Reclaiming Consciousness

#73- Finding Your Galactic Heritage with Emily Logan Lewis

May 25, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 73
Reclaiming Consciousness
#73- Finding Your Galactic Heritage with Emily Logan Lewis
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"You came here to this planet with a very specific mission and a very specific energy frequency that's unlike anybody else's. And you have to be here to share your frequency and your gifts with the world."

In this week's episode, I interview Emily about her journey into spirituality and intuition, and how she found out about her power of talking to the other side.
Emily shares how she was fascinated with spirituality from a young age and how her interest in it was reignited in 2020. She talks about how she combines her knowledge of the Akashic Records, past life regression, and shadow work to create her own methodology for helping clients discover more about who they are at a soul level. Emily also shares the challenges she faced with visibility and being seen and offers advice to those struggling with being their most authentic selves.


(09:20) Emily’s path to spirituality.
(15:39) A psychic reading that unveils the power of talking to the other side.
(19:50) Past life regression vs shadow work.
(25:27) Putting the inner work together to help clients with their businesses.
(29:27) The journey of coming back to you and coming out of the spiritual closet.
(36:39) The beings and energies Emily is connected to.
(43:32) The Blue Printers: a fascinating connection.
(49:12) "You are a galactic melting pot from so many different star seed lineages in different groups."
(54:23) A non-negotiable for fully Reclaiming Consciousness.

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Emily Logan Lewis, aka Emily The Mystic, is a renowned Intuitive Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, and Akashic Records Consultant. She helps "old souls" heal, reclaim intuition, and manifest dreams. With a deep connection to magic through tarot cards and crystals, Emily's transformative journey led her to rediscover her innate psychic abilities.

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Emily: I had a psychic reading from someone who's very well known, and in that reading she told me something that made me literally fall out of my chair, which was Emily. Did you realize that you can speak to the other side? All trauma from this lifetime is rooted in our past lives. Some people will say, oh, well, I was this famous Egyptian Pharaoh in a past life.

I was Cleopatra, or all of these different things, and there may be some truth to that. Perhaps you did leave a life of prominence or whatever it is, but if it's causing you to stay attached to things that are creating resistance in this lifetime, that's where it becomes an issue. I like to say that going back to the past helps us to live more fully in the present.

You came here to this planet, you incarnated here with a very specific mission and a very specific energy frequency that's unlike anybody else's on this planet, and you have to be here to share your frequency in your gifts with the world. For those of us who are star seeds from some of these specific galactic places, we incarnate here with challenges and lessons based on our star seeded heritage.

Alyse: Welcome to reclaiming consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor, breathwork practitioner and owner, and CEO of Alyse Breathes. For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial and ancestral trauma. Right now, during this epic time in history, people are waking up, realizing who they really are and reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they unknowingly gave away.

This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're capable of. In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising conscious. And creating a new way of living on this earth.

Get ready to go deep now. Let's dive in.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. I love today's conversation because you guys know I love talking about your galactic heritage, your. Connections with the cosmos and I get into all of that today with Emily Logan Lewis, who actually lives right down the street for me. You guys, it's really funny. Um, I ended up connecting with her I think in 2021.

I saw that she was like kind of in the same community as me with Jennifer Longmore in the Akasha records. And then come to find out, she literally lives in my neighborhood. So we met for coffee like immediately after that and I see her around the neighborhood and she teaches Akasha records and she teaches how to navigate your psychic abilities coming online, shadow work.

And um, she also speaks to a lot of interdimensional beings and she has a lot of that information on her YouTube, which you should definitely check out and also check out her Instagram. She goes by Emily, the mystic on Instagram. We have a really exciting conversation about your galactic lineage along with the different beings that she connects to and channels.

So you guys are gonna love this. You know, this is my favorite kind of stuff to talk 


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Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So I am super excited for today's guest. Today we have Emily Logan Lewis with us, a k a Emily the Mystic. She's an intuitive mentor, spiritual teacher, and a Kasha Records master consultant. And she's on a mission to soften shadow work and help old souls heal, as well as reclaim their intuitive gifts and experience the most joyful life while doing it.

So welcome to the show, Emily. 

Emily: Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here. 

Alyse: I always like to ask, and I think this is a nice way to dive right in. What were some of like the most pivotal moments for you along your journey that got you to where you are now? 

Emily: Yeah, absolutely. So when I was a kid from a very young age, I was fascinated with spirituality.

I used to watch Sylvia Brown with my mom, who was a kind of a well-known psychic at the time when I was a kid. John Edward when he would be on different talk shows and I would just eat up as much information about spirituality through reading as I possibly could. So my mom would take me to Barnes and Noble and Borders and different bookstores and I would just read, I.

So many books about astrology and numerology and tarot and all these different topics. Even though I was like an eight year old kid and I didn't fully understand or comprehend those topics. But looking back now with hindsight, I see that I. My soul really understood what I was learning about and reading about, and that sort of was my very early on gateway into spirituality and intuition.

However, I did go to Catholic school for 12 years, and so my journey through Catholic school really was. This interesting juxtaposition between what I was learning on my own through my spiritual studies, and then what I was being taught in school and not really. Feeling the resonance of the teachings that I was receiving in school, but having my own beliefs on the side that were a little bit contradictory to what my teachers were trying to get me to believe in.

So that was definitely a really interesting path for me. And because I wanted to fit in, I kind of felt a little bit like an outsider in school. I sort of buried my spiritual gifts for a long time. I didn't wanna be seen as like the weird girl or. The outsider looking in. So I kind of pushed my intuition and my spiritual interest into a closet for a very long time.

I really had what I call a reawakening journey in 2020 when a lot of people really woke back up to their spirituality, and that's kind of where it all began for me from a business perspective. 

Alyse: What happened for you in 2020 that made it all ignite for you? I mean, obviously I know like Covid was a time that a lot of people just started like looking at their lives differently, but what happened for you?

Emily: So I at the time was working in a corporate job and during my normal week I was commuting a lot, so I didn't have a lot of time to do other things. So when the world shut down, I started working from home and all of a sudden I had a ton of time to read again, to listen to podcasts. To experiment and study some things, and I listened to a podcast on spirituality and it literally was like a light switch turned on.

All of a sudden, all of these memories of my childhood and so forth started flooding back in and I was like, how did I push this away for so long? I'm so excited to have rediscovered this. And from there I took a course in astrology and I started really studying a lot of spiritual topics on my own time and it was such a fun thing for me.

Alyse: And then what made you decide like, okay, now I need to like have a business around this, because that's like a big, a big leap. 

Emily: Yes. Alyse, I literally went through this mass. Soul upgrade in 2020, and a lot changed for me in a very short amount of time. So at the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic hit, I got an intuitive nudge to start a business, a side hustle.

And at the time I was really fascinated with health and fitness and taking care of the physical body. So I started to pursue personal training alongside of my corporate job. And while doing personal training, I started taking on some one-on-one clients, and I was also doing the spiritual learning and coursework at the same time.

And so I started doing practice readings. Using my intuitive gifts on my one-on-one fitness coaching clients, and I love doing that. So it honestly became a very natural progression where my business started out as health and fitness, and it slowly started to take a spiritual turn with time. 

Alyse: Mm. And then it just kind of slowly started to evolve.

So like how did you kind of realize that you had. All of these gifts, was it just like from working with clients, how did that evolve for you? 

Emily: My first experience with my gifts was I did a meditation to quote unquote meet a spirit guy, just like a very generic meditation. And in that meditation I had the most profound experience.

I. Literally was receiving the most beautiful messages of unconditional love within my mind. And it felt just like such a homecoming for me. And I remember having tears pouring down my face and just being like, oh my gosh, I can't believe I can do this. And all of a sudden I realized, because one of my main psychic gifts is clairaudience.

I realized that a lot of the quote voices that I've been hearing in my head since I was a kid are actually from spirit guides and from spiritual beings, and that are not just me and my own ego voice. So that's really where my spiritual gift started to come online, and I started to look back and realize, oh my gosh, okay, this has been a part of me for a long time.

Alyse: Yeah, I totally can relate to that. I feel like. I had a similar experience too when I started to read the Akasha records, where I was like, oh, this is the thing that I've always been doing. You know, I just didn't know it. And I think for me, there was a point too where I realized, oh, like I've always been getting this information.

I just didn't trust it. And then once I realized that it was like, The floodgate kind of opened, so I totally get that. Absolutely. How did you start using that to like help people or did you start doing like psychic readings? 

Emily: Yeah, so the act, the, actually, the next piece after that was I had a psychic reading from someone who's very well known, and in that reading she told me something that made me literally fall out of my chair, which was, Emily, did you realize that you can speak to the other side?

Did you realize that you're a medium? I had full chills. I was like, oh my gosh. Wow. On one hand, I was terrified of being having that gift and what that meant for me in my life. But on the other hand, I was like, yeah, of course I am. Like, that makes sense. And I have had so many spiritual experiences with loved ones who have crossed over.

And now looking back again, I realize, okay, I can see all the breadcrumbs were there, all of the signs have been there all along. So when I learned that I was a medium, that really became my first pathway until using my intuitive gifts, I took a mediumship mentorship with, uh, my mentor Alison Shine, and Alison taught me everything about communicating with the other side, how to use spirit symbolism.

And I started doing mediumship practice readings for my fitness clients. 

Alyse: Oh, wow. Do you ever get people who've crossed over contacting you, or is it more like if you tune into the person? 

Emily: It depends on the situation. I am pretty strict with my own spiritual boundaries in that if I'm out in public or with a group of people, I keep my gifts turned off.

Yeah. Because I'm super sensitive and empathic and it's like very overwhelming for me to be in a group with people and be exposed to so much energy. So I keep my gifts normally turned off. However, I have had a few experiences where I've been in a group or in a social setting, and there's been a loved one that's been like, hello, Emily.

Like I have a message that I want to share in. In those instances, I have either, I've used my discernment to either share what's coming through at that time or to let the person know afterwards when we have a, we can have a private conversation. 

Alyse: Yeah, I can relate to that too. I don't concern myself a medium at all, but I have had like a few weird things that have happened where I.

I've gotten information that I knew was from somebody that had crossed over that I knew that I was like, okay, I need to like share this information. But yeah, typically I keep my gifts turned off too. And like sometimes people will like be asking me questions and stuff when I'm like, ar in social situations and I'm like, No.


So I totally get that. So then that was like the beginning and then it just evolved from there. Cause I know you do like past life regression and stuff like that too. So how did that it all like evolve into that? And can we talk about that a little bit? Cause that's very interesting. 

Emily: Yes. So from mediumship I started learning more about using my intuitive and psychic gifts.

I consider that to be more like the life guidance current, you know, whatever the client has going on in their current reality. And from there, I learned about the Accha records. With our mentor, Jennifer. So I did a mastermind with Jennifer where I learned everything from her about the ACA records and I also did a shadow work mentorship with Danielle Massey, who is uh, shadow work person here in the Philadelphia area.

And she taught me everything that I know about past life regression and working with the shadow and learning how to work with. Different beings and so forth who help can help us with communicating messages. So I, over time I used my knowledge of the acas records, my shadow work knowledge, the past life regression skills that I had learned from working with Danielle to combine them all into sort of my own methodology and my own medium that I used for working with my own clients.

Alyse: That's awesome. It's interesting with past lives because. It's not something that I've ever been super drawn to, to like help other people with, but I, I, and I only had one past life regression, which was actually really, really helpful. How would someone know that they should do a past life regression versus shadow work?

What would be the difference, or how would you know that you should do one over the other? 

Emily: Absolutely. So past lives to me are one of the most profound places where we can go back in time in our soul's history to learn about what our soul is here to do, experience and learn in this lifetime. So within the spiritual community, we talk a lot about working with the inner child and, and doing.

Trauma healing with the lens of this lifetime. But my personal belief is that all trauma from this lifetime is rooted in our past lives. So by going back to the original root lifetime where things have happened, the first place where the karma was created, we can heal whatever is going on in this lifetime in an even more profound way.

And so a lot of my clients who have. For example, random phobias or who feel really blocked and stuck with being able to move forward in life. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who are wanting to create more money and abundance and success in their business. So if they feel like they're not able to move forward in their business, we take a look at all of the places in their past lives where they may have created a contract of invisibility, which is keeping them stuck from being seen from their ideal clients.

Or they may have been harmed, hurt, killed, or persecuted for speaking their truth or for being their true self in a past life, and therefore they can't be seen for doing spiritual work in this lifetime. So if we're able to really go back to the root source of what's creating the resistance and the anxiety in this lifetime, it really helps people heal in a very profound way from what I've seen.

Alyse: Yeah, no, it is really helpful. And I know for me, when I had my past life regression, it was really interesting because I had this fear. I'm not saying this is like uncommon at all, but I feel like my fear was like very overwhelming when I had my kids. I always had this horrible fear of something happening to them.

Yeah, and it was really funny too, because when I was going to have the past life reading, I was listening to a podcast and uh, the podcast episode was about this woman whose daughter like almost died or something. And it was just like really weird. Cause I was like, as I was going to the past life regression, which ended up being about me losing a child.

This is the podcast episode that came on, and I thought that was like so weird. Wow. But anyway, the past life regression was about me losing a child. In a lifetime. And that was able to shift some energy for me for sure, around like this horrible phobia that I, it wasn't like a phobia, it was just more like a fear, but it felt really strong.

And also I had a really bad fear when I was a kid of my parents dying, which I also feel like was related to that. Same thing, so yeah. Yeah, I totally agree with you. I think there's like certain things that obviously come from that and can't really be shifted unless you identify it. The other thing, and I love your opinion on this, cuz sometimes I feel like with past life stuff people can get overly attached to it where they're like, yeah, oh, I was this in this.

I had a client once who. There was something that her and her husband were to each other. I don't remember the exact story, but it was like something that her and her husband were to each other in past lives, which she would always like bring it up, oh, we were this in a past life. And I'm like, okay. But like that doesn't mean that you can't 

Emily: move on from that.

Alyse: Change that, yeah. Yeah. I don't know. Just your opinion on that. 

Emily: So I will say that people can get really attached to. What has happened in a past life and how it fuels their ego in this lifetime. That's really what it is. Some people will say, oh, well, I was this famous Egyptian Pharaoh in a past life. I was Cleopatra, or all of these different things, and there may be some truth to that.

Perhaps you did leave a life of prominence or whatever it is, but if it's causing you, To stay attached to things that are creating resistance in this lifetime. That's where it becomes an issue. 

Alyse: Yeah, I agree. And also, it's not even just with past lives either. I think we can get attached to things that happened in this life too.

Oh, this is what happened to me, and it's right that you know that, but now you don't have to identify as. That being the thing that happened to you. Right. Which is why you're are the way you are. 

Emily: That's another way to fuel victim consciousness in a lot of ways. 

Alyse: Yeah, exactly. So I think it's just important to like bring that up because it's also not about making it so that you are attached to it or that you are like, oh, this is the reason why I can't move forward like anything else.

Emily: Yeah. Absolutely. I like to say that going back to the past helps us to live more fully in the present because we can let go of everything that's happened to us in the past. Yeah. And be able to enjoy our lives so much more in this now moment. 

Alyse: Yeah, exactly. And there is value to looking at that stuff, obviously, but...

Yeah, exactly. And you have to be able to pinpoint it in order to know what you're healing from. So that is a really important piece of it, but just not getting like overly attached to it. So. So there's the past life piece, and then also you're helping clients with their businesses as well. Like how does all the work that you do fit together?

Emily: Yeah, absolutely. I work with the AKA records in a really interesting and unique way. So most of my clients are either entrepreneurs or wanting to start a business within the spiritual space, so they are intuitively gifted. On their own, in their own way. So working with the Akashic Records, I actually lead my clients through intuitively based, meditative based journeys, and we use the high vibration frequency of the Aash records to help my clients.

To discover more about who they are at a soul level, where they've been in their past lives, and what they're also here to create and do in this lifetime. So during a client session with me, we'll open the Aek records and then I will lead them into a meditation. And depending on where the guides show me that we need to go, we'll either go into a past life, we'll take a look at their childhood from this lifetime, and that will help.

My clients to begin to see what could be keeping them blocked and stuck from creating and manifesting what they want for themselves in their business. Mm-hmm. So whether that's money and abundance, or whether that's finding a soul tribe, a soul community, or perhaps even a divine life partner, we take a look at what has been happening in the soul's history in order to help create space and capacity to receive whatever it is that they want for themselves.

Alyse: Cool. Yeah, I love that. I think everyone has their own things that they're coming up against. I'm curious for you, cause this all happened so quickly, what were some of the challenges that you came up against in your journey with opening your gifts and starting your business and stuff? 

Emily: Yeah, so visibility and being seen was probably the biggest block for me.

It's still something I continue to work on healing because before I started this business, I would lived such a private life. I was not on social media at all, and I would tell my friends, I love living my own hidden life. I don't know. Want anybody else to know what I'm doing, and had so much ego about that.

And when I worked in the corporate world, I hated giving presentations. I hated public speaking. I was always trying to stay under the radar and not be seen by my managers. So when it became very clear to me that I am here to do this work, I'm here to be seen. If you look at my birth chart, I have so much energy in the, uh, social media community and friendship sector of my birth chart.

So I know that I'm really here to. Do this work for a lot of people, for the masses. So I had to learn and very quickly how to be visible, and that came with a lot of healing, a lot of healing around this lifetime in my childhood and where I was staying hidden to stay safe. And also a lot of past life healing around the lifetimes where I've been killed or persecuted for being a witch or for being a medium, or for doing spiritual work in some capacity.

Alyse: Yeah, I think everyone comes up against that, like the the witch wound stuff and just also in this lifetime too. So what would you say to someone who is struggling with that? Pretty much every single client that I've had struggles with that for sure. Whether it's like just being comfortable, being visible or being consistently visible.

The other thing that I feel like goes along with that is not being afraid to take up space. Or like claim that this is who you are and what you do and not being afraid to own that. What would you say to people who are struggling with that? 

Emily: I would say the number one thing that it comes down to is feeling safe to be seen for being your most authentic self.

So most people have resistance or trauma from this lifetime or other lifetimes where they've created a lot of shame and a lot of fear around what it means to be wholly, truly authentically them. So for me, like I was mentioning at the beginning of this podcast, I had a lot of shame around being spiritual and around.

Being intuitive and being the creative artsy kid because I wanted to fit in and I wanted my classmates to like see me as a normal kid. So I pushed all of my intuitive gifts aside for a long time. So it's really a journey of coming back to you and learning how to love yourself and your gifts even more.

And once you're in that place, you can't help. But show up and you get so excited about wanting to share your gifts and your personality and your talent with the world and your message as well. So it's really about coming back to you and having more fun being, being your true self. 

Alyse: Yeah, it definitely can be fun.

I know for me, I was talking about this the other day. I feel like it's a journey just to even find your authentic self because there's so much that gets layered on top of you and who you really are. Someone was asking. Me about writing emails the other day and I was like, you know what? I feel like it's such a journey of, I was brought back to this time, like in the beginning of my business when I was writing one of my first emails, and I felt like I couldn't even access that part of myself to like get the words out.

And I feel like it's been a process for me of just actually getting to that authentic place. We say that all the time, but it takes. Time to actually peel back all those layers to like get to that. 

Emily: It does. And then on top of that, to feel comfortable talking about yourself and sharing your story. Yeah, because a lot of my clients get into this comparisonitis trap where they're comparing themselves to other people who have similar businesses or are doing similar things on social media, and they get into this.

Story of who am I to talk about my journey? Who am I to tell people where I've been and what I do and the type of work that I do. But really it's about coming back to who you are and then learning how to get comfortable talking about it with other people and sharing your story because your story is so valuable and you have had some very unique, authentic experience that somebody else needs to learn about and hear from and learn about it from you.

Alyse: Yeah. I think that's one of the biggest things that everyone gets tripped up on is the comparisonitis for sure. How do you deal with that? 

Emily: Yeah, so for me, I actually have unfollowed or muted a lot of people who I felt I was comparing myself to or was being too influenced by. To a point where it just made me feel sticky or uncomfortable seeing different people on social media.

So that has really helped me just to clean up my channel a little bit too. And just remember that you came here to this planet, you incarnated here with a very specific mission and a very specific energy frequency that's unlike anybody else's on this planet. And you have to be here to share your frequency and your gifts with the world.

Alyse: Yeah. No, I totally agree, and I always tell people there are specific people that are supposed to work with you. You just need to share your frequency so that they can see that. Yeah. It is so hard because we're constantly being bombarded with so much information on social media and stuff, and I'm the same way.

I don't follow a lot of people. I don't spend a lot of time scrolling either, just because I. Get overly sensitive to things and I don't wanna have someone in my consciousness. I think that's the other important thing. You're a channel and you're tuned into energy. You have to be really careful about just what's going in on so many levels.

Like it's like you have to curate what's going into your consciousness. Yeah. I think that's super important. 

Emily: 100%, yes. I couldn't agree more. 

Alyse: Yeah, so that's part of it. I feel like that's something that. I get people talking about almost all the time, and it's something that I think we're having to make a paradigm shift around, and I've been talking about this a lot where it's like instead of outsourcing our sense of worthiness from other people or how other people.

React to us sourcing it from within, and that's a question that people come up against all the time, is just like their own sense of value and their own sense of worthiness. Is that something that you feel like your clients come up against too? 

Emily: Oh, absolutely. All the time. For sure. A lot of the work that I do is to reflect back to them how unique and how special and how truly magnificent they and their unique energy frequency is and their gifts are.

Alyse: Yeah, it's crazy cuz you can see that when you go into somebody's records so easily. Yeah. But it's just funny that they can't see it. 

Emily: Yeah. And then you tell them and they're like, oh yeah, I already knew that. I'm like, yep, 

Alyse: I know. And I'm the same way. So, yeah. So the visibility and all of that, was there anything else that was really challenging for you? Just about coming out and coming into this world? 

Emily: Yeah, so I had to have a conversation with everybody in my life, my significant other who I've been dating for eight years now, my parents, my friends, about this being my life and the fact that. Hey, I am very spiritual. I'm coming out of the spiritual closet.

I really feel called to do this work full-time, and at some point I'm gonna be able to do it full-time, which I am now. But at the time, I had to have that conversation with them and I was so nervous. I was so scared about judgment and criticism and people leaving my life. But everybody literally had this reaction, which was, oh yeah, Emily, we already know that about you.

That's so, you we're so excited for you. We love this for you. We're so happy that you have found this again and are reconnecting back to that part of yourself. Yeah. So it, and ended up being a very, uh, positive journey for me, but I worked myself up about it for a while. 

Alyse: I feel like everyone comes up against the fear of what other people are gonna think.

Emily: 100%. Yes. And a lot of my clients struggle with, what are those random people from high school, you know, a million years ago? What are they gonna think about me? And the fact that I channel galactic beings, and I always tell them, why do you care what they think? And so we do a lot of feeling around that.

Alyse: And most people say they don't care. That's the thing that I, that's true too. Like, oh, I actually don't care. And I'm like, okay, well then why are you bringing. Of, you know, it's just funny how that happens. So I'd love to talk a little bit more too about some of the beings that you channel and some of the energies that you're connected to and how you discovered all of that.

Emily: Yeah, absolutely. So I work with a lot of galactic beings and I also work with a lot of who I consider to be high priestess, goddess energy beings as well. So speaking to the galactic beings first, I. Really became obsessed with the term star seeded and what it means to be a star seed. And being a being who is not from planet Earth, who has had lifetimes and other galaxies, other places, spaces and times.

And so that really helped. Learning about my galactic history and being a star seed really helped me to come back home to myself and understand myself a lot more knowing that. A lot of the reasons why I feel like an outsider or different from everybody else or like I'm not fully from here or at home here is because of my soul's galactic history.

So learning about that really became such a profound part of my journey. But I wanted to get to know the galactic world a bit better. So I started a YouTube channel, and on my YouTube channel I started a series where I channel different galactic groups and galactic beings. And this became a personal project for me to learn about these different galactic groups without the external noise and information that's out there on the internet.

From other people. I was like, I wanna get rid of all of that. I don't wanna read anything. I don't wanna be influenced. I wanna use my channeling gifts and be able to connect to these beings myself and see what they have to say and interview them and get to know them. So that has become such a really cool part of my work.

That's really cool. I work a lot with the Palladian and the Andros and some other galactic groups. 

Alyse: So what did you learn? What did they tell you? I mean, I'm sure there's a lot, but just like the overview. 

Emily: First of all, it's so interesting to me how some groups are more actively involved with Earth than others.

Like we have the Palladian and the Andras and the Arturians who are like very involved with us and very involved with helping Star seeds fulfill their own missions on this planet. And then there are other groups that are a little bit. Further out, like the Malians Syrians are very connected, but there are other galactic groups that are just like not as involved and don't wanna be as involved.

Mm-hmm. I just think that's so fascinating. And then I also, what I think is really cool is that I. For those of us who are star seeds from some of these specific galactic places, we incarnate here with challenges and lessons based on our star seeded heritage. So we also have a lot to learn. We've come to planet Earth in this Earth playground to kind of learn how to navigate some things that we weren't necessarily able to master in the star systems where we were born.

Alyse: No, I definitely agree with that and I've always been so fascinated with that too. Everyone's heard, always hears me share about how when I was like in college in like 2001, I had the book, the Pleading agenda, just like show up in my apartment and I didn't know where it came from. Wow. And from that point on, I would just was obsessed with reading channeled stuff from the pleas.

And then obviously fast forward it, it evolved a lot, but. So I totally get it. I've always been super interested in that too, and I always tell people like, If you're interested in that, it's for a reason. Yeah. Cause there's some information there for you. Did you ever have a galactic astrology reading? 

Emily: Yes, I've worked with, I had a reading from Debbie Solaris a couple years ago.

Alyse: Oh yeah, me too. Well, she was on my podcast. 

Emily: I know. I love that episode. I love her so much. 

Alyse: Yeah. Well she was on it twice and the first episode she did that mini reading for me. Yeah. And that totally activated a lot for me. Just felt so aligned. And then I had another galactic astrologer on the show, Julia Laz.

Yeah, that was a great episode too. But I always say to everyone, I'm like, I literally could not. Think of anything I'd rather talk about, like it's literally the most fascinating thing to me. And she was kinda different than Debbie. Debbie Solars, I feel like talked about a lot of the. The groups, like the different star seed groups that like we've all heard of a little bit more.

She talks about some that we haven't heard of, but Julia talks a lot about ones that like I had never heard of, and she teaches people how to do galactic astrology now, but she doesn't do readings anymore, but she. Recommended somebody that I do a reading with and I had a reading with this woman and it was like, it was so crazy.

Like I literally just sat there with like my jaw dropped open the whole time because she like, like it was like in a galactic astrology reading, but she also just tuned in and was telling me about this whole lifetime I had on this other planet that like I needed to know about, wow, at this time or whatever.

And it did activate a bunch of stuff. Within me cuz I've always been super fascinated by psychological stuff and like mind control stuff. And I always have had this like feeling that I'm supposed to like help people recover from mind control, like help people do cult reprogramming, like all this stuff.

She was like, yeah, you've had these. Many lifetimes where you've studied like psychological programming. Oh, and you've done like a ton of like work around that where you can help people recover from mind control. And I was like, 

Emily: that makes so much sense. 

Alyse: Oh my God. It just like totally blew my mind. There was a lot more to it, and I'm not gonna waste the whole episode talking about it, but I'm just sharing it to say there's some really profound information in.

Like understanding our galactic lineages. That is really incredibly powerful. So when you are doing your YouTube channel, like what are some of the different groups that have come through and have they said anything that you was like totally like surprising or shocking to you? 

Emily: Ooh, that's a really good question.

So I have channeled. I wanna say 20 some different groups. Wow. Based on names that I have seen out there. So there, there's another really famous galactic channeler named Anna Safe. Mm-hmm. Who's channeled 20 different groups. So I went through her list without reading her book or like connecting to her information in order to connect with all of those different groups.

I would say the most fascinating connection for me that I made in my own life was, I had heard through different Kasek readings that I am a blueprint, and being a blueprint means that you're supposedly one of the original first beings ever from one of the original soul groups, and that as a blueprint, you have the.

Unique blueprint for what humanity is supposed to look like and what consciousness is supposed to look like, and being a blueprint here on planet Earth, you recognize and see that things are definitely not in alignment with what the original blueprint should be, so therefore we can struggle with what the templates here on Earth look like.

Mm-hmm. What was really insane to me was. I had learned about that, and then I had a reading with Debbie and Debbie shared with me that I'm, my Soul is originally from the Adro to Galaxy, and I was trying to figure out how the two combined, and then when I started doing my channeling work, trying to connect to the blueprints, I realized, oh my gosh, the blueprints are from the Androta Galaxy.

And the Andromeda Galaxy was one of the original galaxies ever created in our universe. And from there, everything else at all, the rest of star seeded history has come from the Andromeda Galaxy here to the Milky Way galaxy, which is where we live now. Coming to that realization and understanding how ancient my soul is and how much time I've have spent galactic and star traveling, just like.

Totally blew my mind. Being able to bring the puzzle pieces together. 

Alyse: I know, and it's so validating too, when you find out all this information, it makes things make sense for you in a way that is hard to even describe. I know for me, like when I spoke to Debbie Solars and after I had this reading, it just made things make so much more sense to me.

And also it makes you more like grounded in your. Mission and in the work that you do, because it feels like it's not just coming from here, it's coming from this like long line of like lineage that it, and it makes it feel so much, I don't wanna use the word important, but it makes it feel so much more like profound or like deeper, I don't know the word, like bigger, you know?

Emily: Yeah, totally. Totally. And then, oh, and then I just remembered, I have another one that I wanna share too. So I had somebody comment on one of my videos, Emily, will you interview the pros? And I was like, who are the pross? I've never heard of this group. I'm gonna channel them. I've never heard of that. Let's find out who these beings are.

And what came through is that they. As star seeds, they incarnate here to really specialize in medical technology and advancing our Western medical system. Mm. So the pro proceeds themselves are experts in energy healing and experts in working with the physical body in different forms and people who have incarnated.

In the pro Star system have had lifetimes where they've been trained in different healing modalities in working with different types of physical vessels and bodies. So they're really here as star seeds are here to learn how to advance medical technology. Advance how we combine working with a physical body and energy and really help to advance our medical system, which we need a lot of help with.

Yeah. So I thought that was really interesting. 

Alyse: That is really interesting. I've never heard of that. 

Emily: Yeah, I, and I hadn't either before some angel commented on my YouTube channel, so that I thought that was really cool. 

Alyse: So did they give you, did they say anything about anything that we can expect or how things are gonna change?

Emily: The main purpose of their coming through, from my understanding was to help to wake up people who are from that soul group to help them understand, okay, my spiritual mission, maybe a little bit. Different than what it is for other people. And then I had a remembrance of, I did a reading for a client a few months ago, and what came through is that this client's purpose use male is to bring energy healing to the athletic world.

So helping athletes. Use energy healing in order to help maximize their training and their physical PA capacity. And so the guides were reminding me it's, and what my kind of understanding what of it was too is that these are younger generations that are coming in that are really gonna help influence our medical model.

And the reading that I did was for somebody who was in his early twenties, so like helping wake up that next generation who are meant to have that type of purpose here, which I thought was so interesting. 

Alyse: Yeah, and it makes sense too because obviously the old model is like falling. So like there has to be something that's gonna come.

In its place and be like the innovation that takes over as that continues to disintegrate. 

Emily: Absolutely. Yeah. 

Alyse: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Cool. Anything else we missed from all the, the galactic beings or anything before we close out or anything else you wanna share that like we missed just about the work that you do or anything you wanna share with everyone in general?

Emily: Yeah. I guess one thing I wanna leave people with from the star seed conversation is a reminder that you are a galactic melting pot from so many different star seeded lineages in different groups. I feel like a lot of people get attached to being from one specific place and like working with one specific Yeah.

Group. Or like really like that becomes such a strong part of their identity, but it's just a gentle reminder that you've got gifts. And training from so many different groups from Incarnating in so many different places. Like we're truly star travelers. Within our soul's history, so just paying attention to where you feel drawn to go, where you feel led to go.

Learning about different star seed groups, you may find some other ones that you really resonate with, and it's very likely that you've had some incarnations in those places. 

Alyse: Yeah, no, I totally agree with you. And I think that even just like when you try to figure out the galactic history and all of that, I feel like there's so much, there's never gonna be a point where you're like, oh, I have it all figured out.

Because there's so many different perspectives. There's so many different. Things that have happened. I feel like it's a, like you can't even try to like figure everything out. You just have to allow yourself to lean into where you are being drawn and you are being led and let that happen. I feel like I've so many points where I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna figure this out.

And I like, I'm trying to put everything together and I'm like, no. There's never a point where you figure it out. It's just always unfolding. No, I know. 

Emily: We always feel like, oh my gosh, I need to heal all of my lifetime's worth of trauma today by the end of the day today. You know what I mean? Yeah. We have to remember, like it's a lifelong journey and we're here for throughout the course of this lifetime to really work on that.

Alyse: Yeah. Absolutely. And there's just trust that it's all unfolding perfectly. I think that's a hard one for people, but that's one of the most important things. 

Emily: Absolutely. And then one other thing that's coming through that I feel called to share for your audience specifically, cuz I know you work with a lot of people who are further along on their spiritual journey, is to not be afraid to.

Interview these galactic beings for yourself or to not be afraid to download your O own form of energy healing or to use your channeling gifts to work with your guides, to ask them like questions about what your mission and purpose is here and what you're meant to do. I feel like we as spiritual, People and channels, we can really put ourselves in a box of like, I have to do the reiki healing, and I, or I have to follow what other people are saying the Palladian do, or what they are all about.

And there's nothing wrong with Reiki healing, and there's nothing wrong with what other people are channeling about the pian, but. We are here to channel things from a different perspective and to do our own work and to really bring through our own unique forms of energy healing, our own unique intuitive gifts, our own channeled messages from these beings.

So lean on yourself more. You know what I mean? And your own gifts. 

Alyse: It's so true cuz we all have so much support and so much guidance around us that we don't even realize. It's so funny you brought that up cuz right before this call I was talking to someone and I was talking about my Costa Rica retreat.

Your guides are saying that you have like a team of guides that specifically for that retreat and you're not like, Using them. And I was like, oh my God. I was like, what the fuck? Like why didn't I like, why has that not occurred? Occurred to me? What the fuck? So it's just really, yeah, it's so true though, because we ki, even though I'm doing like the spiritual work all the time, and I'm channeling all the time, that didn't even occur to me.

So you have so much, what I call the unseen forces around you who are. Guiding you who you can lean into and ask questions all the time. Like it's so important to remember to just lean into that and do that. So thank you. That's such a great reminder. So can you share with people where they can find you and if you have anything special going on right now?

Emily: Yeah, absolutely. So you can find me on Instagram and YouTube. Emily the Mystic, and also on Emily the Mystic. Dot com and let's see, a couple of things that I have going on. I am currently enrolling people into my group program, the Embodied Priestess, which is gonna be an amazing adventure to discovering your galactic history as well as your past life history and how that's influencing your life in this moment, so that you can bust through any resistance or any energetic blocks that may be going on in your life in order to manifest perhaps the business.

Or the money and abundance that you're desiring for yourself in your life. So that's the Embodied Priestess. I also teach the ACA records, so I have classes open all of the time for that. So just check out my website and it will have the latest dates for when my next ACCHA Records class is. And yeah. Oh, finally, if you want to learn more about your intuitive gifts, I have a really awesome online course called the Intuition Activation Academy that can help you do that.

Alyse: Ooh, awesome. Yeah. Cool. Thank you. Thanks for sharing all of that.

Emily: You're welcome.

Alyse:And for our last question for you, what is a non-negotiable when it comes to fully reclaiming your consciousness? 

Emily: Oh, for me it's not watching the news and also like we were talking before, being very discerning with what I give my consciousness to and what I allow in.

So being really discerning with the movies that I watch, the music that I listen to, the places that I go to, the people that I hang out with. All of that has an impact on my energy. And so every single day I'm trying to be as discerning as I can to make sure that I am not only just enjoying my life, but making sure that I'm not letting in any of the niggly that are not meant to be there.

Alyse: Oh my God, it's so important. It's so true. Thank you. And thank you so much for being here. This was amazing. I know everyone's gonna love it. Thank you. 

Emily: You're welcome. Thank you for having me.

Alyse: Thank you so much for being here. Don't forget to subscribe to the show, leave a review and share this show with your friends who you know are yearning for this type of content. You can stay connected with me by following me on Instagram @Alyse_Breathes, and by joining my Facebook group Breathe to Succeed where I share my weekly energy forecast. And subscribe to my list where you'll receive a free breathwork session, meditation and journaling prompts to deeply connect with your intuition at See you next time.