, and show your face on the internet, tell people about who you are, all that stuff. However, what the real fear is here is it's the fear of being seen in your full power and your full potency.

And why is that scary? There are many reasons why that's scary. One, I'm just gonna cut right to the chase. It's the witch wound. Everyone comes up against it at a lot of new levels where, you know, in past lives, in the ancestral lines, it has actually not been safe to share. Your psychic abilities to share who you really are, to share your power, your potency, to share that you actually are more powerful than a lot of people.

And in our D N A, that can feel scary because we are holding energetic patterns in our D N A in our cells that say that's dangerous. So every time you show up more and more sharing your potency and power, it can feel scary. And what ends up happening is that because our. Physiological being is attempting to protect us.

Sometimes we might not even realize that we're hiding, or we might not even realize that we're making up stories about why we can't fully show who we really are. You know, I see a lot of people do it, and I did this too. When I first started my business, I was really worried about what the people that I used to work with would think about me sharing about my psychic abilities, about the fact that I connect with cosmic beings and all of these things.

I was like, oh my God, they're gonna think I'm crazy. And I was always so worried about it. And I see other people do it too, where they're like, I don't wanna share that because of my job, or, I don't wanna share that because people are gonna ostracize me or think I'm crazy. And that's really old witch wound stuff and we don't even realize sometimes that we can be holding ourselves back because of that.

So I want you to ask yourself right now, where might I be still holding back or playing small? And what is it that I actually wanna share that I've been holding back? Because that's actually what's gonna invite you to your next level of potency and your next level of magnetism when it comes to calling in the clients that you want to work with.

So this idea of healing the witch wound and allowing yourself to be visible and be seen in your full potency and power, it's a journey. But every time you up the ante there, you will call in more. More people, you're excited to work with more money and essentially way more happiness because you're allowing yourself to fully be who you are.

And if you guys attended My Freedom Event, which I know a lot of you did, That is actually what freedom is, is fully allowing yourself to be who you are. And when you do that, there's no amount of money, there's no amount of vacations that could replace the feeling of just letting yourself be who you are truly and unapologetically without holding back, without worrying about how other people are gonna feel, and just allowing yourself to fully express and be who you truly are.

That's freedom. And you know what? That creates a ton of magnetism and from that place, You easily attract the people who are meant to be in your world and who are meant to experience your medicine because they can fully feel your frequency and they'll resonate and know that they're meant to be in your world, but they can't fully feel your frequency if you are holding back or if you're dimming your light or you're dimming yourself and you're not being who you truly are.

And that gets to evolve, right? Because we're always discovering new levels of our potency. We're always discovering new levels of our power and what we're meant to do here. So the other piece of this is, Where might you be protecting yourself from getting hurt? Or where might you be protecting others from getting hurt by you?

So this is one of those underlying energetic patterns that a lot of us aren't aware of. But what ends up happening, and this is related to the fear of being judged or criticized, which a lot of it comes from our upbringing, right? And if you had a parent who was narcissistic and a lot of us did, On some level where they made it about them and you felt responsible for their feelings, and you felt like you had to make everything better for everyone around you.

It might feel uncomfortable to call people into your world because you have a fear of being emotionally responsible for them. You have a fear of being judged or criticized, so it's not gonna feel safe for you to call in. And hold space for more people. And my friend Nicole says that she doesn't hold space for people.

She holds space for herself to show other people how they can hold space for themselves, which I think is brilliant. But I always say holding space. However, just to have people in your world to feel safe, having people in your sphere, if you have a fear of being judged or criticized, And feeling the need to protect yourself from other people because you're afraid of getting hurt.

That is one of the biggest blocks of client attraction that I see with people. And this has been a huge one for me cause you've all heard me share. I love my mom. There was definitely a lot of ways that I didn't feel safe or felt like I was always going to be in trouble. Blamed. Disappointing, someone criticize, judged, all of these things, and I felt really emotionally responsible.

So for me, when I first started my business, and every time I uplevel the amount of people I'm bringing into my space, I have to look at how can I draw back even more the way that I feel responsible for other people. Because my first. Instinct is to feel responsible for the people around me. So every time I up level, I have to bring that in even more.

And this is one of the most common things that I see with the women in my space, is this fear. Of being judged or criticized or ultimately being unsafe because you're waiting for the other shoe to drop. You're waiting for somebody to be disappointed. You're waiting for somebody to yell at you or tell you that you did something wrong.

And this is all childhood wounding and programming. So the more that we can elevate beyond this, And feel safe and feel embodied in our full power, knowing that no one can hurt you, knowing that ultimately standing in your power is the way that you're connected, and it's not your responsibility for anyone else's experience.

As long as you are showing up and doing what you said you were going to do, everyone else is gonna show up and get the results that they decide to get. Elevating beyond the fear of being judged or criticized is a huge piece of the client attraction puzzle. We always have to look at that at every level of where might you be protecting yourself unconsciously, cuz maybe you say you want to call people in, but it actually doesn't feel safe for you.

And this might be the same with manifesting anything, right? Even if you don't have a business, say you're calling in a new relationship, but ultimately you don't feel safe. That bringing someone new into your life is not gonna cause pain. So even though you say you want it, you unconsciously push it away because you're afraid of getting hurt.

So this is always something that I look at with people and that I guide people to shift, and we can do it quickly, by the way, but it's a really big piece of the puzzle when it comes to being truly magnetic and being in your full potency. And then the last underlying energetic that I wanna highlight here is where might you be asking other people to do something that you are not willing to do?

And this one is a little bit confronting, right? Because when you have a business, it's always gonna involve taking risks. It's always gonna involve doing things that you are afraid of. It's always gonna involve investing your time, energy, and money in ways that stretch you. So if you are asking people that you are calling in to do something that you haven't done or you haven't been willing to do, then that is energetically incongruent and it's not going to line up because you are not holding the energetic resonance for the thing that you are asking people to do, cuz you haven't done it.

For example, if you decide you're gonna launch a six month mastermind and you've never been in a six month mastermind, or you're gonna launch a 12 month program and you've never been in a 12 month program, you've never committed to anything for 12 months, how are you supposed to call in people to say yes to you for 12 months?

It makes no sense. So you need to make sure that everything you are putting forth in your business is energetically congruent with where you are. For example, if you're desiring to make, let's just start out there, 20 K months, okay? And then you are asking private clients to pay you $2,000 a month, for example.

You can't be asking people to pay you that if you've never paid that or you're not paying more than that. Because it's just not energetically congruent. So you have to be willing to look at the places that you haven't pushed yourself beyond your growth edges so that the people coming into your space can feel that you are willing to take the risk that you're asking them to take.

So this is a really important piece and I think that some people have this illusion that when you have a business, you are just gonna somehow be able to wing it. And then once you get clients, then you'll start investing in mentorship. And it doesn't work like that. Cause I've seen so many people make this mistake and I just wanna like debunk this right away.

And I probably said this before, but I'm gonna say it again. Getting mentorship from the very beginning is key, and I know that's why I've been successful and it's always been a non-negotiable for me. I continue to invest. I now invest five figures every month in private mentorship, cuz I have two private mentors.

And yeah, some people might think that's crazy, but you know what, that's what I've been guided to do, so I listen. So the point is, Deciding that you are going to get support in your business so that you can continue to grow into and get to the next level is key. And I just wanna put that out there because you can't be asking people to do something you're not willing to do.

And this is a huge piece around the client attraction piece, is making sure that what you're offering is congruent with where you're at and what frequency you're able to hold and what you feel really. Not only guided, but what you feel really qualified to teach and teaching it from a place of where you are at.

So I think that's really important, is having those offers that you feel super aligned with, that you feel super solid with, that you know that I'm the fucking shit at this. I feel like it's like that with everything that I teach, but for example, with the Metamorphosis method, I know that no one is teaching this stuff like me.

I know that because no one has the experience I've had. No one sees it like I do. No one can pinpoint trauma the way I have, so I know that this program is the shit. And I'm not saying you have to be like that for every single offer, but especially like your core offers, you wanna feel that way about them.

Like you wanna feel like this is the shit. I know this better than anyone else. I feel so aligned with this. I feel so good about this. That's the goal. I'm not saying you have to feel that way immediately, especially in the beginning. However, if you feel that aligned with what you're sharing, it will sell way easier than if it's something that you feel wobbly around.

So that's a huge piece of this too. So these are the main ones that I see, like those hidden things that not everyone is aware of, that I feel really strongly have to be looked at as you grow your business and as you want to call in more and more people and just being magnetic in general. What does it mean to be magnetic?

It means that you are so much in your full potency, power and authenticity that people can't help being drawn to you. And from that perspective, it's easy to call in the people that are meant to work with you because you are just being you. You are just emanating your. Frequency and living your life and just being, and people are attracted to that, who are meant to work with you.

And that's truly what client attraction and real magnetism is. Hopefully this was helpful for you and give you some insight into not only what you might wanna look at that's lurking underneath the surface. Cuz you all know I love to look at what's lurking underneath the surface. But also maybe some things popped for you about your unique client attraction frequency, your unique style that you might wanna tune into and lean into as you put your next offers out on the table.

So for those of you who are desiring to go deeper with this, quantum magnetism is starting again in June. I ran it last year and it was so good. First of all, this group of women that is always attracted to doing this work with me are such powerful leaders, such talented healers and coaches, and just women that really get it and are really dedicated to their mission and really dedicated to the impact that they wanna make, creating the new Earth, all of the things.

Plus, they're always so super supportive. So we're starting in June. It is a 30 day. Magnetism portal where we're gonna go deep into helping you clear out anything that's stopping you from being fully visible anywhere where you're holding back, playing small, not operating from your full potency to really, I.

Ignite this new level of magnetism within you. And last time it was crazy. One of my clients who did it last time ended up having all of getting asked on all of these dates, and it was so funny because that was not something she was focusing on, but she just became so magnetic. And then one of them had her first 20 K month, another one launched her first group program.

They all really had major energetic shifts around their magnetism that they were then able to bring into their businesses and move forward in a new way. So, We start in June. It's four hot seat coaching calls with me, along with group Voxer. That's daily, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, plus my breath work will really shift things for you and you get access to this along with my energy work, but I.

The breath work really gives you momentum to move through some of that stuckness where you might be questioning yourself, where you might be feeling like you have to hide or you might be creating stories, you might be stuck in an old pattern, old ways of thinking. The breath work will clear all of that out almost immediately, so it's.

So powerful to not only have access to the Mastermind, but then you get these healing tools that really support the growth and allow you to embody these new levels of magnetism, more money and make it easier for you to hold that. So it feels more congruent with your energy. So we're gonna link this below.

Reach out to me if you have any questions, and I'd just love to know if this was helpful for you. So I'm sending you all so much love and I will talk to you soon. 

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