Reclaiming Consciousness

Remembering Your Galactic Connections with Andrea Donnelly

April 27, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 69
Remembering Your Galactic Connections with Andrea Donnelly
Reclaiming Consciousness
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Reclaiming Consciousness
Remembering Your Galactic Connections with Andrea Donnelly
Apr 27, 2023 Season 1 Episode 69
Alyse Bacine

“No matter where you fall on the spectrum of perception, anybody can look around and see that we are in a very massive time of rebirth.”

This week I brought Andrea Donnelly back to the show, one of my closest friends and colleagues and who is a Business Mentor, Quantum Sound & Energy Healer, Money Witch, and the CEO of We Are Here 2 Remember.  

Andrea is from a group of beings that are, essentially, cosmic guardians. As she explains “they are called ‘The Order of Divine Light’ and we basically move through all space and time and we restore cosmic order and balance.” 

As part of her mission, she sees to it that people understand that the way they are going to succeed, to feel safe in a human body and to heal the epigenetic complexities every person has is to “go deep in your healing journey, show up for yourself and find a way to cultivate the things that make you special”. In this way, she helps them take action steps toward their destiny and clears any pesky blocks along the way.


(10:18) Andrea’s Bio
(17:42) Incarnating in human form
(20:12) A round peg in a round hole 
(23:29) Operating from fear 
(30:19) The universe is infinite 
(38:51) Ancestral Trauma
(40:45) Creating harmony
(44:22) A curious thing
(48:38) Investing in yourself



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“No matter where you fall on the spectrum of perception, anybody can look around and see that we are in a very massive time of rebirth.”

This week I brought Andrea Donnelly back to the show, one of my closest friends and colleagues and who is a Business Mentor, Quantum Sound & Energy Healer, Money Witch, and the CEO of We Are Here 2 Remember.  

Andrea is from a group of beings that are, essentially, cosmic guardians. As she explains “they are called ‘The Order of Divine Light’ and we basically move through all space and time and we restore cosmic order and balance.” 

As part of her mission, she sees to it that people understand that the way they are going to succeed, to feel safe in a human body and to heal the epigenetic complexities every person has is to “go deep in your healing journey, show up for yourself and find a way to cultivate the things that make you special”. In this way, she helps them take action steps toward their destiny and clears any pesky blocks along the way.


(10:18) Andrea’s Bio
(17:42) Incarnating in human form
(20:12) A round peg in a round hole 
(23:29) Operating from fear 
(30:19) The universe is infinite 
(38:51) Ancestral Trauma
(40:45) Creating harmony
(44:22) A curious thing
(48:38) Investing in yourself



Sign up for the FREEDOM Live Event, taking place April 27th and 28th at 3:30pm EST, which includes: 

  • Channeled transmission of the 5D Freedom Codes
  • Energy Healing to activate your new reality free of matrix programming
  • PLUS- LIVE guided breathwork to release limitation and scarcity for good and fully embody your true expression of limitless expansion


Andrea: I'm from a group of beings that are essentially cosmic guardians. I saw UFOs as a kid. I saw ghosts as a kid. I literally can hear people's thoughts and see all these things about them. You and I both possess a very unique capacity to make room for people to be truly themselves from a straight up, just like logic perspective.

The world beyond this planet, what we know to exist is so enormous. Society, the media, the government or religions around the world are certainly not encouraging people to perceive themselves as their biggest investment. When we can sit in the balance of the divine, feminine, and masculine energies and really start to trust ourselves in these powerful ways, we become completely unstoppable and quite frankly uncontrollable.

Alyse: Welcome to reclaiming consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor, breathwork. Practitioner and owner, and CEO of Alyse Breathes. For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial and ancestral trauma. Right now, during this epic time in history, people are waking up, realizing who they really are and reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they unknowingly gave away.

This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're capable of. In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising conscious. And creating a new way of living on this earth.

Get ready to go deep now. Let's dive in.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So this week I am really excited for this episode because this week I have Andrea Donnelley on the show. And as most of you know, she is a really good friend of mine. And also we've been each other's clients. So I'm just really excited to have her back and we always have such amazing deep conversations.

This week we got into so much a lot about our own experiences, discovering our galactic lineages, our galactic connections, and she is literally, Probably the most spiritually connected, cosmically connected person that I know, and she really has the ability to activate that in everybody she works with.

So if you are somebody who's looking to connect more deeply with your own galactic lineage, with your own cosmic connections with the fairy realm, the. Angelic realm, she is the person to go to because she has the ability to activate that in everybody she works with. And she's an incredible healer and just amazing mentor and coach.

So if you don't know who she is, you definitely wanna check her out. Give her a follow on Instagram at See Witchery. Or check her out, on her website at, we are here to We'll link all of that below. But I just love this conversation. And also, ironically, we didn't even plan this, but today is her birthday.

This episode is gonna come out the day after her birthday. So it's a kind of a cool little. Birthday gift for her as well. So yeah, I know you guys are gonna love this conversation and please reach out to me if you have any questions about anything we talked about and please enjoy. And now for just a couple quick announcements.

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Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So I am really pumped for today because I have brought Andrea Donnelly back to the show who is. One of my closest friends, also a colleague mentor. We've both been each other's clients and has just been a really important part of my journey, and we are gonna have a really exciting conversation today.

So welcome to the show, Andrea. 

Andrea: Oh, I am so honored to be here. As Alyse just said, I appreciate so much the ways that you and I hold space for each other. I know that we've had this massive impact on each other's worlds and on our businesses, and I love your podcast 

your podcast is one of my favorite things to listen to, so it's a really genuine treat and an honor to be here.

Alyse: Yes, I'm so excited, and I've just been talking about how. I love having people on the podcast that I'm already really close to cause I feel like we just have such potent conversations. So for those of you who dunno, Andrea, do you just wanna give like a little introduction of what you do and your work? I feel like most people do know you, but I know there's a lot of new people coming in and they might not have heard your first episode, which was like over a year ago at this point.

So can you just give people a little introduction to you and your work? 

Andrea: Yeah, so I am a cosmic wealth activator, a quantum sound and energy healer, an intuitive life and business coach. I do all kinds of different things for people and I use my own life experience, which has been many years of metaphysical study.

I started meditating when I was. 17. I learned how to do reiki a few years after that, and I also learned how to do something called the Flower of Life meditation, which is like real wild, futuristic stuff. So I have been on a metaphysical journey for many years and I combine all of that interest that I've actually carried through many lifetimes.

Literally every lifetime that I've lived has been about doing the work that I do now for people. And I mix that in with. A lot of very interesting business acumen. I spent another five years working for a financial services company. When I was in my late twenties and early thirties. I had a series seven license.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and so it's a funny mix of hyper woo woo, like I'm probably the most woo person that anyone has ever met. But then I also bring this. Very grounded 3D vision to the scene. And so it's amazing the work that I do now. It was always part of my life plan and my destiny as it were to really hit this point and help people.

And it's the best, most awesome thing. It's such a wild honor to be able to hold the space I do for people. It's so freaking fun. So yeah, that's, 

I have trouble describing what you do also. You did a great job there because I think your work is just, you don't really know why it's working, at least I don't know why it's working, but you have a very strong connection to the other realms in ways that our human brain can't really quite comprehend.

So a lot of times people have shifts in their lives and they're not even sure what happened. Like, I know for me I'll get on a call with you and I'm like, I don't know what she did. She just started. Saying some nonsense, and then here we are. I got two new clients, so I don't know exactly what happened, but it works.

So I think there's a few things I know we wanted to touch on today. It's interesting because I just did a podcast episode on Jennifer Lawnmower's podcast that we recorded on Friday because we came out with this book that I helped co-author around messages from the Akasha records on Ascension. And we were talking about the idea of soul family and how as we move into the ascension journey that we're all on, we all are going to have these moments where we find our soul family.

And I think for a lot of us, that started to happen. At least for me, it started to happen in 2020. And that's when you and I met, and I feel like I had a lot of these openings where I just like connected with people that felt like soul fondly and felt like I always knew them. And I think when you and I connected, we just naturally felt that way.

We definitely knew that we had known each other in other lifetimes, and we just felt super connected with each other. And then you became my client. I became your client, and then we. Started to notice that. People who were working with both of us at the same time, were getting these really powerful results from each other.

And that wasn't something that we planned, right? Like it was just something that we started to notice because we were in the same circles and people were working with us at the same time, and they would have these really powerful results. So I know we wanted to talk about that because it's something that I don't know that we've quite really unpacked.

For too much. So it's just wild. What you do is a little bit different. But I know for what I do sometimes I'll get to this point with people where I feel like we've walked this journey and I just need someone to push them over the edge of the cliff so they they can really start to fly. And I feel like that's what you have done for so many.

Of my clients that I've referred to you. So what is your perspective on that and just in general? I think there's an another overarching theme of the benefit of. Working with people for a long period of time and also working with multiple people at the same time. So I know that was a lot, but what are your thoughts on all of that?

Yeah, I love this. It is, when we met each other, I feel like both of us were like, where have you been all this life. Yeah. My old best friend come in in hot with the like wisdom and you and I just had this way of, I am really weird. I am weird, and I don't say that till disparage. I love myself deeply, but the thing about me is that literally my whole life from the time I was a kid, okay, I channeled light language.

I talk to animals. I come from a really psychic family. I saw UFOs as a kid. I saw ghosts as a kid. I literally can hear people. Thoughts and see all these things about them. And that has just always been the thing about me. And I'm really quirky. I defy genre. I'm hyper nerdy. I have a degree from Wesley and I mentioned that I had once called a series seven license.

I am also so woo woo that it's like almost unbelievable. And one of the most common things that has been just a steady point, literally since I was a kid is people would be like, You are the weirdest person that I have ever met, and people would say that somewhere between two seconds after having met me without even ever heard me say anything.

And so I've known that about myself, right? Like I know that I am really unusual. I am really moving to the beat of my own drama in a way that is very different, and that's part of the power that I hold for people. And it's been a journey, right? I. Channeled light language since I was a baby, since I have memories, I didn't share that publicly until maybe like late 20 20, 20 21, so it's certainly been like a journey of self discovery for me to be able to just get really relentlessly.

Bold about being completely myself, and I think that is one of the things that I, that's a space I really hold for people, and I see that as the thing you were saying about how I sort of have this capacity to really push people off the edge of the cliff in the best way possible. It's written into my chart.

In every way. The astrology, the human design. Every time that I would have someone read for me over the course of my life, they'd be like, Sam, girl, your life is a hot mess right now, but someday you're gonna be big. And they'd be like, what the heck? Heck am I looking at? You do not look like someone who is gonna invent something that's gonna change the world.

Alyse: Wasn't there somebody that you said you had the same either human design or something as like somebody who invented. Something, remember, and I, 

Andrea: there's this way where I was really bored to just be, now I can't even remember what it was. 

Alyse: Somebody who invented like something that we all, 

Andrea: something really something that we all use.

And I feel like that is the thing about me. I literally incarnated in human form. I'm from a group of beings that are essentially cosmic guardians. They're called the order of divine Light. And we basically move through all space and time and we restore cosmic order and balanced. We restore justice planet Earth no matter where you fall.

Sort of on the spectrum of perception. Anybody can look around and see that we are in a very massive time of rebirth. I like to call it Phoenix thing, and that is you and I really came here to hold space for other people to be able to remember that their divinity, their psychic gifts, their intuition, their own like cellular memory and authenticity and uniqueness.

Are literally the most powerful currency that people hold. And, but in order to uncover that, right, there's so much social conditioning, there's so much intergenerational trauma. There's so much ancestral stuff that has been carried through the generations on this planet. And so it sounds easy. It's, oh, just go out there and be yourself, and that's how you'll make tons of money and live a good life.

But it's actually much bigger than that. One of the reasons people move so quickly when they work with us, and we've seen this with so many different clients and with our, with each other, right? We are really committed to showing up, taking massive personal responsibility even when it's uncomfortable potentially.

But there are these ways where in order to get to that point, Where you're navigating from just this like really cool space of inner peace, it does actually require you to really show up, to invest in yourself, to go super deep in ways that can be really evocative, quite frankly, incredibly embarrassing and uncomfortable, and messy and hard.

And I think you and I both do a really good job. I would say knowing you and I, that you and I both possess a very unique capacity to make room for people to be truly themself. Yeah. You and I really do not judge other people. It's not that we don't have really high standards for the people around us, but I think a lot of people get sucked into the societal thing.

And I don't mean this in any judgemental way at all, because this planet is a real cluster f and when we're like moving outta that, But we're told from every freaking angle, right, from politics, from culture, from ancestral things, from our families, from school and religion, and like literally every system that exists on this planet, that the thing to do is to essentially fall in line and find a way to make yourself a round peg that fits in a round hole.

Yeah. And what you and I do for people is we say, you know what? That's actually not the truth. The way that you're gonna really succeed, the way that you're gonna feel safe in a human body, the way that you're gonna be able to heal the epigenetic complexities that every person alive has, essentially carrying around like these bags of energetic rocks.

That the way to really like move out of that and find a really unique way to succeed is. To go deep on your healing journey, show up yourself even when, and especially it doesn't feel super easy, and to just find a way to cultivate the things that make you special. Because when you look at people who are really successful, like the people who, that sort of success is also like murky because there's a lot of interference that goes into all of that, which we may or may not get into today.

But at the end of the day, when you look at people who have really hit high levels of achievement in the arts and business, in sports and whatever the thing is, whatever their area of expertise, it's people who really march to the beat of their own drum. So, We are told that we need to fall in line and be like everybody else and meet these, oh, by the time you're 30 you need to be married and have kids and like all of that.

But then that's part of what you and I often call like the misinformation campaign because the actual truth is, The only thing that you need to do in order to be successful is to figure out what works for you. And I think that's one of the things that you and I really do for people is we help people find a way to really lean into that, use their incredible uniqueness to really cultivate a high level of wealth health.

Magic miracles money. I mean, we see it all the time. When people start working with us, they make so much more money. Their health changes, their relationship to their family, to their partner, to their kids. Everyone shifts and people just become so much happier. Mm-hmm. It is an awesome thing to bear witness to, and you and I have both seen it unfold in our own lives.

So we know it to be true based on the anecdotal evidence that comes from just each other. 

Alyse: Yeah, absolutely. And also, and thanks for all of that, and a lot of it really comes down to what you said of just helping people find a place within themselves where they're giving themselves permission to just truly be who they are.

Instead of trying to do things in a way that they think they're supposed to. And a lot of it too comes down to like helping people realize that they're doing that. I just got off a client call earlier and we were talking about shifting out of operating from fear versus operating from alignment with your knowing and.

What I realized, a lot of people are operating from fear or like operating from this need to put themselves into a box or to get approval from other people, but they don't even know that they're doing that. So I think that's one of the biggest things that we have to help people understand is that like they are doing that and in doing that they're actually compromising themselves and they're making themselves small and they're putting out their own life.

And that's one of the biggest things that I think people do without even realizing it, is just looking at the ways that they keep themselves small. And I do think that is a huge piece of what it means to work with both of us. And I think one of your gifts too, Is just helping people be able to see their own gifts.

Like I know for me, when you became my client, it was actually helpful for me because you were so like easy to work with in a sense, cuz you were like so open. It helped me be able to see what my gifts were on an even deeper level because you were so open to what we were doing and, and you made so many shifts.

But I do feel like. It was naturally, because that's one of your gifts, is just helping people be able to see who they really are. And that's so important because one of the things we said we wanted to talk about today, and this is leading into it, is our galactic heritage. And I know you and I have gone down the path of discovering our own galactic heritage and for everyone who listens to this show, It's been a huge thing that I always talk about that is like literally the most interesting thing that I could ever talk about, and I think that's part of like when we have gone down the path of understanding our own galactic heritage, a lot of that has to do with helping other people remember.

Who they really are. So I know you mentioned a little bit about your heritage, and we both have done different galactic astrology sessions. I recently did a Q H H T session where I learned even more about my galactic heritage, and I'm actually gonna be having this woman, Becca, who we both did a session with on the show.

So we can talk about that from her perspective, but I'd really like to talk about it from our perspectives too, because. I really do feel for everybody. If you really want to truly understand who you are and what you're meant to be doing on this planet, even if you have a really good idea, cuz I had a really good idea before I went down this road, but now that I've done.

A bunch of galactic astrology work, plus Q H H T. I feel like I understand on an even deeper level why I am here, and you can probably speak to this too. It's not even like an intellectual understanding. It's this deep embodied knowing of who I actually am. Beyond this human body, not Alyse Bacinee, not this human, but where I came from and why I came here.

So I'm gonna give it over to you to just like expand on that and talk about your experience. 

Andrea: Yeah, so I mentioned that since I have memories, I have communicated with my guides who are, as I mentioned, just a really robust, I call them all the good vibes because it's just all the good vibes. It's such an incredibly beautiful, really robust group of intergalactic beings of the more that I've gone down this path of.

Really leaning into my own heritage. I haven't covered, which I knew intuitively that I was channeling a lot of different kinds of galactic information. So, Arturian, cle, andn, ln, those are some of the big ones. But it's not just the galactic energy, right? It's the angels, it's the ferries, it's the elements.

It's. These, it's ascended masters, the Akasha, record keepers, all of these energies that are so powerful and complex and really help us, the more we lean into unfolding all of that, it gives us a chance to be able to say, I am this person who is so much more complicated. And you and I have talked about this before, but I mentioned it at the beginning, like when I was a little kid.

I saw UFOs often. My whole family did because we had a house that was right on the water on the Atlantic coast in New England. And it's interesting cuz a couple of years ago, one of my family members told me, I was mentioning to her, I was like, you know that house was so crazy. It's sadly not in our family anymore.

One of my family members was saying that there's actually something about the airspace over. That water in the place that I inm part grew up. I don't remember the specifics of it, but it's basically like the space above a country is protected by certain like treaties and agreements or whatever. And there was something really unusual about the fact that it didn't have the same sort of protections.

And my family member who was telling me this was saying that they thought that was in part why there was so much. U F O activity. I saw them, my siblings saw them. My whole extended family would see these things, and it was so wild because I know that sometimes our 3D brain can be like, well, where's the evidence?

Where's the proof? And it's, well, there's actually like a ton of evidence and a ton of proof. A couple of years ago, CNN started, Talking about how they were like verifying essentially through the military that there was evidence of UFOs. And so I think that it's interesting because I get why people's 3D brains are really freaked out by that.

But from my perspective, because I was always living such a like surreal metaphysical life anyway, like I could. See fairies. I could talk to animals. I can like really understand these big truths. Like to me, it just never felt like a big jump. Like I just always knew that was true, that there was clearly life on earth.

I don't mean this again in any judgmental way, but from a straight up, just like logic perspective. The world beyond this planet. What we know to exist is so enormous. How could we be the only, like, it doesn't make any sense to me. 

Alyse: It's obvious, like that makes zero sense. Also, the universe is like infinite.

And also when we learn about the idea of like other dimensions too, a lot of the beings that we talk about or that exist in our solar system, exist within other dimensions of consciousness. So like we wouldn't be able to see them from like the 3D perspective anyway. Right. So I think that's just an important thing to remember too.

Yeah, I totally agree. And I know you've always had. That awareness, but then when you started like really understanding your galactic astrology and galactic heritage, then I feel like it just makes it all so much more. Okay. These things that I knew that I. Could feel, but I couldn't really like, quantify or necessarily put words to, now I have confirmation that this is actually real and I have words for it.

Andrea: Yeah, and it's interesting because when I, so you were mentioning that you're gonna have Becca on the the show to talk more about this, and we had a session a couple of weeks ago and she told me something that was so interesting. Which mirrors. Right. And the thing about my chart is that it's fun. It's always been fun for me to get.

Readings from people because it's so, how do I sort of explain what I'm trying to say? Basically, people all tell me the same thing, but they say it through their lens, right? But like she's a exquisite genius. So it was really fun to be able to hear her feedback and hear like the words that she put to it.

But one of the things she told me is that when my soul was created, and this is something that I've always just intuitively understood about myself, that I was a pink plasma ray. Basically just like a beam of love, right? If you know me, I'm a little bit pink Marie. I'm like walking around spreading good cheer out there like, 

Alyse: wait, I just have to say this really funny thing. So when we were in Costa Rica, Lydia and I were just laughing hysterically about how we were just talking about what you would do if you were there and we. Because there's so much wildlife around and you like are always talking to like, you'll, I'll start talking and I hear you like making these little noises to like the cats and the birds while we're on the phone.

And I'm like, okay, I know she's listening to me, but she also just can't help the fact that she has to like lovingly communicate with all living things in her presence right now. So that's just who Andrea. 

Andrea: And you're very patient with me. Cause sometimes people get offended. They're like, can you get a grip?

Alyse: Are you listening to, listening to, 

Andrea: I'm also talking to a squirrel at the same time. That was a confirmation to be like, oh, I know about myself. I knew that there was this way. I remember learning about the concept of prayer as a child because my family was Catholic and we went to church and we went to a bunch of different kinds of churches.

I was bent outta shape about church from like the time I have memories. I was like, what the fri I about this when I was like five years old. 

I was massively offended. So I realized at some point, like I was like, okay, I made sense of my own brain. I was like, when people talk about praying, They're talking to God, which is something I'm always doing.

So I was also confused cuz I was like, why do people need, what is the disconnect looking outside in this way that I don't think seems necessary. And so that, right. That's like a big part of this. And so it's so funny because to have her have said that right, to be like when you were created, a lot of people's souls are from a specific place.

They're from Arch Tourists or they're from the pleas, or you were literally were from Earth. You're from a place I like just from God and like literally was created to move through. Space and time to be able to restore love, to restore justice, to be able to really facilitate this massive awareness. I love that thing about how you and Lydia were like laughing.

If I was there, like I'd be talking to the birds, talking to the monkeys, making all kinds of friends like your dog. Your dog loves me. Your dog is one of my best buddies. Like there's this animals, I'll be walking outside and people's dogs will like stop dead in their tracks and turn around and just. Be like, whoa.

Like when I lived in New York for a long time and. I would obviously take the subway cause it's what you do when you live in New York. And babies would see me on the train and lock eyes with me or try to run up to me and people's parents would be like, what is this about? This weird thing where now my baby is like staring at you and husband.

Staring at you in a dead eye lock for 15 minutes on the train, and I'd be like, oh, I'm just a beam of light. Your baby can see that. Like I'm not like all the other humans. And they're just really excited because we don't know what she's up to. And so I've always known that to be very true about me, the natural world children, right?

The animals of plants. They can. See these things about us that as we come into human adulthood, we start to lose that capacity to be able to live in that space of magic and wonder. And every life I've lived on Earth, I have essentially held these massive codes of wisdom and wealth and remembrance. And every time that I have come here, I have held that energy.

It hasn't always. Ended well, right? Like the powers that we haven't always been super jazzed about what it is, the space I'm holding of powerful and profound recalibration for people. But when you can get into that zone of truly being in concert with the real magic that runs through us. Through the land, through this planet, it makes it so that you are able to really call home, right?

We can call it manifestation, we can call it creation, we can call it all kinds of different things. But at the end of the day, that's really what I unlock it in people, is this capacity to be able to figure out. I basically meet you in the place that your soul is ready to unlock these new things. And it's so cool cause I did a, a group sound healing a couple of months ago, right at the end of this past year.

And it was really amazing because one person said that they had this massive like angelic and fairy awareness. One person told me that they essentially talked to their artian soul family. One person was like, I had this amazing awakening as it relates to like myin roots. So it's so interesting because some people can say, oh, here's my sort of standardized thing that I offer.

And when you work with me, you'll get this. And with me, I will help you unlock your own sacred truth. It's gonna be a wild ride. Your life is never gonna be the same again. You're gonna make more money. Your health is gonna change. You're gonna look younger and have a lot more fun and feel safer in your body.

And like you were saying it earlier, you'll get off a call with me and I'm waving my hands and I'm channeling light language, which straight up, let's just be real. It sounds like gibberish. It's beautiful. It's very powerful, but sounds like, and then you get off the call with me and then all of a sudden two people reach out and are like, I wanna work with you.

So the thing is, what I always see is that as you can. One of the things that happens when someone jumps on a call with me is I'm shown what the, like energetic blocks are to you basically living in your highest capacity and greatest truth. And I, I clear that using this like very multi-dimensional way of my modality.

And then when you clear. The dissonance, if we wanna think of it from a frequency perspective, if you think of it sort of an am, you're right. Like when you turn on an AM radio, there's a lot of static, there's a lot of noise. Or if you're on a, a station that doesn't have the right channel, it can sound really distorted as you clear.

Those distortions, right? Those ancestral traumas, the things that happened to you when you were a kid. The moments in other lifetimes where things were hard and really heavy, like we carry that stuff with us, whether we're aware of it or not. I call it your energetic bag of rocks. And the more you can lighten that load, the literal, you make space to be able to sit in your authority, sit in your truth.

And this is something you and I talk about all the time, which is that. At this point in human history, we both really agree that it's it's super go time where people of good hearts and minds really need to start to show up, do that inner work so that we can basically out this dumpster fire of a mess.

That has unfolded on this planet. And one of the big ways that you and I both help people is we help you get super brave, super bold, really lean into these massive ways of being powerfully authentic and very courageous. Like really moving to the beat of your own drum and being able to make more money like we've seen so many people anchor into like, Steady five figure months in their business, increasing over time, changing the way that they relate, adding new things, really integrating new spiritual gifts into their work.

And it does at the end of the day, like that's where we're going as a culture. In order to be able to continue to really shift things for the planet, it does feel very urgent and timely to really lean in, do that work, and start to amass money so that you can impact, so that you can basically create the world that you want, which is a world of love.

I not smile over here goofy as the pink plasma ray of light. I'm like, lets

Alyse: describe we moving into the space of creating. From love, from harmony, from alignment. And when I recently did that Q H H T session, which you guys are gonna hear me share more about when I connected with my cosmic self and the council that I am on, one of the things that we do is create harmony within the universe.

And that's one of the biggest things that I'm here to do along with. This extensive background that I have of lifetimes of helping people heal psychologically from mind control and programming. When I heard that, she was like, oh, for eons, you have this extensive. Psychological training to help people heal from mind control programming, which essentially if people don't understand that we are essentially all mind control programmed in one way or another, right from society.

The media we're, we are told to perceive things a certain way. We are told that things are a certain way, which is actually not how they are. Right. So essentially like one of my jobs here is to help people recover from that and reclaim the limitless nature of who they really are. So we are stepping into that and I think that one of the most important things right now is for people to really lean into their connection to spirit, and I think that is one of the things that you do so well.

I know for me, when I started doing sessions with you, I felt that deep connection with the fairy realm, I felt that deep connection with the birds and like all of that. And you really have that ability just in your presence to help people connect with that. And I do think that's one of the most important things.

You know, that's today I taught. The last class of my program inherently worthy, which was so powerful by the way. And one of the biggest things that came through is like this key ingredient in cultivating this sense of value within your own being, is honoring your connection to spirit, listening to the messages that you're receiving from that place of knowing that lives within you and taking action on them.

And I think that is really where we're headed. That is really the focus that people want to have. It's so much less about figuring things out or doing things the way other people did them. Like even in this coaching industry that we find ourselves in, which I know neither one of us planned on that being who we're, cause I think we're so much more than that, but it just happens to be the industry that we're in, I think.

There's so much noise of, okay, do it this way, do it that way. But really my work and your work and just even the mentors that I work with, it's so much just more about getting support from someone to find your own way of doing it. And that's really what we're moving into. And I know you help people with that enormously.

I just really wanna encourage everyone to lean into that and to get the support with. Deepening the relationship and connection with yourself, because that is like everything, 

Andrea: isn't it such a curious thing. And I, again, this is like from a very non-judgmental place, but it is curious to watch the way that people move through the world because I will have people come and maybe book a couple sessions with me and they'll see, they'll do a session with me and then they'll have their highest month.

And then I'll invite them to potentially lean into maybe working with me more steadily over time. And a lot of times people do. I am so excited by how many people are really like thrilled to get on board this like wild, crazy train, this Andrea Doley like wild show here. You know, sometimes I'll have people who just start to feel like a little overwhelmed.

Their 3D brain can't really make sense of it. And then behind the scenes I can. See, we all have, not everyone obviously, but many, so many people will do things like, have a thousand dollars cell phone or take themself on a, a wonderful, again, I'm not begrudging people any of these things, but go on an awesome vacation or something like that.

And it's not that those things aren't wonderful, like I love human stuff. I'm a double Taurus. I'm a Libra rising. I love human stuff. You know this about me. I love, I love luxury. I love ex. Experiences. I am here for people to spend their money in a way that brings them all the joy. But there's this other way where because of all the noise in the chitter chatter that comes from like the top down, we're not told to invest in ourselves.

And I think that that can be a real disconnect for people where they'll maybe get. Excited and interested in working with me. And then sometimes it'd be like, oh, but it like feels sticky because what is she even 

Alyse: really doing? What am I paying for? What am I doing? What is this 

Andrea: thing I'm investing? And at the day, right, fear stems from the fact it's, it's actually.

It can be scary to like start to own these bigger truths about yourself, society, the media, the government or religions around the world are certainly not encouraging people to perceive themselves as their biggest investment. Right. I always. Say you are your rainy day fund, right? You are the source essentially, from which all of your riches and the bounty and you, you're really the one who's crafting this life.

And it benefits them from an agenda perspective. Yeah. To basically make it so that they put those seeds of doubt and people, and people are really afraid to show up for themselves. But when you do, when you can, Sit in that energy of a leap of trust and just say, you know what? I know this to be true. I am gonna start to really sit with my own psychic wisdom, my intuition.

That's part of the real divine rebalancing that you and I also really incarnated to help hold is that divine feminine. Magic has been smudged out over tens, if not hundreds of thousands and millions of years on this planet because when we can sit in the balance of the divine, feminine and masculine energies and really start to trust ourselves in these powerful ways, we become completely unstoppable and quite frankly uncontrollable.

Alyse: Yeah. A hundred percent. And I think that's the thing that the controllers, so to speak, don't want us to know, is that we have that power. Because once everyone realizes the power they have, they realize they don't need them. We don't need these systems, we don't need these people in charge. We are incredibly powerful and more powerful than any of that stuff.

And I think it's just like, The process of remembering that, and I think that's what we're going through right now. But also to your point about investing in yourself, it's literally, for me, I invest so much money as five figures a month into my growth, my mentorship, my business. And it's the biggest return on an investment biggest.

I made hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in myself. So in the last three years, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yeah, investing in myself. So yeah, it's probably the best investment you can make. It's the biggest return on investment. Yeah. But it is just a paradigm shift because we're told that it's selfish or people are afraid that they're not gonna be able to show up for themselves and like the self doubt and like the fear and all of that old programming.

So it's really just about moving beyond that. And really placing value on yourself and your own transformation and also what you know you're meant to do 

Andrea: here. Yeah, and it's just one of those things too, where the more that you can really lean into that, the reality that you are your greatest return on investment.

Any money that I've ever seen, Spent on myself, and you and I have been in this game for a long time, right? You and I have been investing in ourselves really powerfully for literal decades, and I think that's another reason why our work and our game is so freaking tight and strong is cause from the time you and I were teenagers, we have been putting our money where our mouth is in 2000, I have it on my table.

I can't reach it, but I've got it. Which is that in 2001, when I was a senior in college. Okay. So I went to Wesleyan University, if you know that place, it's a very elite, academically rigorous environment. So my weirdness, it was evident that I was, again, once again for the millionth time in my life, I was.

Intellectually compatible with my college peers. But there were these ways where like I was always really deep in that spiritual space, which was very unusual for someone of my age. So my senior year in college, 2001 in March, I flew. With one of my siblings on my call and a friend of mine to Austin, to a suburb of Austin, Texas, where I learned how to do the Flower of Life meditation, which was a type of meditation that involves breath work and mudras and magic and manifestation that was channeled or invented by this man named John Valek and the woman who facilitated the training.

Some of you may be familiar with her. Her name is Maureen St. Jermaine. Now, she's like a very globally renowned author. She writes about ascension and all this stuff. So when in 2001, my last year in college, while my peers were out there like having fun on their spring break, this guy here, the pink plasma ray of light, who's like on this journey of perpetual remembrance, flew to learn how to do a meditation.

Yeah. And so the thing is, I have always been in that place of being hyper aware of the fact that at the end of the day, right, I never had the kind of family support the lot of people had, and the thing that literally kept me safe and protected. Through this very messy journey that I've been on where I have had all kinds of wacky things happen, but my life, I was also always hyper protected and really like carried in this way because of my spiritual intellect and an awareness that those things were true.

It doesn't mean that I don't have days where I wake up and I'm like, Is this all totally nutter butters? I doubt myself sometimes too, but I also have this powerful capacity to trust, and it has shown me over and over again that every time I take a leap of face on myself that the riches in both like literal cash, money in experience, enjoy in physical embodiment, and fun just.

It's unstoppable. Totally. 

Alyse: Yeah. And I think like for me too, from doing my first like breathwork training at 19 and having to come up with whatever it was, like $4,000 or something, I didn't even care. I was just like, oh, I'll figure out how to pay for that. Like, I don't know, I'll just figure it out. And I always did.

But the other thing too, that I learned at that time is, I was always gonna get more money. I was always gonna make more money. There would always be more money. I didn't really have to worry about that. As I've gotten older, of course you have more responsibility and it's a little bit different, but I still kind of really resonate with that because I know that if I follow what I'm being guided to do, I know I'm gonna be supported.

And I think that's what you're talking about. And that's what I really feel so strongly about. Supporting people with, and I know you do too, is following that guidance. Even if it doesn't make sense, even if it feels scary, because that is really your compass telling you, go this way. Go here. This is your next step.

And I think it's just so important to listen to that instead of listening to the fear, the programming, the approval, or all of those other things. So, It's just so important and thank you for sharing all of that and for sharing all of your wisdom. And can you tell people just where they can find you and maybe like what would be a good way to dip their toe into your world?

I know you have a freebie, but is there anything else that might be a good place to get started for people? 

Andrea: Yeah, the freebie is super powerful. Definitely jump on my website. We are here 2 It's all spelled out, with the exception it's a number. The number two, we are here 2 remember. Com can scroll to the bottom of the homepage and jump into my Money, magic and Miracles activation bundle, which is super powerful. And then the next, from that point, the thing that I recommend that everyone do, these are so powerful that I actually facilitate them as a guest expert in groups. But I offer these sessions that are called a celestial soul retrieval. And that is really like the best place to start from a session perspective with me.

And then I have all kinds of cool groups that people can jump into. And I really try and I've been expanding my offerings in the past couple of months especially. So there's some fun things on the horizon, but I'm gonna have a certification program that I'm launching at the end of this year, and I have some really cool groups.

I have something that kicks off in May called The Embodied Alchemist, which is five weeks, and I have a longer group called Gold Standard, which is six months. So I have all kinds of different ways. But yeah, find me in all the ways. Reach out to me if you have any questions about what the best fit is for you, you can submit that through my website and me and my team will follow back up with you because it's really amazing to hold this.

Space for people, because I just see it over and over again when you lean into working with me. Your entire life shifts in these ways that are so beautiful, and you really just learn how to essentially sit in this energy of inner peace, inner clarity, inner relax, if you will, and that makes it so that you can move through the world from this state of really grounded inner peace.

And then no matter what's happening around you. You're cool, calm and chillaxed and collected and it just like almost doesn't even matter. It's like all the stress and the chaos just falls off of you and you start to move from this place of divine authority. So yes, please find me. Also, Instagram's at Sea Witchery and I know everything will be linked here for people, but yeah.

Connect with me. I can't wait. The last thing that I will say is if you're feeling like you are meant to work with me, I have time now to be able to really work with people in a one-on-one capacity, which I have seen for a long time. As my work expands, as things shift, that ability that I have to do this, like very deep level of intimate one-on-one will likely change over time.

So if you're feeling like. I know I need this woman in my life. Do it. Do it now. This is the year. 

Alyse: Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing all that. I know there's so much more we could talk about, but we'll have to have you back on the show cuz you know I, there's always so much more. But I do think obviously your company is called, we are here to remember.

So I think if we wanna leave people with anything today, it's just. To really go down the path of remembering who you truly are and why you're here, and let that be your number one priority. And from there, everything really starts to work out. So thank you so much for being here, Andrea. I love you so much and I'm sure everyone's gonna enjoy this.

Thank you. 

Andrea: Oh, thank you so much. 

Alyse: Thank you so much for being here. Don't forget to subscribe to the show, leave a review and share this show with your friends who you know are yearning for this type of content. You can stay connected with me by following me on Instagram @Alyse_Breathes, and by joining my Facebook group Breathe to Succeed where I share my weekly energy forecast. And subscribe to my list where you'll receive a free breathwork session, meditation and journaling prompts to deeply connect with your intuition at See you next time.