Reclaiming Consciousness

#68 - The Power of the Long Term Relationship - The Secret to My Success

April 20, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 68
Reclaiming Consciousness
#68 - The Power of the Long Term Relationship - The Secret to My Success
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"If you want to have a successful business, you better be looking in the mirror.  You better be looking at your relationship with yourself and where you are abandoning yourself, where you are betraying yourself, where you are in denial, and what you are not willing to look at in order to grow".

In this solo episode, I discuss the power of genuine, long-term mentorship relationships for personal growth and business success. Building trust and understanding with mentors goes beyond acquiring specific skills, fostering growth and accountability. I share my journey, revealing how committing to long-term relationships with mentors greatly impacted my success. Developing a strong bond over three years, helped me gain invaluable insights that propelled my business. 


(08:37) The secret to my success.
(14:32) Working with my mentors.
(18:12) Check out Robyn McKay's episode
(22:40) The key to finding success in your business.
(28:24) Business Grows When You Grow.
(31:15) There's no magic bullet. Commit to the long game. Create your Vision.
(35:32) "The business has to come from you"


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(00:00:00) - You're wanting to build and grow and expand your business. The power of the long-term relationship in mentorship is everything. Your ability to build deep, profound, emotionally intelligent connections with people, specifically your mentors and your clients will be the key to your success. If you want to have a successful business, you better be looking at your relationship with yourself and where you are abandoning yourself, where you're betraying yourself, where you're in denial, and what you are not willing to look at in order to grow where you'd rather be comfortable than grow. If you can't commit to a long-term relationship with a mentor, how can you commit to a long-term relationship with your business? The business grows when you grow. Welcome to Reclaiming Consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor, breathwork, practitioner and owner. And CEO of Alyse Breathes. For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial and ancestral trauma. Right now, during this epic time in history, people are waking up realizing who they really are and reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they unknowingly gave away. This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're capable of. In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising consciousness and creating a new way of living on this earth. Get ready to go deep now. Let's dive in. 


 (00:01:57) - Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So this week's episode I just recorded, it's a solo episode and it's about what I believe to be my secret to success, which is the power of the long-term relationship. And I just go into my story of mentorship and the way that I've moved in mentorship and how I believe building long-term, lasting relationships with my mentors has been a key component of my success. And I just go deep into why I think relationships are so important, including the relationship with yourself when it comes to growing your business. I hope you get a ton of value from this. It felt really good to record it and I think you are gonna like it. It definitely feels like an activation. So please enjoy. 

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(00:08:18) - Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. Today I wanted to record an episode for you about a couple things. One, my journey with mentorship and also what I've come to understand as really what I believe is the secret to my success, which has been my ability to create long-term relationships and mentorship. And I actually didn't know that this was like a superpower that I had until one of my mentors pointed it out to me because I am actually really good with relationships and creating relationships. And who knew that that's actually the secret to creating success in mentorship and to being a successful mentor and to being successful at being mentored. And I really wanna go deep into this today. And by sharing my journey, I want to illustrate to you what I truly believe has been the underlying backbone, I guess you could say, of the success that I've created.

(00:09:29) - And I think it's because I have been willing to go really deep in relationship with my mentors and I've stayed in those relationships for three years now. So I wanna go back to 2019 when I was guided to start my business. And in fact, when I first started working with my first mentor, Jocelyn, I actually didn't even know that I wanted to start a business. But I knew that I needed something else in my life. I knew that something needed to change in my life. I was unhappy. And it originally had started because I was a school counselor. You guys all know that. And I knew I needed to leave my job as a school counselor. However, at the time I didn't know what I was supposed to do or how I was supposed to do it or any of these things. And I always knew on some level that I was meant for more, right?

(00:10:29) - I knew that I had the ability to help people in a much, much, much, much more profound way than I was already doing. But I just didn't know what that looked like. I didn't know what that meant. Obviously I knew it had to do with breath work, I knew it had to do with healing, but I didn't know, right? And this is like a perfect example of how we don't need to know all the steps. You don't need to know the how. You don't need to know what everything is gonna look like. You just need to keep going, right? And I think that this is so, so, so important. I left my job that as as a school counselor that I had been at for seven years and I ended up getting a different school counseling job and I kind of thought that this was the answer.

(00:11:11) - I had got like an $8,000 raise and I ended up working at a school that was like super progressive. They loved that I was able to teach meditation and breath work and they wanted me to incorporate that into everything. The principal was so cool. He was actually like the best person I've literally ever worked for. And the reason why is because he just created this level of trust within all of the people that worked there. So the working environment was so amazing. Now that's like a whole other side note. But so I literally had created this job that was everything I could have asked for, it was everything on my list. And then I got there and I started working there. And after the first two or three months I was like, wow, this is not making me happy. I thought this was gonna be the answer.

(00:11:59) - And at the time to get an $8,000 raise felt like everything. But then when I started to see my paychecks and it was like maybe $200 more than I was making in my last paycheck, this is bullshit. And then I realized that I was probably never gonna make the kind of money that I desired to make as a school counselor, right? So that's when I started to go more deep into self-discovery. Even though I'd always been in self-discovery my whole life, I just started kind of entering like the manifestation coaching world. And I had discovered Jocelyn on a podcast and she posted that she was starting her business as a coach. And there was something I just knew I was supposed to work with her, I just knew. And I reached out to her and she told me how much it was. I got so scared and I was like, I don't think I can do that. 

(00:12:52) - I had no idea how I was gonna pay for it, but there was something about it that I just knew that I was supposed to do it. And that's a thing that I wanna also just get across here, is operating from this place of knowing. And when you operate from this place of knowing everything falls into place even if you don't know how it's gonna happen, that money. And at the time it was $4,000, which now is not a lot of money to me. But at the time it was a shit ton of money to me. But I knew that I was meant to do it. And then something ended up happening where I had left a one job and started another. And like when you're a teacher or in education, you have these special retirement funds or like investment accounts. And I had to roll one of them over from my last school to my new one.

 (00:13:43) - And in that process I had the opportunity to take money out of it. So I did. And it, it all happened like so perfectly. Just be aware. I did not have that much money in it anyway. Like it wasn't like I had that much money, but I had the opportunity to take some of it cause I was rolling it over. So that ended up happening at the perfect time when I had decided I needed to do this. So that's how I ended up getting the money. And believe me that was more money than I made in a month. So anyway, like I used to make like $3,500 a month or something like that. So I started working with her and that was when I realized that I needed to start my business. And from that point on, I've only worked with two mentors and now I work with two mentors.


(00:14:32) - You guys have already heard me share. I work with Jocelyn, Jocelyn Kelly Reed, and Jennifer Longmore. You guys have all heard me share about them. And I didn't realize that what I was doing was actually creating my success, which was that I decided I was gonna work with with both of them long term and not like I was deciding that in the moment. But like what ended up happening is I worked with Jocelyn privately and in group programs for over a year. Then I found Jennifer, I started working with her and then I started working with Jocelyn again and I was working with them at the same, both of them at the same time. But what I was doing, which was is more important than any of like the programs or anything that they offered, was that I built really solid close long-term relationships with both of them.

 (00:15:28) - With both of them at this point. I already knew this, that they were soul family. And I'm gonna cry when I talk about this because when I think about finding them, and I also know that I am highly, obviously you guys all know I'm highly intuitive and highly psychic. And as soon as I met both of them, I knew that I was meant to work with them. And then I never questioned that. And then I went all in and continued to go all in. Like I've been working with both of them for three years now. I continued to go all in to build long-term relationships with them and continue to work with them privately. And now I work with both of them in high level private containers. And it has continued to call me forward into higher and higher income levels because as they grow, I grow.

 (00:16:22) - But that's not even the point. The point is is that I'm not going around looking for who is the next quick fix or who's gonna have the secret to my success or oh, let me just invest for six months and then I'm gonna wing it on my own. Or oh, I just need to do this for a certain amount of time and then I'll make all this money and have the key to my success. That's not how this works. And I think that that is one of the most important things that I wanna get across to people. Especially if you have a business. And especially if you are in the coaching world, you're wanting to build and grow and expand your business. The power of the long-term relationship in mentorship is everything. And this is something that I didn't realize that I knew. And then throughout time, both of my mentors have told me that that has been what they see as a key to my success because I realized that there was no magic bullet, there was no quick fix, there was no secret to all of a sudden now I work with this person for a few months and now money is raining onto me and now everything's good.

 (00:17:40) - That's not how this works. It's a long game. It's a personal growth process, it's an evolution. And what your mentor is doing with you is supporting you to expand into your own evolution. It's not about necessarily even what they're offering or what you are offering or what's going on in your business, it's about the relationship that you build. I don't know if you guys remember, but I had Dr. Robin McKay on the podcast last year and she's amazing. If you don't know her, definitely check out that episode. But she was talking about data that was collected in the client practitioner relationship and the data that was collected clearly stated that it was not about the modality that the practitioner was using with the client that got the results. But the data clearly showed that it was about the relationship between the client and the practitioner that created the results.

 (00:18:51) - That was the factor. That was the key, the relationship. So your ability to build deep, profound, emotionally intelligent connections with people, specifically your mentors and your clients will be the key to your success. I didn't realize that I had this as a talent, right? Because I think that so many of you I'm sure can relate to this, when you are naturally good at something, when something comes naturally to you, you kind of think that everybody has that too ‘cause you don't realize that it's something that you're good at until it was pointed out to me. I didn't realize this either, but I just naturally knew that it was about the long game, that it was about the relationships that I have with these women and the fact that they know my heart and soul so well and I know them so well. That's what creates the results.

 (00:19:52) - That's what creates the transformation because I am so committed to them and myself that that's what creates the energy in my business that people are attracted to. It's not even necessarily about what I'm offering. And all of that is important, right? Of course it's important to have aligned offers. Of course it's important to have strategy in your business to give people opportunities to come in in different ways. Of course that's super important. However, being able to commit to yourself and to the long-term relationship with your business through and with your mentor is what I believe changes things. And you know, just recently I signed on to this high level container with Jocelyn, which is a significant investment. Back in December, I committed to another year with Jennifer at a higher investment level. And I've seen people so many times say to me, oh well I think I'm good.

 (00:21:01) - I invested and now I'm just gonna see what happens. Or I'm gonna like stand on my own two feet. And I actually don't think that that's a valuable way at looking at it because it's not about leaning on somebody. It's not about just taking all that you can take from them and get from them and then trying to do it on your own. It's about a relationship that you build with yourself and your business and that person that creates like this synergy and this energy that holds this powerful space that is your business. If that even makes sense. And I think this is something that people are missing. And also I understand that not everybody is at the place in their business where they're ready for private mentorship. And I totally, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I had to move the way that I felt called to move, which for me was always having private mentorship.

 (00:22:05) - That was just a non-negotiable for me because I feel so strongly about deep relationships. So it's written into my human design and my astrology that I thrive on deep relationships. That's part of how I learn. So to me it was like a natural thing to crave these deep lasting relationships and mentorship ‘cause I knew that was what was gonna feed my relationship with myself and my business. And then to think about it, what is really the key to finding success in your business, it's developing a loving relationship, a profound deep relationship, not only with your business but with yourself. And in order to create that deep and profound relationship with yourself, it's important to create that with a mentor because they will mirror back to you where you need to grow in your relationship with yourself. And this is so incredibly profound because this is where the growth is.

 (00:23:21) - If you want to have a successful business, you better be looking in the mirror. You better be looking at your relationship with yourself and where you are abandoning yourself, where you're betraying yourself, where you're in denial and what you are not willing to look at in order to grow where you'd rather be comfortable than grow. And that's the point of growth for everyone in business. And that's what your mentor mirrors back to you. And I think that's why some people are afraid to dive into private mentorship. Yes, they make it about the money and yes, it's a significant investment. Was I afraid to invest five figures a month in mentorship? Fuck yeah, I was afraid. Did I do it anyway because that's what I was being guided to do and I knew that was going to make me grow in the way I wanted to.


(00:24:18) - Yeah, but it requires you to walk, walk through the discomfort. It requires you to walk through the fear. Because what's on the other side of that is expansion is who you really are, is what you're meant to be, is what is your next level of growth. So I think why some people shy away from that is because they don't wanna look in the mirror, right? And I'm not saying that's everybody. And I think also it does take time to work up to that. Like yes, maybe you do wanna be in a few group programs before you dive into long-term mentorship. Nothing wrong with that, but for sustainability of growth inside of you and in your business, I do believe that long-term relationships and mentorship are required. Because what's required to grow your business is the long-term relationship with yourself and being so incredibly invested in cultivating the most pristine relationship with yourself.

 (00:25:27) - And that's what your mentor helps you with because they show you all the ways that you have the opportunity to grow within yourself, right? Because if they reflect something back to you, if they do something that triggers you, if they call you out, if they say something that makes you uncomfortable, that's where you grow. And that's your opportunity to lean into your growth. And I've seen this point with so many people where things get hard and they wanna lean out or things get hard and they, or they're not getting the results that they want and they wanna make it about me or they wanna make it about why is this not happening, why is that not happening? Instead of to continue to lean into the discomfort and look at where that's really coming from and what stories are they believing about themselves that actually don't have to be true, that are actually outdated and where are they living in limitation instead of possibility.

 (00:26:26) - So this is just a really important piece and I really do believe that this was such an important piece of my success. I actually believe it's the secret to my success is my ability to ride for the long term with people that I feel deeply connected with. And again, I'm not saying that it has to look that way for you, right? Everybody nee has to have their own journey. However, I do believe that listening to your inner knowing, trusting where you're being guided, no matter how scary it is, no matter if it makes sense, and then riding with people that you trust and that you feel connected to for the long term. There is value in that. There is growth in that, there's money in that. There is success in that. There is transformation in that because we learn as humans through relating, we learn through connection, we learn through people, people mirroring back to us where our limitations are. 

(00:27:38) - You know, you guys have all heard me share about my relationship with Matt and how I transformed my life and business based on what I was seeing him mirror back to me. It's the same thing in mentorship, but you have to be willing to go in it for the long haul. And I think that that's the scary thing for people is making that commitment is jumping in with both feet and continuing to allow your mentor to call you forward in an even deeper way. You know, like as my mentors raise their prices and required more of themselves and me, I have continued to rise to the occasion because I know that that's only gonna create more growth and expansion within me. And I only am attracted to working with people that are growing exponentially and expanding exponentially like I desire to be. You know? So I think it really is important to really trust who you're drawn to and then make a decision that you're gonna commit to yourself through working with that person so that you can experience the value of the long-term relationship and what that shows you about yourself.

 (00:28:55) - Because the business grows when you grow point blank period. , the business grows when you grow. If you are not willing to grow, your business is not gonna grow. If you are not willing to change who you are and how you feel on the inside, if you're not willing to change the way that you identify the way that you see yourself, then your business is not gonna grow. You have to be willing to change the way you see yourself and you have to be willing to continue to stretch yourself, right? And that's by continuing to do things that feel a little bit beyond your comfort zone, that feel a little bit past your edge and that's how you keep growing, right? It's like this kind of business that I have and that most of you have, it's not static. It's not like, oh let me just like learn these things and then I get to this place where it's just, okay now I just do these things, right?

 (00:29:56) - It's about evolution and it's about you continuing to evolve. And I always say this is about getting paid to be you and who you are is always evolving. So like for me, I have always been obsessed with growth and transformation. I'm sure you get that from all of the things that I teach and all the things that I talk about. I'm a Scorpio, who I am on a very deep level is all about transformation and alchemy of energy. So anything that has to do with that I'm obsessed with. So I've always been obsessed with evolution. So part of having this type of business is being willing to evolve. And we do that through these long-term relationships in mentorship. And that's really like one of the key things that I wanted to share today that I really believe contributed to my success is my willingness to ride with people and create deep relationships with them.


(00:31:03) - And there is so much value in that. And I see that with my clients who've made the decision to stick with me for long periods of time. Because this is not about a quick fix, right? There is no magic bullet, there is no secret, there is no other than like what I'm saying here. ‘Cause I do believe this is a secret, but it's not a quick thing, right? It's a decision to commit to the long game. And that's what I think is so important to understand is yes, things can change quickly and yes we can quantum leap, but when it comes to like the evolution of growing the business, it's a long game and it's about committing to it. And I think that what happens for some people is they doubt their ability to create the results. So they don't wanna commit to the long term cuz it's scary.

 (00:31:56) - But the only way that it actually is gonna happen is if you commit to the long term. You know, it's funny, I was talking to some of the women in my program Quantum Mastery, which is all about mastering energetics in business, which just ended. And by the way, it was freaking incredible. I'm probably gonna run it again in the late summer, early fall. So we were talking about this idea of commitment because at the the last day of the program, I had them do this commitment ceremony and we did this commitment ceremony to them making a commitment to themselves and their business and their vision for themselves. And one of the things one of my clients said to me is, I'm having trouble committing because I don't wanna commit unless I know that it's gonna work out. And I was like, yeah, you have it backwards though because the only way it's gonna work out is if you fully commit to it.


(00:32:52) - And I think that's a thing that a lot of people have wrong about creating your vision is that they wanna know that it's gonna work out in the end. But the only way to know it's gonna work out in the end is if you decide that it's gonna work out in the end, it all comes from you. And you don't need to know the how. You don't need to know every step of the way. All you know is that it's gonna turn out this way or better. And you hold that vision and you stay committed and connected to it no matter what. And then everything you're guided to do is a contribution to that commitment you have to that vision because that's what you're holding as the ultimate outcome is that or better. So then you're always guided where you need to go to create that and you can trust that what you're being guided to do is a contribution to that.


(00:33:45) - So that's the thing that I think some people don't understand is they think it's the coach that's gonna give them the result. They think it's the person who's going to create that outcome for them. And that's the problem. And that's why people can't commit. But ultimately it's only you. You are the one that has to create that. And the value in committing to a long-term relationship with someone is that it creates your ability to commit to the long-term goals you have for yourself. If you can't commit to a long-term relationship with a mentor, how can you commit to a long-term relationship with your business? It's the same shit. The mentor is a representation of your commitment to your business. So I am wholeheartedly believe in long-term mentorship. And again, doesn't have to mean you have to start out there. I happen to start out that way because I'm a glutton for punishment and I like to throw myself into the fire and see what happens because I know I always come out stronger that way might not be for you and that's totally fine.


(00:34:52) - This is about you figuring out what is for you, what is gonna work for you, and that's gonna be different for everyone. And this is what I said to somebody in Accelerated Wealth just now, cuz she's like, I just feel like there's so many options. I don't know whether to go left or go right. And I said, yes you do. That's the thing, there's no outside thing that says this is right and this is wrong. This was the right decision, this was the wrong decision. It's all about you and trusting your inner knowing and doing what's right for you, the way that I create a business is gonna be different than how you create a business or how someone else creates a business. It's not about modeling your business after your mentor or after anyone. It's about riding with them, getting support, evolving with them, seeing how they move and allowing how they move to expand you into more possibilities of how you could move.


(00:35:51) - It's about letting their energy inspire you to expand your vision of what's possible for yourself. But it's not about just doing what they do. It's not about this cookie cutter way of creating a business. The business has to come from you and it has to evolve based on your inner knowing and what you know is right for you. So if you get nothing else out of this episode, take away that it has to be about what feels right to you and what you feel guided to do not about what someone else did. Not about, oh, I just should hire this person because they have X, Y, and Z. No, hire that person because you feel a deep soul connection with them and you feel a deep inner knowing beyond this human existence that you are meant to be in their energy. Cuz that's how I've always moved.


(00:36:46) - I've heard both of my mentors on a podcast. I resonated with their frequency and I knew that I was meant to work with them. I knew I had known them in other lifetimes. I knew that we were deeply connected and that's how I've moved and that's how I wanna encourage everyone to move. It's not about what somebody's charging, it's not about what they're doing, it's not about any of that stuff other than the soul resonance that you feel with them. And then allowing that to move you forward. And also just allowing your own inner knowing to move you forward because ultimately you already know the answer. You already know what's next for you. You might not wanna admit it to yourself because sometimes it's easier to be confused because you don't wanna deal with what is gonna come up when you admit what's next or what the truth is.


(00:37:38) - But ultimately you have a deep inner knowing inside of you that already knows the answer. So once you allow yourself to listen to that, then you will be divinely led on the path of where you're meant to go, even if shit goes down, even if uncomfortable things happen because you're listening to your inner knowing. It's all in service to your highest timeline. So all you need to do is trust, listen to and take action on your inner knowing and move from that place. And if you are drawn to somebody, trust that. And also if you feel drawn to do private mentorship, but you're making it about the money or you're making about the time or you feel afraid, really looking at what is my fear here and what is on the other side of this fear. Because every time I have stepped forward into a new level of mentorship, a new level of pricing, it has always called me forward into a new level of power.


(00:38:39) - Every time I move through the fear and I came out on the other side, I stepped into a new level of power within my being and it always led to more money and better relationships with everyone in my life and a new level of fulfillment, satiation and happiness in all areas of my life. So I really want to encourage you to listen to your inner knowing and don't act from fear. Act from knowing. You can feel the fear, you can move through the fear, you can feel the doubt, you can move through the doubt, but don't act from it. Act from knowing and things will always unfold in the way they're meant to as a contribution to your highest timeline. Hopefully that was helpful. I really just wanted to get that across today because I was feeling so strongly about this idea of long-term relationship and how I really do honestly, truly believe that that has been the key to my success.


(00:39:42) - So if you have any questions about this, please reach out to me if you have any questions about, you know, ways to work with me longer term. I do have openings in accelerated wealth right now, which is my mastermind that you can join for six or 12 months. And that's all about clearing the trauma and blocks that come up when you're growing your business and income. I do have a couple spaces per private mentorship right now. And then I also have spaces available in my certification program, the Metamorphosis Method. And that is where I teach you my methodology to transmute trauma rapidly and efficiently using my breath work modality, my energy work modality, and the trauma tools that I've created. All of these are great ways to commit long-term to your growth and your business. So reach out to me about any of those. They're all like really powerfully amazing spaces.


(00:40:34) - And also the metamorphosis, I just created two ways to come in. So initially it was a higher level investment, but now I've created a way to come in at a lower investment level because I feel so strongly about everyone getting access to these tools because they are life changing and I do believe they will change the world because I do believe that as everyone transmutes their own trauma, the world will change and people will start operating differently. So I feel very strongly about people getting access to these tools. So I will link that below. There are now two ways to join a group level and a private level. So, um, I will link that below. Also, please reach out to me with any questions. I'm sending you all so much love and I'll talk to you soon. Thank you so much for being here. Don't forget to subscribe to the show, leave a review and share this show with your friends who you know are yearning for this type of content. You can stay connected with me by following me on Instagram at Alyse underscore Breeze, and by joining my Facebook group Breed to Succeed where I share my weekly energy forecast And subscribe to my list where you'll receive a free breathwork session, meditation and journaling prompts to deeply connect with your intuition See you next time.