Reclaiming Consciousness

#71 - Human Design to Create the New Paradigm with Emma Dunwoody

May 11, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 71
Reclaiming Consciousness
#71 - Human Design to Create the New Paradigm with Emma Dunwoody
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“Human design amplifies everything. It gets you out of your head and into your body. It gets you out of the ego and into your intuition. It really shows you specifically how you are designed to excel.” - Emma Dunwoody

In this week's episode, we have Emma Dunwoody.  She's a qualified Master Coach and Human Behavioral Specialist who wakes people up to the power within them using Human Design, a system of self-knowledge and guidance unlike anything else that exists.

Following her instinct, she experimented with human design in her coaching business. Despite her fear and resistance, she took imperfect action and trusted her strategy and authority. Through this process, she discovered her own unique truth and learned to love, trust, and accept herself. We dive deep in the importance of honesty, commitment, and being willing to step out of one's comfort zone in order to fulfill one's soul's purpose.


(06:30) Emma's Story: Overcoming depression and panic disorder as a catalyst for change, and walking Spain's El Camino to connect with her purpose.
(11:27) Stepping out of our comfort zone and taking imperfect action.
(17:57) Overcoming our ego and committing to our mission and business.
(21:02) "You are the guru in your own life".
(29:23) Quantum reality: We need the heroes and the champions. Serve the person in front of you.
(38:46) How to use human design in our business.
(45:37) Primary reasons why human design exists.
(51:52) What is a non-negotiable when it comes to fully Reclaiming your Consciousness?


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Emma: Human design amplifies everything. It gets you out of your head and into your body. It really shows you specifically how you are designed to excel. And in many cases, it's in a way that doesn't fit into the current paradigm. Where in this time, where we need the heroes, we need the champions, but we are so conditioned to be small and not powerful.

My talents, my gifts, my superpowers, what I've got to give to the world. It's not for my ego to go look at me. It's for these people that I'm here to serve in this short period of time where we have this incredible opportunity to turn this planet on its head and create this beautiful new paradigm. We gotta work fast.

So we need to get our ego outta the way and just trust that everything that's coming through us is for the other. We have to consciously choose to own what we are good at and what we're here to do because the universe is trying to express through us. And we have this, this weird only human thing that there's good, bad, right or wrong, and that if someone has an interaction with you, and it's something that falls into what we would call the bad bucket, that we've in somehow done something wrong.

And that is not true on any level because every experience is a growth opportunity. The beauty of human design is it doesn't matter where you're at. There's something that can help you know your power, and stop giving it away to everybody else.

Alyse: Welcome to reclaiming consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor, breathwork practitioner and owner, and CEO of Alyse Breathes. For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial and ancestral trauma. Right now, during this epic time in history, people are waking up, realizing who they really are and reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they unknowingly gave away.

This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're capable of. In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising conscious. And creating a new way of living on this earth.

Get ready to go deep now. Let's dive in.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So today's guest is Emma Dunwoody and she is a really amazing human design coach. She has been. Doing it for a long time. She's based out of Australia, and I was actually on her podcast, which you should definitely check out. It's called the Human Design Podcast, where we had a really amazing conversation about my work and how human design relates to it, and it's just so fascinating to learn about how your design relates to what you already.

Naturally know you're supposed to do. And for me it was one of the most validating things. So in this episode, we talk about her journey with discovering herself and discovering human design, starting her business, and she just has some really, really valuable insights around I. Business and leadership and just what it means to have a business in this industry at this time.

Um, so I know you are all really gonna love it. And just a few quick announcements. So right now I have my four week Mastermind quantum magnetism launching, which is going to start in the first week of June. And I ran this program last September and it was, So wildly amazing and the results that people had were outrageous.

And it's just so fun because it is four weeks, four calls plus 30 days of Voxer with me. So the group Voxer coaching component is what I think really makes this program so valuable and makes it stand out among other things. Cause really the focus here is around increasing and exponential your magnetism.

So you can attract the clients that you wanna attract. And even if you don't have a business, you can definitely do this program because it's just all about increasing your ability to really become the antenna to naturally attract to you all of the experiences, people, and circumstances that align with your highest timeline.

So what I kind of noticed in business and in life in general, there's really no cookie cutter way to attract things to you, right? Like there's all these people who have all these manifestation techniques and they tell you to do all of these steps, but really everyone has their own unique way that they magnetize energy, that they manifest energy.

And in this mastermind, you are going to really deepen into what that is for you. By clearing the blocks that you have around hiding, showing up, and the things that you're not even realize are blocking you from accessing your fullest authenticity, your fullest energy. That's what this program is really about.

So we start June 6th and then pre-sale pricing ends on the 11th, which is today pre-sales 9 97 or three payments of 3 33, which is like so easy. The regular price is going to be about double that. So if you're interested in joining me and having full access to coaching with me, Throughout the week and these four activation calls where you'll get hot seat coaching around what is standing in your way from fully amplifying your client attraction, then reach out to me.

We'll put the link below and you can sign up cuz I would love to have you. The group that's already forming feels incredibly powerful, so. That is all I will say for now. Enjoy the episode.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So I am super excited to welcome today's guest, Emma Dunwoody to the show. And Emma is a qualified master coach, human behavioral specialist who wakes people up to the power of human design, and I am so excited to chat about this with her. Welcome to the show, Emma.

Emma: Thank you so much for having me. I'm super excited to be here. 

Alyse: Yeah, so I'd love to just hear just a little bit of your story that you feel called to share and just like how you got into human design and like how you got to where you are now. 

Emma: Yeah. Okay. I will give you as shorter version as I possibly can, but basically 20 years ago now, which is crazy to me, as I went through my satin return, I was diagnosed with depression and and panic disorder.

And that was a catalyst for me because I was told that I would never heal it, but I would learn to live with it. And that was just not an option. So that sparked this journey. Cause I then needed to heal myself or I couldn't go on cause I couldn't perceive my journey. And my experience was I can't live like this from my entire life.

And. Probably 15 years on from that I'd healed my mental health. I had got out of the advertising industry and I had retrained as a master coach. I had a very successful, although part-time business at the time, cuz my husband had a big corporate job. We'd healed our marriage. My mental health was fantastic.

Everything like on the outside looked really great, but I still felt like. I should feel better than this on the inside. And that year was actually my Uranus opposition, which is this time of internal revolution. And I went off, I walked the Camino, which is a pilgrimage, an 800 kilometer walk across Spain.

With the intention to really connect to my purpose, and I'd made this big commitment to the universe that if you make it really, really, really obvious what you want me to do, cuz I feel like I'm there. I've, I knew it was in the coaching world, I loved what I was doing, but I felt like there was something missing and I walked the Camino, I had all these experiences.

I learned all these things about myself. And I got to the end of it, and just before I flew home, I was like, okay, universe, I feel like I'm 86% there, but there's still something missing. Like you need to smack me over the head with it. What is it? And when I got home, I was inundated with people asking me about human design.

Had I tried it, had I done anything with it? And I had looked at it three times, but I'd put it down cause I was like, I didn't like the language, I didn't like what it said about me. There was so much resistance of my truth that I just had kept putting it down. But I'd made a commitment to the universe.

And the big thing about human design is that it's not a dogma, it's an experiment. So in that moment, I made the commitment to at least run the experiment of human design within my business. At the time I was working with sea level executives. I had, my business was very much in the corporate world. As I said, very successful, getting great results for my clients, and I started to implement human design.

Even though I was terrified, like I had to ask for their birth times, I was like, oh my God, they're gonna think I'm weird. I'm woowoo like all of this stuff. Even though we talked about energy every day, but in the frame of quantum physics, I felt really safe, but in this frame of, well, I need your birth to date and time, my ego wasn't comfortable with that at the time.

But ultimately what happened was I was courageous and I asked for people's birth times, and these clients of mine that were already getting great results, just magnified, like everything just amplified. And at the same time, I. My life was turning around so fast. Crazy things were happening where I was just trusting my intuition or inhuman design, speak my strategy and authority and things would just unfold and unfold.

And there was plenty of challenge cuz I'm a line three. But the way that I was having quantum leap after quantum leap is I couldn't deny it. So over time, I just followed the breadcrumbs of my strategy and authority. And ended up having one of the leading podcasts in human design, one of the leading commu human design communities.

And it just unfolded because I committed to the universe to run my experiment. And um, yeah, here I am today helping other people do exactly the same thing. 

Alyse: Wow. Can I ask you, what is your human design? 

Emma: Sure. I'm a three five emotional manifesting generator cross of planning.

Alyse: Wow, okay. And I know, and I'm a manifesting generator too, but one three and I know you know my chart a little bit from when I was on your podcast.

Oh my gosh. Wow. I love that so much. And I love how you just listened. And it's interesting too, cuz I feel like. Some people want that bigger sign, but the universe keeps giving them the subtle signs and they need to listen to it. But for you, I love how it was like, okay, please put it in my face, and it came in your face.

And even though it was something you didn't exactly want to do, Necessarily, but you did it anyway. Yeah, and I love that so much because I think sometimes too, it's not that we necessarily don't want to do it, it's just that we're scared a hundred percent. For so many people, like once they like realize the thing they're meant to do, it's like obvious 

to them. They just didn't wanna admit it to themselves because they're scared. 

Emma: Exactly. I actually, I think that's exactly it. I'm a massive believer that. We get being out of alignment and out of our comfort zone, completely confused, and we think that we're out of alignment, but we're not. We're just, we're in our fear.

We're expressing the fear that comes with being out of our comfort zone, or even considering being out of our comfort zone. And I think that this is where the magic is. In fact, I know that this is where the magic is, is that ability to take imperfect action in the direction of our dreams, even though it feels uncomfortable because we have to get out of our comfort zone to fulfill our soul's purpose, to do what we came here to do.

It. It's not easy. It doesn't just flow like a gentle leaf down, a beautiful creek. It floods sometimes and it gets messy and crazy, and we need to be willing to go with it. And know that difference between, no, no, this is definitely out of alignment for me. Or I'm just outta my comfort zone, so I'm gonna keep taking imperfect action.

Alyse: Yeah, that's so funny. I just recorded an episode a couple weeks ago about walking through discomfort and why that's necessary. So like for you, I'd love to know how do you tell the difference? Like how do we know the difference between if something is out of alignment? Or it's just bringing up that discomfort or it's just out of your comfort zone?

Emma: Yeah. Well, the first thing is it's our level of honesty with ourselves. That's the real kicker because the simple answer to that question is on a very subtle energy. Going back to that subtle piece like. Intuition, the universe, the quantum, all of these things, if you like, they are subtle energies. So it's a subtle, a voice.

So when our intuition speaks, she's quieter. When our ego speaks, when our mind speaks, it's loud. So that's why so many of us listen to the ego or we listen to the mind and we like, yeah, I've gotta go in this direction. But really, if we really get quiet with ourselves, if we really get honest with ourselves, we're like, oh, I know I have to do this hard thing and I'm trying to avoid it.

One of the really cool things being a behavioral coach is I have so many questions and tools and other ways that I can challenge myself and teach my clients to do the same, because ultimately we have to build the muscle. We have to build the muscle of feeling what it feels like for us uniquely to be out of our comfort zone.

Now for me, if I'm just avoiding doing the thing that I wanna do, I'm filling my day with things that don't matter. I'm getting super busy doing things that really don't matter, that don't get me closer to the goal. I'm also ignoring my intuition because my core talent actually is my intuition. And in human design, like we can look into this, into our chart, and there it is in black and white.

Your core talent is intuition, is your insight. However, my shadow of that is deafness. So literally, I know that if I, I was quite happily in my shadow state, I'll ignore what I'm hearing. I will ignore what I call the external clues that are showing up in my life. I will ignore the obvious thing that I have to do and remain deaf to it.

So, We all have different ways that we do it, but it's all about building the muscle. The other thing that we can do is we can take imperfect action. Maybe we don't know if it's out of alignment. Maybe we don't know if we're out of our comfort zone, so why don't we just do it anyway and run the experiment?

And then once we get to the other side of it, we're like, okay, that was really, maybe it's that friendship and you are three months into the friendship and you're like, yeah, right. I just should have listened to my intuition in the first place. You now know the, you've had the experiment. You know how it feels in your body.

You can start to trust it. So often people don't take action cuz they're afraid of getting it wrong. And for me, I'm, I'm the other way round. I am a line free. So I'm all overtaking imperfect action, but I also empower other people, like, if you don't know, give it a shot, do the experiment, and then, then learn for next time.

Alyse: Oh my God, absolutely. I just did a reel a couple days ago about how there's no such thing as a wrong decision because I see people get paralyzed by this all the time where they don't wanna move forward because they're afraid of making the wrong decision, or they're afraid of doing it wrong or. Taking the wrong action or choosing the wrong thing.

And it's ultimately, that actually doesn't exist because whatever you choose is gonna lead you in the direction that you're meant to go. And I think that's so important, especially as a business owner. And that kind of brings me to my next question for you is like when you started to step forward, Sharing human design and building this community, like what were some of the challenges that you came up against and how did you move through them?

From a human design perspective or just your regular perspective? 

Emma: I love that. And you're absolutely right. There is no such thing as right or wrong. It's just a meaning that we give to things. I'm always saying basically, you can't f this up. You can't screw it up. You cannot make a mistake that you're either winning or learning.

It's one of my, my mantras that I'm always telling people, and basically that's what, what's what happened? Like I chose to run the experiment. And it all started when my husband here in Australia. I've just discovered that in the States, when you guys get like you can just get fired for nothing. This is crazy.

In Australia, we can't, there's a process to do that or they retrench people so they, this is a process of you get paid a month's wage for every year you've been at the business, all this sort of stuff. And you get well looked after. Anyway, my, my husband was offered a retrenchment package because the business needed to minimize and I was like, take it, I'll replace your income.

And at that time my business was making $35,000 a year part-time, cuz I had two kids. One was at school, but the other one was still in daycare and or part-time care. Two kids, I was at home. His job had been literally being away. He was away a lot of the time. So I'd just been juggling everything. And then just outta the blue, I'm like, take it.

I'll replace your income. And this is all me just following my human design, like I was just responding to what was going on externally of me. And as I just followed these breadcrumbs, things just started to happen. And that was the first one. And I remember thinking, After I'd said to him, oh yeah, just do it.

Take it. You know, that's money in the bank and I can get my business. I can do this full-time cuz I can then get the support that I need. And days later I was like, oh my God, what have I done? Like my husband was earning $350,000 a year at that point and we were living the life that, that supported that.

Like, it was like, oh my God, what have I done? But I just ran my experiment and I also had a mantra, and it's something that I believe really strongly in in business, is that I had this belief that I was willing to do the things most people weren't willing to do. And I don't mean that being out of integrity.

I had to be in integrity with myself being kind. But it was very much about the ability to keep turning up for myself every time my ego jumped in and said, you can't, you don't know enough. You are not enough. This won't work. You are stupid. No one's gonna listen to you, cuz most people get stopped by the ego.

So for me, I was like, I have to be willing to just do it anyway. I have to be willing to get it wrong, to make mistakes, to be embarrassed, to be judged, have no one turn up. I just have to be willing to keep turning up for myself. So following my strategy and authority, the second big thing after the job thing was that I got this download.

Just this insight that popped into my head in the shower where most of them come and it was like, you need to change the name of your podcast to the Human Design podcast. And I was like, okay. Alright. So I wrote it down in my journal because as a manifesting generator, I can only be in response. So it's like an internal thing.

I'm not just jumping on and acting on it. My ego went absolutely crazy. You can't do that. You don't know enough. What will people think? What will the people who have been doing this for years to think blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It just went on and on and on. But I was committed to the business. I was committed to the mission I was committed to, which is another one of my principles commitment, committed to my design experiment.

The next day, one of my mentors literally says to me, oh my God, Emma, someone needs to do a good podcast on human design. Because back then there was like two and he's like, they are rubbish. Someone needs to do a good podcast. And I was like, All right, so I just did it and I felt sick. Every time we hit publish I was like, oh my God, what have I done?

What if it did da, da, da? But I just kept turning up. I kept running the experiment. And I think the greatest thing with my success and we've had a lot of success and we're really amplifying, we're going massively going next level at the moment. A lot of it is that, number one, knowing myself, so through the frame of human design really understanding, I.

My truth, the way I'm designed to work and not just letting someone else tell me who I am, running the experiment and discovering what's true for me. I'm a manifesting generator, but I only work three days a week cuz I need just as much on time as off time. Whereas Taylor, who runs the back end of my business, she's a manifesting generator, but she's on all the time.

So giving myself full permission to ask for the support that I needed, do the things that, that were outside of my comfort zone, taking the risks because I'm trusting my design, my strategy, my authority, and really it's that piece where. Your human design and you don't even, one of the things I think people think is like, when I started my business, I fully understood my human design.

I didn't, I just followed my strategy and authority and I'm now, I think about six or seven years into my experiment. And now I really know all the nuances and I know how to get to the nuances fast for people, not the slow way that I did. And when you start to see it through this frame, the big thing that shifts, and this is the most important thing, Is that all of a sudden all the power you were giving to everyone external of you shifts to you.

You realize that you are the guru in your own life. You realize that the power lies within you. You realize that no one has a strategy better than the strategy that will come to you. And what I mean by that is it's not, no one else has anything for you. It means that if you believe that you are the guru and the power lies within you.

Then the right people, the right places, the right opportunities, they will all turn up for you. And all you have to do is identify your fear when it shows up and choose to continue to move through it and do it anyway. So that's a long way round. But yeah, it, it's definitely this journey to learning to love, trust, and accept yourself, know your power, and stop giving it away to everybody else.

Alyse: Oh my God. Absolutely. There's so many things that you said that I wanna touch on first of all. Yes, absolutely. It's so funny, I just did, I'm like getting emotional when I'm talking about this cuz I feel so deeply about it. I do. I have a membership where I share channeled messages every week and yesterday.

The message that came through was around this very last thing that you just talked about where what we're really being called forth into is just coming back to this place of loving and accepting ourselves, and also like when you are. Calling something in or you're wanting to create something and it's not coming through, that is the time that you are actually being called to love yourself even more.

Yeah. It was so strong the way it came through. But the other things that you said that I think are really important is you mentioned the idea of the commitment. Right. And this is something that I see come up for so many people. In fact, I said to, and I'm always looking at things through the lens of relationships, cuz that's been my journey is just like learning so much through relationships.

And I said to one of my clients the other day, I was like, think about when you're in a marriage. I. If you have a disagreement with your partner or your partner's not showing up the way you want them to, you don't always throw out that you wanna get a divorce, right? You don't always throw that out there.

So it has to be the same thing with your business. If your business isn't working the way you want it to, you can't just always say, oh, this means I shouldn't do this, or This means I'm gonna quit. It's the same principle, and for whatever reason, that really landed with everybody. But I'm curious to know your thoughts around.

How to like hold and maintain that energetic commitment to what you're doing, even when it feels like it's not working. 

Emma: Yeah, I love that. And the simple answer is what we're talking about, it's believing in yourself, believing that there's actually something bigger than you that's trying to manifest through you.

It's also having the. Ability to shift and pivot and move to be able to be guided. I think one of the things in that stops us a lot is that, especially because now we live in the information age, we say this sentence a lot. I already know that. I already know that. I already know that. Mm-hmm. But. You don't, because if you're not getting the results, you don't, oh, you might know it, but you're not doing it.

So it's really getting super, super honest with yourself. Am I trying to force this business or is this coming through me? And I know for me, like I've had so many points, like I launched my first and I did everything back to front. I launched a Master Mind, like my high-end product before I ever launched a membership, and I launched my first mastermind.

The week everyone went down, went into lockdown of 2020, and I was like, oh, wow, God. Talk about timing. No one's gonna wanna spend this much money on a, did I quit? My ego was like, pull a pin, run away, do something else. But I was like, Nope, nope. I'm definitely following it. I've got green light with my strategy and authority.

This is what I'm doing. So I pivoted. I was like, bring a friend, come along. And I just, I went with it and, and I think that this is the thing that most people will. They will push and force and hustle their asses down the wrong road, yet they will not take uncomfortable action down the right road. And that's the thing that I think we have to be so aware of is if you are so, like hustling, hustling, hustling, but you're not getting the results, are you doing it down the wrong road?

Or are you hustling on things that don't matter? Because what's probably happening is the simplest action or the simplest thing that you need to put your focus onto. That's gonna make the most difference, but you're afraid of it. You're afraid of it. And I just had, in my membership a perfect example of this.

One of the, the girls in there, she's got a membership. It's been running for two years, she's been doing, and she literally said, I've done all the work. And it was in one of these situations where I couldn't talk to her one-on-one, and she was posting all of these things and I'm reading it and I'm responding and I'm reading it to responding it.

And then I just went, there it is. She'd done all the work, but she wasn't owning it. She wasn't stepping into her power. This is the problem that most of us, this is what we are not doing. We're not stepping into our power. What does that mean? At no point, even though she had all these membership people who already loved her, the clients that she worked with, loved her.

She was not telling anyone else outside of that group that what she does is great. That she's good at this, that she has something wonderful to share with the world. She wasn't putting her hand up and saying, this is my area of expertise, this is my core talent. This is how I've helped people. This is how it's changed people's lives.

And in so many cases, that's what people aren't doing. They're not fully stepping into their power. They're not owning their beauty, their grace, their, their being, as well as they're doing their talents, their, they're masculine like. All of these things, they're kind of like just waiting for people to see them, and we live in such a chaotic, busy, cluttered time.

If you just sit around waiting, it's never gonna come. You have to own your own power. You have to own. For me, I am messy, I am inconsistent. I am all of those things. And I had all the unresourceful beliefs that kept me small because of it. However, and, and I used to think I couldn't commit to anything yet my brain had completely deleted the fact that I'd spent 15 years at an elite level sport.

How can I be inconsistent if I've got all this evidence, this evidence in my past? So it's that you have to get out of your own way. You have to look for the evidence. You have to look for the things that you're unconscious to make them conscious. Heal them, change them, transform them, and keep going in the direction of your dreams, cuz that's what the planet needs right now.

It doesn't need people that are just gonna sit around waiting to. Oh, what's my purpose? Why am I here? It's like we are in the fastest time of change right now, and we need as many heroes as possible. Not just one, not just two millions of the bloody things. So we need everyone to wake up and be a hero.

Alyse: Good Lord. Preach seriously. Like I couldn't agree with you more, and I do feel like it's a process. Like I know for me, I've come to, I actually just came to this recently where I felt like I anchored into an. Even deeper level of claiming. And owning the power of my work. But it's interesting, like when you talk about making the conscious unconscious, I definitely have had this memory come up and there's obviously others, but, and some of my audience probably heard me share about this when I was in second grade.

Every year the second graders did this big. Play like this performance. And this year that I was in second grade, they were doing the Wizard of Oz. And I said to my mom, I'm gonna get the part of Dorothy, like I'm gonna meet Dorothy. And my mom was like, okay, Alyse, well maybe you wanna try out for another part, like you don't know if you're gonna get Dorothy, blah blah, blah.

And I was like, no, I'm getting Dorothy And love that I did. I got the part. I was Dorothy, and I was so excited, and I remember the first thing my mom said to me when I came home, when I was so excited, I was like, this is it. I got the part. And my mom goes, you don't want to brag about it. Mm. She was like, don't tell anybody how excited you are because you don't want them to feel bad that they didn't get the part.

And I remember thinking like, how could they all get the part, like only one person can get this, you know? But I remember it like imprinted this thing on me of it's not okay to share your greatness. 

Emma: Especially as a woman. How dare you? Yeah. That's the thing. And, and I think that this is what we're, we're in this time where we need the heroes.

We need the champions. But we're so conditioned to be small and not powerful, and this is why we have to do it. And what I love, another one of my governing beliefs, so please everyone pick up this belief, is that you can always serve the person sitting in front of you, every single client that comes to you, every single conversation that you have.

I am serving. That's my, my belief. I know that the person sitting opposite from me is getting something from our connection. That's it. So I live in a quantum reality, as do you, as does all the listeners. So therefore, that is my truth, because that is my belief, right? One of the things with human design, especially with my membership, people are like, how do I know when I'm ready to be reading other people's charts?

And I'm like, here's the thing, you are always ready. The whole membership is set up that you are ready. You can start with your brother or your sister. You can start with friends, you can start with whoever, but you just have to start. And even if you only understand type and and profile, then you are gonna call in clients or friends or conversations that that's all they need.

Yeah. And then the better you get, you'll start to call in, you know, a higher level client. You'll, people who need more, like the clients I have today are the leaders of the leaders, whereas, Back when I started, they were like every person, and that's fine because that's exactly where we need to be. However, this is where we take control back from the universe.

We're like, oh my God, I need to maintain that I can actually help this person. No, you don't. You don't need to control that. You need to trust that the universe will only ever deliver you, and from a quantum physics point of view, they only can because yeah, you can only attract that small bandwidth of your frequency, so you are not gonna attract someone that you can't serve.

So as you start to build that muscle, that trust in yourself, that ability to talk about. What you have to offer. Because the other thing that I'm just gonna quickly move to, actually, I'm gonna finish that thought because I'm an MG and I get all over the place, but you know, you have to be out there. You have to be doing the things, trusting that what you have to give in that moment is enough.

That is enough. And then the next moment it'll be a little bit more, and then that is enough too. And really being able to trust yourself in that process. That is the key to it, because at the end of the day, it's the not taking action. It's not doing the thing. It's keeping your power on the download. It's not talking about how good you are.

That is. Stepping in the way of transforming the world. One of the things as well for me is because I also had that whole, like I was really shy as a kid, even though I was very talented at sport, I never told any of my friends cause it was a sport I did outside of school. So no one at school kind of even knew.

I knew I did it, but they didn't know how good I was at it for all the same reasons. But I had a big paradigm shift in my training when I realized like every single time I make myself small, that person and that person and that person that I'm here to help. They still have to wait. They have to wait for their transformation.

They have to wait for their help, their support, their coach, because I'm the one who's not start turning up for them. So this mission, my talents, my gifts, my superpowers, what I've got to give to the world, it's not for my ego to go look at me. It's for these people that I'm here to serve in this short period of time where we have this incredible opportunity to turn this planet on its head and create this beautiful new paradigm.

We gotta work fast. So we need to get our ego outta the way and just trust that everything that's coming through us is for the other. It's also for us too. Don't get me wrong, like I'm totally here on the journey, but we have to get out of our own way. We have to stop thinking, you know, in Australia we have a massive problem with tall poppy syndrome.

You know, as soon as you get above anyone else, you get chopped off at the knees in the media by France. Like people will just tear you down because you're good at something and that's changing. But we have to consciously choose to own what we are good at and what we are here to do because the universe is trying to express through us.

Alyse: Oh my God, absolutely. I love that so much. And it's so true, and I think one of the things that I see people getting really caught up in is what you said. How it's gonna make other people feel. And I think we've been so conditioned to be so worried about, not only worried about how other people feel, but almost derive our own sense of value and worthiness based on how other people feel about us.

Yeah. So what would you say to that where it's like the person who is so afraid that they're gonna make other people uncomfortable or afraid of what people are gonna think when they step forward and really own their greatness? 

Emma: Again, this is rife. We've been taught to do it, especially as women, and I think one of the things that I would say to it is it's just a defense strategy.

It's just a strategy that keeps us small, keeps us not failing, keeps us not stepping into our power, keeps us not getting it wrong. And I think it, we've also been so taught to focus on the people that we negatively impact. Right? Oh my God. We make them feel bad. Yes. Because at the end of the day, other people's experience of us is none of our business.

I know it sounds very counterintuitive to what I just said, but it isn't. It just isn't. Yeah. We're here to have our human experience and do all the things that we are here to do, and so is everybody else. And we have this, this weird only human thing that there's good, bad, right or wrong, and that if someone has an interaction with you, and it's something that falls into what we would call the bad bucket, that we've in somehow done something wrong.

Mm-hmm. And that is not true on any level because every experience is a growth opportunity. So you might have a bad experience or you might have this perception that you made someone feel bad, you didn't. You actually gave them the opportunity to grow, change, evolve. Yeah, so a lot of it is we have to throw out this good, bad, right and wrong because it's not up to us to decide the experience people are gonna have with us, and whether that's the right one or the wrong one.

One of the things I will say on that is that, Anyone, especially in my line of work, like when you work with other people, you wanna make sure that you are squeaky clean. You wanna do the work on the inside, you wanna look into your shadow. You wanna make sure that you are not doing your work from the ego.

Yes. Because if we're doing work from the ego and we are causing harm, that's a whole different cup of tea. That's something completely freaking different. That's something where we're not taking responsibility for our own. Stuff, our own life, our impact that we're having in the world, and we do. We do need to take feedback from the way we're making people feel.

However, if we're on that journey and we are doing that healing, what we should see in our world is yes, we might have some unresourceful experiences, uncomfortable experiences. Clients might give us some uncomfortable feedback as long as we're still. Growing and evolving. What we'll find is the evidence.

So our external reality will continue to show that. So we will continue to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade. But at the end of the day, it's not our responsibility how other people respond to us. However, it is our responsibility to come from the heart. Not from fear, not from their ego. If we were all taking full responsibility for our emotions, our actions, our mindset, you know what we focus on.

If we were all taking full responsibility for that, then we'd all be getting along. 

Alyse: Oh my God, a hundred percent. I say that all the time. It's so true, and I think you're right. I kind of look at it too, as if you are putting yourself out there and you're sharing from your heart if there's like, A few people who have an issue with what you're doing, there's gonna be way more people who love what you're doing is just the price of putting yourself out there is there's going to be people that have an issue with it and, but there's usually gonna be way more people who are really touched by what you're doing and who are inspired, or it transforms them. So it's so true. It's just like part of the package. 

Emma: Exactly. And what are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the few people that give you the, the uncomfortable negative feedback or all the other people? One of the things for me is I very rarely get trolls or unresourceful feedback or crappy reviews on my podcast.

I just very rarely get that. And it's not because I'm any better than anyone else, it's just that I don't focus on it. Yeah. I literally, whenever those things happen, I notice what comes up in me, what's triggered in me. What story do I tell myself? What fear, what is, what mask needs letting go of? I do the work on me.

I'm not bothered by them. I'm like, thanks for the feedback. And I'm sure that's got more to do with them than me because that's what we do as humans. We project who we are and what's going on for us. But I always do the work on myself. So the lesson that that. Seemingly negative experience was. There's a lesson in that for me, and that's where if we are taking responsibility for those things, so not taking it personally, saying, yep, cheers for the feedback, wow, life must be uncomfortable for you.

I now have to do my own work to just see, you know, to heal the triggers in me. I. Again, we don't experience it. No, we're not here to make everybody happy. Can I just have this mantra? Oh, clearly not my people. Okay. 

Alyse: Yes, absolutely. It's not your people. So I'd love for the last little bit of time we have to dive a little bit more deeply into human design too.

Cause I know so many of my listeners are business owners and obviously you are too. Cause I know for me and. I know that there's so much more I need to understand about my own, own human design, but I have delve into it and every time I have, it's been such a game changer for me in business. So how can we, or should we utilize our human design in our business?

Emma: Oh, it's such a great question, and it's really, really layered. Okay. So depending on where you're at with your human design experiment, the answer's a little bit different. Let me put it this way. Let's say you're new to human design and you are in business and you want to improve your results, then go and get your free chart.

You can get it on my website and understand your type, your strategy, and your authority, and just start doing that. Because ultimately, at the end of the day, if we are just following our strategy and authority, everything else in our chart will fall into place. Mm-hmm. However, if we wanna amplify that or me being an MG with a 34 20, you wanna hurry things up.

Then you wanna slowly but surely go a little bit deeper. So understanding things like your, your profile is gonna help you understand your toolkit. So a lot of people want from me, cuz I'm a three five profile, they wanna hear my experiences. They also want me to give them answers and solutions they want me to lead.

So I understand the energies within my chart that people are gonna want from me. Now, then we can go even deeper again and understand our incarnation cross, which is gonna be our genius. So these are like our superpowers. We can go deeper, we can understand our definition, so where our energy is consistent and we're influencing the other and where we are being influenced in our undefined centers and gates.

So the beauty of human design is it doesn't matter where you're at. There's something that can help you. And then as you slowly go deeper and deeper and deeper, you just get more and more and more. I can define everything from my core talent to my mission, to how I help people. The organizations I thrive best in how I'm designed to lead.

Like all of the details, they're all there in your design, but you don't need to know it all straight away. It's just starting to run your experiment and getting to know yourself and then ultimately take back that power. So understanding that you are the guru and the communication. That you have with the universe, that's where you get the wisdom from.

And then allowing the universe to bring you all the things like, okay, is this where you wanna go? Is this what you wanna do? And to really be in the experiment of life. And move through your fears and amplify the results in your business. So yeah, I hope that answers your question. 

Alyse: It totally does. And it's so crazy cause I feel like it's almost making me realize that I'm at another cause I feel like I'm at another level just in business.

But now I wanna understand even more deeply. And I remember when we recorded for your podcast, you said something to me about. Something that was in my chart that was about healing, familial and ancestral trauma. Yeah, and I remember when you said that to me, I got like emotional Cause I'm just like, oh my God.

Obviously it's not random, you know that I do this. Yeah. But it's so crazy that that is like there. 

Emma: This is the thing with human design, and it's why I moved into it and why it's now that primary focus of my business is because I'm really results driven. So I am incredibly well educated. I am very smart, however, Human design amplifies everything.

It gets you out of your head and into your body. It gets you out of the ego and into your intuition. It really shows you specifically how you are designed to excel. And in many cases, it's in a way that doesn't fit into the current paradigm. It doesn't fit into the current box that we have available. So many of my clients that I work with, we, we have to break.

Like I, I literally, I'm saying there is no mentor, there is no role, role model the way you are putting these things together. That's what you have to learn to trust. Yeah. So with human design, I'm always saying you cannot make this stuff up. The coincidences, the synchronicities, the patterns, the way a person's chart comes together.

And a lot of the way I help people really integrate their design is by looking in the past where in the past as this particular theme showed up, and you're just like, oh my God. Because you can see how it's played out over and over again. You can see how you've been in the shadow of it. You can see the times that you've been in the higher expressions of it, and then you fully trust yourself.

You trust that. For me, I know that my core talent really is trusting my insights, and it's crazy because if when I tell my story, it's like, I said I'd replaced my, my husband's income. How I followed my insight to change the podcast. I followed my insight, insight to launch the the Mastermind. I followed my insights to every program I've built.

I follow my insights with all of my clients. This really is this, this core talent of mine. And not only do I do that for me, but it's the thing that I'm here to teach. Now there's a bunch of other things that I'm here to teach according to my design, but when we get to know our design, And we see the levels and the patterns.

There is this thread that runs through everything, and one of the big threads for me is all about power and self-empowerment. And changing the hierarchy, like getting rid of the power, like our mission statement, if you like, is moving the power from the few to the many because this is what we really need to be doing.

And it's all there in my chart. It's all there in my design. It's this ultimate permission slip to be you and yeah, it's divine. 

Alyse: Absolutely. And I, I know for me too, just the things that I've learned have made so much sense and made me. Like really trust, for example, in business, like what you said about you being the guru.

Yes, I have mentors and I learn from people, but ultimately I'm never gonna do things exactly the way they do them. It's great to see how people are moving through the world, but because I understand so deeply like what this divine mission is that I have, I can trust my decision making and not need to like look to anyone else.

And I think that's. The ultimate goal and just what I've learned about my own design really has allowed me to step into that even more deeply and feel, you know what else? I feel like it helped me feel much more connected and like owning and claiming what I meant to do. 

Emma: Yeah. I love that. You're absolutely right.

It's that permission slip to fully step in. I often say, cuz a lot of people will, with human design, they'll come and they'll say, well, I've got this in my chart and I've got that in my chart, but well, I don't really know. And I'm like, oh my goodness. Just claim it. Just claim it. Yeah. It's there. It's a new chart.

Just own it. Yep. Yep. You're a powerful being. You know, I had someone on my in-person retreat last week and she just has power all over her chart. I was constantly saying to her, just step in. Like just claim it. Just take it cuz she's waiting for something mystical to happen to fully own her power. No, no.

This is the journey and this is what you're here to teach everybody else. And the other other thing I just really wanted to touch on briefly was that decision making piece. This is one of the primary. Reasons human designers in the world so that we no longer make decisions with the mind so that we finally trust a deeper wisdom.

That is our energy, that is our authority, that is the universe, that is our inner wisdom, our guidance. All of those things so that we're actually making decisions from a place that has tapped in knowledge and access to the entire quantum, to the acaia, to whatever you call it, not just this limited perception through the mind.

So that decision piece, this is the most powerful thing we can do, is take the power of our decisions out of our conditioned mind. Cuz 95% of our behavior is unconscious. It comes from a conditioned mind that we were taught who to be up until the age of seven and puts it in a place that has access to wisdom on all timelines, all dimensions, our past self, our future self.

All sorts of different energies and entities and beings that have so much more wisdom than than we do, and combining all of that, it's just an incredibly powerful blueprint of truth.

Alyse: I love what you said that about the decision making, because I actually feel the gift that everyone receives from starting their own business.

Is making decisions from that place because if you are making logical decisions, you probably wouldn't start your own business. Right. It's like usually not logical. Yeah. Right. And then it's just like a constant process of moving from that place and making decisions from that place like that don't even make sense.

Half the time I'm sitting here thinking, wow, with the amount of money I'm investing in my business, I could own four houses. Like, you know what I mean? Like all of these things, it's not logical. 

Emma: Yeah, yeah. But exactly. 

Alyse: I'm moving from that place of this much deeper, much more divine guidance. So I love that so much.

I think that's so incredibly powerful and it's. A way that we're really changing the world. If everyone can move from that place, yeah, the world will be so incredibly different. 

Emma: So incredibly different. And I mean, we're seeing it already. I have had a few experiences over the last few years where I feel like, wow, I just lived a completely different timeline.

I don't know if you know about the Mandela Effect, but about the Mandela Effect. I was like, Oh my God. I'm one of those people, I swear I saw the news report that Mandela had died. Like I, I swear I talked about it with people. Yeah. And there's been so many experiences in my life now, and like Covid is one of them.

We lived an entire year in 2021, like in the depths of Covid. It didn't even enter my awareness because we were traveling around Australia and everyone's like, how did you cross the borders? I'm like, It was really easy. We just drive up and drive over it like it wasn't a thing. I really believe that we are so close and we've already created this whole new paradigm, this whole new world.

And the more that we can love, trust ourselves and no longer look out to these authorities that we thought were taking care of us. But really they're not. They're not structures that serve us. They're falling down, they're breaking, and that's okay. That's exactly what we need them to do. And as they're blowing up and imploding over there, we need to be.

Expanding over here. We need to be stepping into our power. We need to be leading the new way, visioning the new VI vision, creating this timeline where we do all get along in harmony. We are all abundant. We are all here to not only fill up our own cup, but serve the rest of the planet. And it's all happening.

It's already here. It's already unfolding. So it's our responsibility to keep our focus on that and do the inner work, not ignore it, do the inner work that's creating the un more unresourceful experiences because as we clean up what's going on inside of us, then it can only manifest externally. So yeah, the more love we feel on the inside, the more love we'll experience on the outside.

Alyse: Oh my God, a hundred percent. I love that so much. Thank you so much for sharing all of that. And can you tell people about your membership or how the various ways that they could work with you? 

Emma: You can go and get your free chart human design chart from my website. You can also get a PDF that's got all the details for your unique chart if you want to, then you can go straight over to the Human Design Podcast, which is my podcast, and you can take your chart and the podcast and you can start your experiment.

If you're ready to really dive in with the most incredibly empowering community, then you can come and join my membership, which is the human design experience where we navigate all things human design, not just the knowledge, but we also have real life experiences. It's hugely supportive. Again, this is all in my design.

Community is a large part of my design. And look, there's plenty of other classes that we run, other modalities that we bring into. We're literally doing marketing. We had an incredible marketing person come in and teach within the HDX membership and now I'm reteaching it all, but I'm integrating all the human design pieces like we've just done avatar, understanding your, your niche and that sort of thing with human design overlaid.

So we do a lot of that in there as well. And yeah, I'm on Instagram if you need me as well. I'm the human design coach. So yeah, plenty of places. 

Alyse: Amazing. That sounds awesome. I'm definitely gonna check that out cuz I'm feeling like it's funny, I have gotten. Multiple like signs now from the universe that it's time to dive deeper into human design. So I'm listening. 

Emma: Yeah. Yeah. Come and join us. It's a amazing community. It's so, so good. 

Alyse: Yeah, no, I'm totally gonna check it out. And it's funny too, cuz I was talking to my, one of my clients today who's a manifestor, and I kept hearing the message that she needed to understand more about me. A manifestor.

That's something that was coming up as we were like, I was helping her shift some old patterns and I'm like, Oh, she needs to align with this, but I don't know exactly what that means, so I was like, you need to go. And so I'm like, okay. Yeah, it's coming through in all the ways, so it's definitely time for me to go deeper into it.

So thank you for sharing all of that. And then for our last question, for you, what is a non-negotiable when it comes to fully reclaiming your consciousness? 

Emma: The biggest non-negotiable for me, I would say, is I am being on my own team. Always being my greatest champion. That was the thing that I learned through depression and panic disorder, that I was, I had been taught to be so self judgmental, so critical.

I picked on every mistake and in my design, I am a very, I'm non-linear, I'm messy, I'm experimental, and I'm so far from perfect. So the thing that is absolutely non-negotiable for me now is that I treat myself as my best friend would, as the divine mother. Would I treat myself in a way that I am my own guru?

That I give myself the rest when I need the rest. I give myself the kind words. When I need the kind words I give myself, the kick up the butt. But I always see my innate brilliance. I always know that my greatness is there in every single moment, even though it mightn't feel like it. So for me and my consciousness, it's constantly focusing on love, constantly focusing on compassion, on joy, on those higher frequencies, and giving them to myself first so that I can amplify it out in the world.

So yeah, great question. I love that. 

Alyse: I love that so much. I don't know why. That's like making me emotional. I'm such a dork. I cry all the time.

Emma: I love it. I love it. Cry away. Bring it on.

Alyse: Yeah. Thank you so much. That was an amazing answer and I completely agree with you. And so many of us are self-critical and judgmental, and we don't even realize it.

So it's so important. So yeah, thank you so much for sharing that. Thank you so much for being here. This was such an amazing conversation and I know everyone's gonna love it. 

Emma: Thank you. I'm just, I'm so full of joy and excitement right now, so thanks so much for having me. I really, really appreciate you.

Alyse: Yes, thank you.

Alyse: Thank you so much for being here. Don't forget to subscribe to the show, leave a review and share this show with your friends who you know are yearning for this type of content. You can stay connected with me by following me on Instagram @Alyse_Breathes, and by joining my Facebook group Breathe to Succeed where I share my weekly energy forecast. And subscribe to my list where you'll receive a free breathwork session, meditation and journaling prompts to deeply connect with your intuition at See you next time.