Reclaiming Consciousness

#66 - Sustaining $20k Months and Beyond with Marissa Lane

April 06, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 66
Reclaiming Consciousness
#66 - Sustaining $20k Months and Beyond with Marissa Lane
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“Even though I’m so good at seeing what other people need and what other people need to clear, there is all this stuff within me that I can’t see for myself, and that is something I think people might not fully understand in the beginning”.

In this episode I talk with Marissa Lane, spiritual healer and soul navigator who helps women on their journey to reconnect, reflect and come back to their true authentic selves “so that they become a magnet for what they truly desire in their life”. 

Marissa discovered her intuitive gifts early on, was never afraid to dig deep into them and started working with me to expand on these. With the Akashic Records and the “Quantum Magnetism” container, she learned so much about herself, her relationship with her husband, and how fast she could move when putting in the work, that she was “all in” from that moment on. 


(18:50) Healing yourself

(22:50) People pleasing 

(30:40) Private mentorships

(35:15) Accelerated Wealth tribe

(38:00) The mother wound

(42:18) “Hiding my true authentic self”

(45:57) Give ourselves compassion

(51:55) A freaking lie

(55:22) Clearing for everyone



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[00:00.960 --> 00:09.280]  But I've learned through you because I used to give my trust and my safety to men and money.

[00:09.920 --> 00:17.040]  And you have shown me, we pinpointed what it was, and it was feeling like I couldn't feel safe in my

[00:17.040 --> 00:24.640]  own body and trust myself. My biggest wound that keeps coming up for me is being responsible for

[00:24.640 --> 00:31.920]  everybody's happiness and outcomes. And when I was able to not fix and save my husband, I ended up

[00:31.920 --> 00:40.560]  getting a brand new job, a raise. I have consistently made 20K for the last three or four months.

[00:40.560 --> 00:47.520]  Me and my husband's relationship is amazing. I show up as a mother. I am making more money

[00:47.520 --> 00:53.200]  and working less than I ever have. I have more time to myself.

[00:56.000 --> 01:00.800]  Welcome to Reclaiming Consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor,

[01:00.800 --> 01:06.640]  breathwork practitioner, and owner and CEO of Alyse Breathes. For many years, our consciousness

[01:06.640 --> 01:12.640]  has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial

[01:12.640 --> 01:18.080]  and ancestral trauma. Right now, during this epic time in history, people are waking up,

[01:18.080 --> 01:22.640]  realizing who they really are, and reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they

[01:22.640 --> 01:30.880]  unknowingly gave away. This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans

[01:30.880 --> 01:35.760]  are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're

[01:35.760 --> 01:41.200]  capable of. In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising

[01:41.200 --> 01:48.000]  consciousness and creating a new way of living on this earth. Get ready to go deep. Now let's dive in.

[01:53.200 --> 01:58.400]  Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the show. I am pretty much obsessed with today's episode.

[01:59.040 --> 02:07.760]  I'm talking today to one of my clients, Marissa Lame. And, oh, God, I just love her so much.

[02:07.760 --> 02:13.600]  And we have such a powerful conversation. I really think it's palpable the way that she

[02:13.600 --> 02:18.480]  transformed in our work together. So I'm going to cry even just sharing about this.

[02:19.200 --> 02:27.200]  So Marissa came to me back in the end of last summer. She did my program. Actually, she started

[02:27.200 --> 02:32.480]  with an Akashic Records reading. And when we had the Akashic Records reading, we both immediately

[02:32.480 --> 02:38.240]  knew that she was meant to be one of my private clients. We just knew. And it's like that with

[02:38.240 --> 02:43.520]  a lot of my private clients. We're like, we can just feel that we're meant to go the long haul

[02:43.520 --> 02:49.360]  together. And I have that with my mentors, too. I have two mentors that I work with privately. And

[02:49.360 --> 02:54.800]  I just feel that deep soul connection with them. And I feel that way with all my clients, really.

[02:54.800 --> 03:01.680]  But I just knew with Marissa that we were meant to work together privately, long term, because our

[03:01.680 --> 03:07.280]  work is so similar. And we just have such a deep connection. Then she came into this four-week

[03:07.280 --> 03:14.640]  program that I ran, Quantum Magnetism. And then she signed on to work with me privately and also

[03:15.200 --> 03:21.040]  coming into Accelerated Wealth, my mastermind, which is to clear the trauma and blocks that

[03:21.040 --> 03:28.080]  come up to grow your business and your income. She, in our private work together, the first six

[03:28.080 --> 03:34.320]  months anyway, one of her biggest goals was to reduce the time at her other job. So she's a

[03:34.320 --> 03:41.440]  hairstylist. And she was really afraid to reduce the time because she made a really nice living

[03:41.440 --> 03:50.240]  as a hairstylist. But she also is an incredibly talented spiritual healer and teacher and coach.

[03:50.240 --> 03:56.000]  So our big goal in our first six months was for her to go down to only one day a week of doing

[03:56.000 --> 04:05.120]  hair, which she has. And in that time, she has continued to make more money than she was making

[04:05.760 --> 04:11.680]  as a hairstylist in her spirit business. So you're going to hear on the episode, I mean,

[04:11.680 --> 04:18.320]  her growth has just been profound. And it's just such a powerful journey. And it just speaks to

[04:19.120 --> 04:25.520]  when you go all in. And for her too, it was scary for her to invest that money. But she knew

[04:25.600 --> 04:31.120]  that that's what she was meant to do. And that's what I talk about all the time is moving from this

[04:31.120 --> 04:38.160]  place of knowing and trust of what I know I'm meant for. And then allowing the money to show up

[04:38.160 --> 04:45.600]  and also letting that investment be an activation into my next level. I was always able to do that.

[04:45.600 --> 04:52.000]  And I continue to invest even more because I know that the more money I invest in my growth and my

[04:52.000 --> 04:59.760]  business, the more money I make. So she really jumped in and allowed that to happen for her.

[04:59.760 --> 05:06.480]  And it's just been insane the growth and the way that she has created her business, her offers,

[05:06.480 --> 05:12.960]  her programs, and where she is now compared to where she was when she started. So she talks

[05:12.960 --> 05:18.720]  about her journey with me. She talks about her journey in Accelerated Wealth, the mastermind.

[05:18.720 --> 05:22.960]  And I know you guys are just going to love this episode so much. It's so powerful

[05:23.520 --> 05:32.560]  and just such an amazing journey. Okay, so a few announcements. I am going to have a few spaces

[05:32.560 --> 05:37.920]  opening up in Accelerated Wealth, the mastermind. And you'll hear us talk about that on the episode.

[05:38.480 --> 05:46.480]  And you can join for either six or 12 months. And this is such a sacred space where we shift

[05:46.480 --> 05:52.080]  these really deep ancestral and familial blocks that stop us from building wealth and growing our

[05:52.080 --> 05:58.240]  businesses. And it's a non-negotiable to do the energetic and trauma work when you're growing

[05:58.240 --> 06:03.920]  a business. It's literally a non-negotiable. It's funny, earlier today, I was on a call with

[06:03.920 --> 06:09.520]  one of my mentors and she said to me, Alyse, what do you think was the percentage between

[06:09.520 --> 06:16.160]  the energetic and trauma work you had to do to quantum leap your income and the strategy?

[06:16.240 --> 06:20.320]  It was like 85% energetic and trauma work. And like, don't get me wrong,

[06:20.320 --> 06:24.880]  strategy is super important. And now that I'm at a different level, I'm really leaning into

[06:24.880 --> 06:32.480]  the strategy of how to create these consistent six-figure months. But in the beginning, especially,

[06:33.040 --> 06:38.560]  it is so much about the energetic and trauma work and just shifting your identity and the

[06:38.560 --> 06:43.280]  way you see yourself and shifting the ancestral patterning that you don't even know you're playing

[06:43.280 --> 06:50.720]  out. So huge. And this is what we do in this program. And I include so much multi-dimensional

[06:50.720 --> 06:56.800]  work here so that we really can shift it. And we do focus on strategy and we do talk business.

[06:56.800 --> 07:02.880]  And I do give you very practical guidance on how to strategically grow your business

[07:02.880 --> 07:08.960]  and mentor you in that way. However, you also get movement medicine with Dahlia, which is

[07:09.680 --> 07:19.920]  incredibly powerful in moving the energy in your body and creating the sanctuary in your body to

[07:19.920 --> 07:25.280]  receive the wealth that you desire. Because you can shift your mindset all you want. But if you

[07:25.280 --> 07:31.600]  don't change the energy in your body, and you don't shift the ancestral patterning that's living

[07:31.600 --> 07:37.200]  in your DNA, then it's going to be impossible to hold it. And this is what we do with movement

[07:37.200 --> 07:42.000]  medicine. And this is what we do with the breath work. So on every call, you're either getting

[07:42.000 --> 07:48.160]  breath work or movement medicine, and you're getting coaching. So it's so multi-dimensional.

[07:48.160 --> 07:54.800]  Plus, we have Voxer. So you have support all throughout the week. And the sacred space of

[07:54.800 --> 08:00.400]  these women is unlike anything else. They're so supportive. It's such a sisterhood. I just think

[08:00.400 --> 08:05.120]  it's a non-negotiable to have access to a space like this when you're growing your business

[08:05.120 --> 08:11.360]  because it's almost like this. Like somebody said on the Voxer once, it's like we're all

[08:11.360 --> 08:18.480]  on a team together. And it's like we're all coming to the boardroom table together as CEOs. And even

[08:18.480 --> 08:24.480]  though we're growing our own businesses, it's like we have this sacred connection, this sisterhood.

[08:24.480 --> 08:30.960]  We're on the same team rooting for each other. And there is nothing that compares to that. And to me,

[08:30.960 --> 08:36.160]  it's a non-negotiable when you're growing your business. So I'm having a few spaces open up for

[08:36.160 --> 08:41.200]  that at the end of April. So please reach out to me if you would like to grab one of those spots.

[08:41.760 --> 08:47.280]  And we will chat about that if that's a fit for you. So there's that. And then also, I do have a

[08:47.280 --> 08:53.280]  couple of spaces opening up in the Metamorphosis Method, my certification program. Oh my God,

[08:53.280 --> 08:59.920]  I love this program so much. This is where I teach you how to facilitate trauma-informed breath work,

[09:00.560 --> 09:06.800]  channel energy work, and use the trauma tools that I've created to efficiently and rapidly heal

[09:06.800 --> 09:13.760]  familial ancestral trauma in your clients and yourself. We go so deep in this program.

[09:13.760 --> 09:19.040]  And it's funny. I actually found out that it's literally written in my human design chart

[09:19.040 --> 09:25.040]  that I teach people how to heal ancestral trauma. So when I heard that, I was like,

[09:25.040 --> 09:31.280]  Oh shit. Okay. Well, I'm on the right track here because I've come up with a way to do it

[09:31.280 --> 09:38.640]  that is unlike anything I've ever seen and is so potent and deep that we really can get in there

[09:38.640 --> 09:43.280]  and shift things. And I show you how to do it so that you can bring it to your clients and help

[09:43.280 --> 09:51.040]  them get even faster results. And to me, the real reason why I do this is because I know that the

[09:51.040 --> 09:56.480]  only real way we're going to make any real change on the planet is by doing the inner work to heal

[09:56.480 --> 10:02.080]  our own familial and ancestral trauma so that we stop repeating the same patterns over and over

[10:02.080 --> 10:08.720]  again and stop projecting them onto our realities. So I teach this program because I want as many

[10:08.720 --> 10:14.800]  people as possible to learn how to do this so that we can change the world. So that's really like my

[10:14.800 --> 10:20.880]  big why around this and I feel like it's so important. So if you are a healer, if you are a

[10:20.880 --> 10:27.760]  coach, if you are wanting to start a business in this space, this is for you because these tools

[10:27.760 --> 10:34.480]  are so potent and so powerful and will change the trajectory of your own growth and also your

[10:34.480 --> 10:40.800]  clients. So if you are feeling called to that, reach out to me. And also, I do have probably

[10:40.800 --> 10:46.960]  about one space available for private work, which is what you'll hear Marisa talking about on the

[10:46.960 --> 10:55.200]  episode. And that is the highest level of access to me, where you will get one-to-one calls,

[10:55.200 --> 11:01.600]  one-to-one voxer, plus you'll get access to my programs. So if you are interested in that type

[11:01.600 --> 11:07.120]  of mentorship, and let me just say, I have not had a point in my business where I didn't have

[11:07.120 --> 11:12.160]  private mentorship. That is a non-negotiable for me because I know where I'm going, I know what

[11:12.160 --> 11:18.080]  I'm creating, and I know how I want to be showing up. And to me, that's always been a non-negotiable

[11:18.080 --> 11:22.640]  and that was always the priority of what I was investing in, is private mentorship. So if you

[11:22.640 --> 11:28.800]  know that you know where you're going, you know you want to grow your business quickly, and you

[11:28.800 --> 11:36.880]  have big plans, and you are a spiritual mentor, then private mentorship is for you. So reach out

[11:36.880 --> 11:41.280]  to me about getting that space. Okay, without further ado, enjoy the episode.

[11:44.240 --> 11:50.000]  Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the show. So I am super excited today because I have a very

[11:50.000 --> 11:57.360]  special guest. Today I have Marisa Lane with me, who is a client and also just an amazing

[11:58.000 --> 12:03.840]  all-around person and somebody that you really need to get to know. She is a spiritual healer

[12:03.840 --> 12:09.600]  and soul navigator, and today she's going to tell us about her work along with the story of her

[12:09.600 --> 12:16.320]  journey with me inside private work and accelerated wealth. So welcome to the show, Marisa. Thanks so

[12:16.320 --> 12:23.040]  much for having me. I'm so excited. I'm so excited too. So I guess I just want to start with just

[12:23.040 --> 12:29.360]  sharing a little bit about you and your background and then also what was it that led you to start

[12:29.360 --> 12:33.760]  working with me, and then we can kind of talk about all the magical things that have happened

[12:33.760 --> 12:40.880]  along the way. Yeah, absolutely. So I am a spiritual healer and a soul navigator, and I help

[12:40.880 --> 12:50.400]  spiritual women on their journey to reconnecting and reflecting and a healing journey to come back

[12:50.400 --> 12:59.200]  to their true authentic selves. And a lot of that deals with trauma and really pulling back the

[12:59.200 --> 13:06.000]  layers of what's really going on and being able to pinpoint so that they can become a magnet for

[13:06.000 --> 13:11.760]  what they truly desire in their life. Awesome, yeah. And as soon as you came to me, I was like,

[13:11.760 --> 13:17.840]  oh wow, this girl has an incredible gift, and I was super excited to just help you bring that

[13:17.840 --> 13:24.400]  forward even more. So like have you always been able to do this? So I have always had feelings.

[13:24.400 --> 13:29.200]  We've talked about this before. My whole life, I used to be able to like see things, and I thought

[13:29.200 --> 13:34.560]  I was like crazy as a child, and I thought they were like nightmares, night terrors and stuff.

[13:35.200 --> 13:42.320]  And then it really got loud after I had my child, my little girl Georgie, where I would be with

[13:42.320 --> 13:48.560]  clients. I'm a hairstylist as well, and I would know things about them, and then three months

[13:48.560 --> 13:55.120]  later it would happen or I'd have this like knowing to tell them something. And all of a

[13:55.120 --> 14:02.000]  sudden I was like, oh my, what is this? And so I went on this journey on my own with figuring out

[14:02.000 --> 14:09.040]  what this all meant, and I worked with a shaman for over a year and really got to deep dive and

[14:09.040 --> 14:17.040]  find out what my gifts were. So I have a straight channel of the spirit, so I have a clair audience,

[14:17.040 --> 14:23.360]  and I have clairsensias, I have clairvoyant, I have all the clairs. I feel like I do too. Like

[14:23.360 --> 14:27.920]  I feel like it's hard to even separate them. I was actually just talking about this with Lydia

[14:27.920 --> 14:33.840]  because we record an episode on Friday, and she was talking about how like she discovered, you

[14:33.840 --> 14:38.640]  know, a lot of her intuitive gifts in our work together. And she was like, yeah, I realized I

[14:38.640 --> 14:43.840]  feel like I have all of them. And I feel that way too because I feel like it's even hard to

[14:43.840 --> 14:49.840]  separate it almost. You kind of get it all at the same time. Yes, absolutely. Like people are like,

[14:49.840 --> 14:55.360]  well, what do you hear? And so like I do have spirit guides, but then I also, I say it's like

[14:55.360 --> 15:02.000]  my voice but in a different octave. Yeah, no, I know exactly what you mean. Yeah. It almost seems

[15:02.000 --> 15:07.680]  like your thoughts, but it kind of like gets to this point where you're able to tell the difference

[15:07.680 --> 15:14.000]  between what is just your thought and what is actual. It almost feels like it has just like a

[15:14.000 --> 15:21.680]  higher consciousness or something to it. Yeah. And it's very clear. Yeah. As well. Like there's no

[15:22.720 --> 15:27.440]  wishy washy around it. It's just like boom, boom, boom. And then I also talk to people.

[15:29.760 --> 15:34.960]  Interesting. And I'm still like dipping my toe into that because, you know, it's just like trusting

[15:34.960 --> 15:41.840]  myself really with that. Totally. And then I feel like the biggest thing that came on with you was

[15:41.840 --> 15:50.400]  like this energy work and like how I can actually shift people's energy and clear it in a bigger way

[15:50.400 --> 15:56.800]  than I didn't even know I had, which is so cool. Yeah. So yeah, I want to talk about everything

[15:56.800 --> 16:00.560]  that's opened up since we started working together because I remember you came to me,

[16:01.280 --> 16:07.680]  I guess it was last summer. Oh, we did an Akasha Crocker's reading together. Yes, we did. Yeah.

[16:07.680 --> 16:10.720]  Well, what happened in that reading? I don't even remember. Do you remember now?

[16:11.680 --> 16:18.880]  Okay. I don't even remember. I worked with Jocelyn Kelly Reed. Yeah. I've been in a lot of her

[16:18.880 --> 16:26.960]  containers and so I saw you in hers and I was just so drawn to you because me and you have very

[16:27.040 --> 16:34.560]  similar gifts and we have similar healing on trauma. Yeah. And so I was obsessed with you

[16:35.120 --> 16:39.760]  in the best way possible. Well, it's so funny because I remember you did reach out to me at

[16:39.760 --> 16:43.760]  one point. I think it might have been when you were in the cohort and you had seen me,

[16:44.400 --> 16:48.800]  I guess, because there was like old videos and I was in them because I was one of the first people

[16:48.800 --> 16:53.360]  in the cohort and you were like, I just love watching you. And I have like other people

[16:53.360 --> 16:57.760]  reach out to me like that too. So I didn't even like think anything of it. But then when I heard

[16:57.760 --> 17:03.040]  from you again, I like more tuned into your energy and I was like, oh yeah, I think we're meant to

[17:03.040 --> 17:06.800]  work together. Actually, I think the first time when you reached out to me, I thought that too,

[17:06.800 --> 17:10.320]  but you don't get attached to things. You're just like, okay, whenever it's supposed to happen,

[17:10.320 --> 17:15.680]  it'll happen kind of a thing. Yeah, exactly. And so then I started listening to your podcast

[17:15.680 --> 17:21.760]  and I remember I was in Arizona in August because I was visiting my parents, which was like the

[17:21.760 --> 17:26.960]  craziest time to be down there because it's so hot. Oh yeah, I used to live in Tucson. It's like

[17:26.960 --> 17:32.000]  120 degrees at that time. Yeah, and I was like, okay, I'm going to get up every morning and I'm

[17:32.000 --> 17:37.600]  going to run and so I'd run and listen to your podcast and I just had this need to work with you.

[17:38.960 --> 17:45.520]  I like reached out to you. I think it was like the end of August and then yeah, we started talking.

[17:45.520 --> 17:48.880]  Yeah, well no, actually I think it was the beginning of August because that's when I,

[17:48.880 --> 17:52.960]  or no, it might have been in August because that's when I ran that month-long container

[17:52.960 --> 17:58.080]  quantum magnetism, which you did. And then we started working together from there. But yeah,

[17:58.080 --> 18:03.360]  I think that that was the time where I was like, oh, and it's so funny because I really do feel

[18:03.360 --> 18:07.600]  this way about certain people. There's certain people that come into my world that I'm like,

[18:07.600 --> 18:11.200]  oh yeah, cool. And then there's other people that come in where I'm like, no, I feel like we're

[18:11.200 --> 18:17.680]  meant to ride together for a while. You know what I mean? And that's definitely how I felt about you

[18:17.680 --> 18:23.120]  for sure. And then you came into, I guess we had Akashic Records reading and came into that

[18:23.120 --> 18:29.760]  container and then you started doing one-to-one and accelerated wealth. I know you were just at

[18:29.760 --> 18:34.160]  the point where you're like, okay, I really want to build my business, but how were you feeling

[18:34.160 --> 18:39.280]  when all that stuff started and what was it that you were really wanting to create?

[18:39.280 --> 18:46.320]  So I think I dipped my toe in with Akashic Records and with that month-long container,

[18:46.320 --> 18:51.520]  which was amazing. So I'm a healer, of course. I can't do it all on my own.

[18:53.200 --> 19:01.280]  And I was like, no, Marissa, we can't just heal ourselves. We need help. And I really just loved

[19:01.280 --> 19:08.000]  your whole vibe and your journey. And I was like, I want what she has. And I was like,

[19:08.000 --> 19:14.560]  I know I can do that. But I was terrified. And so I kept on dipping my toe in with the Akashic

[19:14.560 --> 19:22.000]  Records reading, which was amazing. And also with the month-long container, what was that called?

[19:22.000 --> 19:23.360]  Quantum magnetism.

[19:23.360 --> 19:28.880]  Yeah, that was amazing. And I moved so fast in that. And I learned so much about myself and

[19:28.880 --> 19:36.800]  my relationship with my husband that I saw so much magic with working with you and how fast I

[19:36.800 --> 19:42.880]  could move that I was like, I'm all in. And I had never spent that much money in my life.

[19:43.840 --> 19:49.680]  And I usually would be asking everybody for advice and going to my husband and I'm just

[19:49.680 --> 19:53.280]  going to do this. And it was the best thing I've ever done.

[19:53.280 --> 19:57.920]  I love that you brought up just this idea of thinking that you could do it yourself,

[19:57.920 --> 20:03.600]  because I do think that that's something that a lot of people have this thinking like, oh,

[20:03.600 --> 20:08.240]  well, first of all, if I'm a healer, then I should be able to heal myself, which is totally

[20:08.960 --> 20:17.200]  not true. I mean, not to say we can't obviously do things that are helpful for ourselves in

[20:17.200 --> 20:23.440]  between when we're getting support, but that is not a sustainable way of being. We all need

[20:23.440 --> 20:30.480]  support. We all need help. And you can't see your own stuff. And I think that's probably why

[20:31.040 --> 20:36.400]  when you came into quantum magnetism, because one of the things I do is I'm just like, oh,

[20:37.200 --> 20:43.200]  your relationships, here's all the information about your relationships and how they're showing

[20:43.200 --> 20:48.160]  you what your blocks are. And I'm actually going to do another podcast episode about that because

[20:48.160 --> 20:54.800]  there's so much there. And I think that that was that moment where you were like, oh, wow,

[20:54.800 --> 21:01.360]  there's all this stuff that I, even though I'm so good at seeing what other people need and what

[21:01.440 --> 21:07.120]  other people need to clear, there's all this stuff within me that I just can't see for myself. And I

[21:07.120 --> 21:12.640]  think that that is something that a lot of people might not fully understand in the beginning is

[21:12.640 --> 21:18.800]  that you need someone else to point that stuff out for you. Yeah. And it was huge. I mean,

[21:18.800 --> 21:28.400]  it really like changed my life with my husband, with my daughter, with my parents, and with my

[21:28.400 --> 21:35.600]  business. Yeah. And it's so funny how all of those things are so intimately related. And also,

[21:35.600 --> 21:40.080]  I just want to like highlight what you said about making the investment to go all in with

[21:40.080 --> 21:45.680]  the one on one work and accelerated wealth and not asking a million people because I can relate

[21:45.680 --> 21:50.720]  to that so much because I had that moment too when I decided to like make that bigger investment.

[21:50.720 --> 21:55.760]  I literally didn't tell anyone, oh my god, there's no one in my life that would understand what I'm

[21:55.760 --> 22:04.640]  doing. Like, I'm literally paying more than like what a mortgage would be. Like, I literally could

[22:04.640 --> 22:08.800]  buy a shore house. Like, I've always wanted a shore house. You know what I mean? Like, that's

[22:08.800 --> 22:16.320]  what I would always say. So yeah, it's like, but you have to just get to that point where you're

[22:16.320 --> 22:23.440]  like, I'm going to trust my knowing and I'm not going to look to other people for validation. And

[22:23.440 --> 22:28.880]  then it's funny that that's what happens because then your whole journey becomes a path of like

[22:28.880 --> 22:35.840]  not looking outside of yourself for validation and trusting yourself. So yeah, so I want to go

[22:35.840 --> 22:42.000]  more into to just like the relationship stuff and how that shifted for you and then how that

[22:42.000 --> 22:51.520]  impacted your business. Yeah. So with my husband, you shined the light on how I love to fix and

[22:51.520 --> 23:00.160]  save people. And my biggest wound that keeps coming up for me is being responsible for

[23:00.160 --> 23:08.080]  everybody's happiness and outcomes. And when I was able to not fix and save my husband and, you know,

[23:08.080 --> 23:14.080]  shout out to him and how that changed our relationship, I kind of stepped back and then he

[23:14.080 --> 23:23.040]  was able to show up for himself and his happiness, which the magic and miracles was he was looking at

[23:23.040 --> 23:29.600]  buying a franchise. And then I was like trying to help him with that. But he was also working at

[23:29.600 --> 23:37.280]  a big company as well. And he decided not to go with the franchise. And then he ended up getting

[23:37.280 --> 23:44.240]  like, I think three or four interviews for a job that he's been wanting for the last year that he

[23:44.240 --> 23:51.920]  got a degree in and then ended up getting a brand new job, a raise and doesn't have to work with his

[23:51.920 --> 23:59.600]  body anymore. He has like a stay at home job, which is amazing. So all of these things started happening

[23:59.600 --> 24:06.320]  for him. Yeah, no, that happens. I feel like that happens all the time. It was like because of the

[24:06.320 --> 24:13.040]  energy shift with you and how you were able to relinquish control. And this is the paradigm shift

[24:13.040 --> 24:21.120]  that I feel like so many people don't fully get is we think that if we don't do that, like if we don't

[24:21.120 --> 24:26.560]  worry about the other person or take care of the other person, then we're somehow being selfish.

[24:26.560 --> 24:33.120]  But actually what we're doing is when we pull back and we allow the other person to live their life

[24:33.120 --> 24:40.000]  without feeling responsible for them, we actually allow them to fully step into their greatness and

[24:40.000 --> 24:45.040]  fully step into who they are. It's just the opposite of kind of what we've been taught. And I

[24:45.040 --> 24:50.960]  remember when that happened, it was your first realization, oh, wow, this is what I've been doing.

[24:50.960 --> 24:58.000]  And I can really choose to shift my energy. And as soon as you did, he got this job and a raise.

[24:58.240 --> 25:03.600]  It was like a lifestyle change immediately.

[25:03.600 --> 25:10.720]  Immediately. Yeah. Within like three weeks. Yeah, that's so crazy. And then I know the other part for

[25:10.720 --> 25:15.440]  you too. Well, I know there was a lot of pieces to this because there was like the stuff around your

[25:15.440 --> 25:20.000]  parents. Well, let's talk about that for a minute because I think this is another one that

[25:20.000 --> 25:24.480]  so many people can relate to. And then I also just want to talk about too as this relates to like

[25:24.480 --> 25:30.160]  your husband and your parents, and the taking responsibility and the people pleasing and

[25:30.160 --> 25:37.920]  the overly caretaking. So many people do that. I know I did that. I know I still have to like

[25:37.920 --> 25:45.200]  try not to do that. And I'm sure your clients do that too. Why do we do that? All of my clients.

[25:45.200 --> 25:52.560]  And that was the other gift. It made me a better coach, a better healer, because I was shown what I

[25:52.560 --> 25:59.760]  was doing and you attract who you are. And so I attract the same kind of people that are just

[25:59.760 --> 26:06.800]  six months behind me, a year behind me, whatever it is. And so I was able to help them in an even

[26:06.800 --> 26:14.480]  deeper level, which is just a huge gift because it's just the ripple effect. Totally. Myself,

[26:14.480 --> 26:21.280]  you're helping me and then it ripples out to who I help as well. Yeah. And also we see once things

[26:21.280 --> 26:25.840]  are illuminated for us, then we're able to see it and illuminate it for other people.

[26:27.120 --> 26:34.480]  Yeah. And then with my parents, my sweet, sweet mother, I love her so much,

[26:34.480 --> 26:41.680]  but we definitely had like a codependent relationship as well. And she is such a huge

[26:41.680 --> 26:47.840]  caregiver and wants to fix and save everybody. And so I had to kind of take a step back

[26:48.800 --> 26:56.160]  and evaluate my relationship with her because I don't want to give this gift to my child,

[26:56.800 --> 27:03.920]  right, of this codependency and having Georgie, my daughter, feeling responsible for my happiness.

[27:04.480 --> 27:10.880]  I mean, holy. Yeah. Mike drops it. I know. It's totally crazy. And it usually is like,

[27:10.880 --> 27:16.320]  I know for so many moms, like it always lands for them. Well, do you want your daughter to

[27:16.320 --> 27:20.160]  feel this way? And they're like, oh, hell no. Okay. All right. I'm in.

[27:21.600 --> 27:28.320]  Absolutely. Yeah. It was just wild to see how this was affecting me on such a deeper level

[27:29.120 --> 27:36.720]  and be able to kind of clean it up and know that it's there. And then to start like reframing

[27:36.720 --> 27:43.280]  how I operate in my relationship with myself, with my business, with my family, with my daughter,

[27:43.280 --> 27:52.000]  all of it. And in turn, I was able to take my power back and decide to step back from hair

[27:52.560 --> 27:59.440]  and step more into my spirit business, which is why I came to you so I could get the support

[28:00.000 --> 28:08.560]  and really let this business grow and take shape. Yeah. Well, and that's the other amazing part too

[28:08.560 --> 28:12.960]  because I remember when we first started working together, like one to one, I think was in

[28:12.960 --> 28:19.680]  September. And I remember you said, Okay, I really want to go more full time in my business and go

[28:19.680 --> 28:25.200]  down to one day of doing hair. And I was like, Okay, well, let's like set a time like by the

[28:25.200 --> 28:29.920]  new year, you're going to go down to one day a week. And I remember you were like totally

[28:29.920 --> 28:39.600]  freaking out about it. And I remember, like next level, like my poor hair clients had to hear me

[28:39.600 --> 28:44.080]  for three months straight, like mostly vomit. I don't know. I don't know if I can do this.

[28:46.080 --> 28:51.360]  Yeah, no, I remember. And I remember you would have like these momentary freak outs and I would

[28:51.360 --> 28:56.160]  be like, it's all good. It's all going to be totally fine. And isn't it funny when you think

[28:56.160 --> 29:01.920]  back because now you've been doing that now. Just doing hair one day a week for what like

[29:01.920 --> 29:06.800]  three months now or two and a half months? Two and a half months. Yeah. So I work days a month

[29:06.800 --> 29:13.760]  at the salon now. Okay, which is not very much. It's crazy. Yeah. Oh, and like, did you have any

[29:13.760 --> 29:19.840]  income dips at all? No. No. I'm making more money. Yay! She's making more money.

[29:20.720 --> 29:27.840]  Yes. To do my other, my spirit business. Yeah. So it's so funny because when you look back,

[29:27.840 --> 29:33.760]  you were like totally afraid and now it's working out better than you thought.

[29:33.760 --> 29:39.920]  Than I ever imagined, Alyse. This is what she told me. Marissa, it's going to be better than

[29:39.920 --> 29:47.120]  you could ever imagine. And I'm like, okay. And then I'll be like, oh my gosh, well, I don't know,

[29:47.200 --> 29:51.120]  blah, blah, blah. And I'm like spinning and then she like brings me back. Yeah. And that happens

[29:51.120 --> 29:56.960]  to all of us because I think when we're in this process of growing so quickly, and I know what

[29:56.960 --> 30:02.880]  happens for me too, I'll get this moment where I'm like, oh my gosh, can I do this? Like what's

[30:02.880 --> 30:08.720]  happening? Because you're constantly becoming a new version of yourself. So it's like sometimes

[30:08.720 --> 30:14.240]  there are these like moments where you're just like, oh my gosh, can I really do this? Because

[30:14.320 --> 30:19.440]  whenever you are doing something that you've never done before, there's always going to be

[30:19.440 --> 30:24.800]  a version of you that's like, wait, can I actually do this? Just because you don't have a frame of

[30:24.800 --> 30:31.920]  reference, right? But then I think once you continue to do that, then you trust it a little

[30:31.920 --> 30:38.880]  more. But we all have those momentary things that happen, which is why we have mentorship.

[30:38.880 --> 30:43.920]  Because I always say for me, I don't think I could ever be at a point in my business where

[30:43.920 --> 30:50.640]  I don't have private mentorship. What do you say to that? Absolutely not. And I just today,

[30:50.640 --> 30:58.960]  you guys, sign up for another six months with a lease. Because I would not be where I'm at in my

[30:58.960 --> 31:04.880]  business, be making the money and doing what I actually want to do. I have never moved so fast

[31:04.880 --> 31:11.040]  in my life. I think I've created five offers with you. Something like that. Six months,

[31:11.040 --> 31:20.000]  I have instantly made 20k for the last three or four months. And I remember the very beginning,

[31:20.000 --> 31:23.920]  I just want to highlight some of the big points because there's so much here. Yeah,

[31:23.920 --> 31:27.360]  I know. There's so much. I'm like trying to remember it all. It's like a blur.

[31:28.160 --> 31:34.640]  I was like, okay, so every time I go running, I have to get downloads from my clients.

[31:34.640 --> 31:35.840]  Oh yeah, I remember this.

[31:37.040 --> 31:44.080]  And I was like, I just want to run for myself. And you're like, Marissa, girl, you can tap into

[31:44.080 --> 31:50.720]  their energy right before the session. And I was like, no, no, no, no, no. And you're like,

[31:51.360 --> 31:58.880]  yes, you can. So then I was baby stepping my way to where I don't have to take my time while I'm

[31:58.880 --> 32:05.200]  running to get downloads for my clients. And now it takes me like a couple of minutes right before

[32:05.200 --> 32:11.360]  a session because that's just how I like to work to get my downloads. And I don't have to go for

[32:11.360 --> 32:16.960]  a run to get my downloads. Yeah, no, because I think what happens is too, it's just a process of

[32:16.960 --> 32:22.320]  trusting ourselves even more. And sometimes when we do something one way in the beginning,

[32:22.320 --> 32:27.440]  then we think that that's the way that it has to be done. And we don't trust that we can actually

[32:28.160 --> 32:35.520]  collapse time and actually become that versus have to do anything. And I think in your mind,

[32:35.520 --> 32:40.320]  you were like, oh, well, the only way I'm going to get downloads for people is if I'm running,

[32:40.320 --> 32:44.160]  because that's how you did it in the very beginning. And I was immediately like,

[32:44.160 --> 32:49.280]  no, no, no, no, you can just get them while you're talking to them. You don't have to go

[32:49.280 --> 32:55.760]  running. You don't have to like do anything. It's just who you are. And I think that's the value too

[32:55.760 --> 33:01.680]  of the private mentorship is also building this deep relationship with somebody that can see you

[33:01.680 --> 33:09.200]  for who you really are and reflect that back to you. That's the other huge piece of it is just

[33:09.200 --> 33:14.960]  having this deep relationship with someone that you can go to for everything. And they

[33:14.960 --> 33:21.200]  can reflect back to you pieces of yourself that you know, but you haven't like, you're a little

[33:21.200 --> 33:27.760]  scared to step into. Yeah. That was a huge thing too. Yeah. And like the energy I always talk to

[33:27.760 --> 33:35.360]  you about, you had shown me my energy is like the future Marissa, I'm already there. But it's like

[33:35.360 --> 33:42.640]  my body and my brain like catching up to that future version of me. Yes. Which I'm now in.

[33:44.880 --> 33:49.840]  Yeah, exactly. And that's what happens sometimes too, because your energy is already there.

[33:49.840 --> 33:55.440]  But then like the 3D part of you is still kind of like, oh, I would feel that way all the time.

[33:55.440 --> 33:59.600]  I still feel that way sometimes. Do you know, I was thinking about this yesterday, because I'm

[33:59.600 --> 34:05.680]  like at Trader Joe's and I'm like standing in the checkout line. And I have like a cart literally

[34:05.680 --> 34:11.840]  piled like up to the ceiling of food. And there still is this like thing that goes through my body

[34:11.840 --> 34:16.720]  of like, do I have enough money for this? Because that used to be me. Like I used to like live

[34:16.720 --> 34:21.360]  paycheck to paycheck and not be sure if I had enough money to check out Trader Joe's.

[34:22.640 --> 34:29.520]  Like that literally was me. And I still have to like remind myself, Alyse, you have plenty of

[34:30.000 --> 34:36.720]  money for Trader Joe's. It's like embarrassing, but it really is a process of like shifting that

[34:36.720 --> 34:45.200]  old programming. And it takes a little longer for your brain to kind of catch up. Yes. Absolutely.

[34:45.200 --> 34:51.120]  Yeah. Yeah. So that's a huge thing too. So the other thing I wanted to talk about too is like,

[34:51.120 --> 34:56.960]  so another piece of working with me privately is I always have you come into at least one of my

[34:56.960 --> 35:02.320]  group containers just because there's such a powerful thing that happens when we work in

[35:02.320 --> 35:06.400]  groups. And there's such a powerful thing that happens when we work one on one. And obviously,

[35:06.400 --> 35:11.840]  I want people who work with me one on one to move as quickly as possible. So you came into

[35:11.840 --> 35:16.640]  Accelerated Wealth. And I want to talk about that experience for a little bit too, because that's,

[35:16.640 --> 35:22.880]  I just love that group so much. And I love it. Shout out to all my ladies. It's like our tribe.

[35:22.880 --> 35:28.800]  We're all soul aligned. We're all on the same journey at different spots. We all support each

[35:28.800 --> 35:38.640]  other. And we move so much faster all together. And it's like, you just get to feel seen and heard

[35:39.280 --> 35:47.040]  in a totally different capacity than just one on one work. Yeah, absolutely. I love them to like

[35:47.040 --> 35:52.160]  the depths of my soul inside of me. It's just like, we all get each other and we support each

[35:52.160 --> 35:58.000]  other when we have good days and when we have bad days. And it's just a magical container.

[35:58.800 --> 36:05.920]  And meeting Dahlia and doing movement medicine. I mean, we actually move the energy through

[36:05.920 --> 36:13.920]  our bodies and then shit starts to happen for us. It's wild. It's wild. It's really weird because

[36:13.920 --> 36:20.000]  I didn't know and I've been working with Dahlia for so long. In my last retreat, she did movement

[36:20.000 --> 36:26.000]  medicine there. And when I experienced it, I was like, Oh my god, like this is really something

[36:26.000 --> 36:32.240]  just because she also, she's like so brainy. And she's like knows all of these different things.

[36:33.520 --> 36:37.680]  Millions of different things were to the point where you're like, Holy shit, girl, slow down.

[36:38.240 --> 36:44.960]  She knows so much. And then she puts it all together in this way where something crazy

[36:45.040 --> 36:50.960]  happens. Like something shifts and you get to move the energy but also like embody

[36:50.960 --> 36:54.640]  the version of you that you're calling in is what it feels like to me.

[36:54.640 --> 37:01.920]  Absolutely. And I think one was like a big one for me was this trusting myself and like my gifts and

[37:01.920 --> 37:10.160]  that the universe and source has me no matter what. And now I have six months of evidence of that.

[37:10.160 --> 37:14.560]  Yeah. Well, it's so funny because I feel like you would always come to me, I'm not sure if this is

[37:14.560 --> 37:18.800]  going to work out or I'm worried about this or and I would say something and then you would have

[37:18.800 --> 37:23.680]  some kind of download from your own guides and you or you would get some kind of confirmation

[37:23.680 --> 37:27.600]  like something would happen and then you'll come back to me and you're like, I know all I really

[37:27.600 --> 37:35.440]  have to do is trust. Over and over. And you have such a powerful connection to spirit too. So I

[37:35.440 --> 37:39.760]  know you're always getting those downloads. But sometimes when, and I know this happens for me

[37:39.760 --> 37:46.560]  too, like sometimes when our body is in that stress state, it's hard to like receive those

[37:46.560 --> 37:52.560]  downloads. But why is it that just learning to trust yourself is such an important part of the

[37:52.560 --> 37:59.520]  journey? Like let's talk about this because it comes up with everyone. Oh my gosh, big time,

[37:59.520 --> 38:07.120]  big time. I think it's just this old programming that we were taught from our parents and their

[38:07.120 --> 38:15.120]  parents and we have to outsource our power to other people and other things. And this is a

[38:15.120 --> 38:21.600]  huge piece that I'm still learning but I've learned through you because I used to give my

[38:22.240 --> 38:32.160]  trust and my safety to men and money. And you have shown me that I don't have to,

[38:32.160 --> 38:39.360]  we pinpointed what it was and it was feeling like I couldn't feel safe in my own body and trust

[38:39.360 --> 38:48.160]  myself. And it comes from my mother and her mother and my great-grandmother and I did a

[38:48.160 --> 38:56.480]  breath work session around the mother wound and I was shown this wild like chains around

[38:57.120 --> 39:03.760]  all of the women in my family around how we didn't feel worthy and we couldn't trust ourselves.

[39:03.760 --> 39:09.600]  Yeah. And I was the one that broke the cycle in the chains. And that's what we're doing here and

[39:09.600 --> 39:14.320]  like that's why this is so important. I'm really glad you brought up the trauma piece and the

[39:14.320 --> 39:17.920]  ancestral trauma piece because that's kind of what I wanted to get into next because

[39:18.800 --> 39:24.960]  it's such an important piece of this work. That's why Accelerated Wealth is all about clearing the

[39:24.960 --> 39:30.720]  trauma so that you can make more money because in your opinion and in your experience why is

[39:30.720 --> 39:37.200]  the trauma piece so crucial? Oh because if you don't clear this it's just like it's a it's a bag

[39:37.200 --> 39:46.000]  that you hold like a 10 pound weight that you drag around and you actually just don't trust yourself.

[39:46.000 --> 39:52.000]  And if you don't clear this and if you don't actually get to the point of healing what is

[39:52.080 --> 40:00.480]  holding you back there is no movement. You are in freeze mode you are stuck and what you truly want

[40:00.480 --> 40:06.560]  doesn't come to you in an easy way and then that goes back into trusting yourself and then you're

[40:06.560 --> 40:12.640]  like well I can't trust myself because I got my luggage here of unworthiness and all my trauma

[40:13.520 --> 40:19.760]  that I can't get off my shoulder and you just stay stuck. Yeah it's so true and you brought

[40:19.760 --> 40:26.400]  up the worthiness piece which is a huge part of this right is like just coming up against like

[40:26.400 --> 40:31.680]  wow am I worthy of this can I have this and I think that's actually a lot of what we come up

[40:31.680 --> 40:40.560]  against when it comes to investing also because I know a lot of what I see with people is people

[40:40.560 --> 40:46.320]  will say well I don't have the money or I don't have the time or whatever but I truly believe that

[40:46.320 --> 40:51.280]  a lot of that is more because you know if you really want something you'll find the money and

[40:51.280 --> 40:57.920]  you'll find the time but I think that a lot of it is more do I deserve this like am I worthy

[40:58.640 --> 41:05.120]  of investing five figures into my growth do I deserve that am I worthy of that and not only that

[41:05.680 --> 41:13.680]  will I be able to become the version of me that creates those results that I want. Yeah like I

[41:13.680 --> 41:19.520]  think that's kind of what people come up against and that's all a worthiness issue that's all a

[41:19.520 --> 41:27.920]  questioning of your own value but it's like when you do that that's when you start to believe in

[41:27.920 --> 41:34.720]  your worthiness. And that was another big thing that came up for me I think in the first container

[41:34.720 --> 41:44.240]  was my learning disability and then oh yeah let's talk about that which files into my worthiness

[41:44.240 --> 41:49.440]  yeah yeah so yeah go ahead I have several different learning disabilities um around

[41:49.440 --> 41:58.160]  spelling around comprehension reading writing all of that and since I was a young child I thought I

[41:58.160 --> 42:06.240]  was dumb and so I carried this pain this hurt of feeling like I wasn't good enough because I was

[42:06.240 --> 42:15.440]  stupid and I have pretty much hit it my whole life around being funny and people pleasing

[42:16.960 --> 42:26.400]  and I also created a business my hair business so that I didn't have to it was like hiding behind my

[42:26.720 --> 42:34.240]  true authentic self and who I really was this comes up at every expansion with you in the last

[42:34.240 --> 42:41.360]  six months of not feeling worthy enough and not being smart enough or good enough or are my words

[42:41.360 --> 42:50.560]  gonna land I want to say literally last week I got sick and I went through another up level of

[42:50.560 --> 42:59.360]  integration into becoming and this identity ship of who I actually am which is the spiritual healer

[43:00.400 --> 43:08.480]  and I'm actually not stupid and that I am not dumb and that I have all of these gifts and the reason

[43:08.480 --> 43:14.080]  why I had these struggles was that I was able to communicate with people at a different level

[43:14.080 --> 43:18.640]  a hundred percent yeah and I think that's so important thank you for sharing that and I can

[43:18.720 --> 43:26.640]  feel like the emotion behind that because and I totally get it because first of all having

[43:26.640 --> 43:32.560]  worked with kids for so long and seeing the way that they label kids and a lot of these kids are

[43:32.560 --> 43:37.440]  just spiritually gifted they're just tuned into something else they're operating completely

[43:37.440 --> 43:44.400]  differently but we're like no since you can't spell or you can't sit still or whatever then

[43:44.400 --> 43:48.640]  there's something wrong with you you know and we carry that and I remember even for me

[43:49.200 --> 43:55.360]  in first grade and third grade I was recommended to get tested for the gifted program and I was

[43:55.360 --> 44:02.400]  always very smart in like reading and writing but math I wasn't as smart and I remember I got

[44:02.400 --> 44:08.240]  tested in first grade and then I didn't make it because I couldn't do the puzzle can't do puzzles

[44:08.240 --> 44:13.200]  I couldn't do the puzzle and then the same thing happened in third grade and I remember

[44:13.200 --> 44:15.920]  we think that you're gifted oh wait you're not

[44:19.360 --> 44:25.840]  and I remember it like really crushing me and then it kind of like made me take on this stigma

[44:25.840 --> 44:32.160]  my whole life of okay I'm not actually that gifted you know what I mean and these things

[44:32.160 --> 44:36.160]  like we don't realize and I'm sharing this because I think this is probably something that everyone

[44:36.160 --> 44:42.720]  can relate to on some level because we don't even realize the way that we take on and identify with

[44:42.800 --> 44:49.440]  those things that we're told when we're kids and this is something that even though it's part of

[44:49.440 --> 44:54.640]  your superpower probably the reason why you don't do those things the same as everybody else is

[44:54.640 --> 45:00.400]  because you have these gifts and abilities like you said to communicate differently but if you're

[45:00.400 --> 45:05.280]  told your whole life that there's something wrong with you then you're going to internalize that

[45:05.280 --> 45:11.280]  right and I know that's come up for you around writing copy or communicating but now I feel like

[45:11.280 --> 45:17.360]  it's something where you've been able to embrace that and it's like it just changes everything

[45:17.360 --> 45:27.200]  does it's changed so much of how I see myself and giving me this confidence of you know what

[45:27.200 --> 45:33.040]  I know my shit even for like being on podcasts right I was like oh my gosh I'm gonna be on these

[45:33.040 --> 45:38.720]  plugins oh yeah wait let's talk about that because that was really funny when you were like you were

[45:38.720 --> 45:43.680]  like Alyse can we talk about being on podcast like I want to come up with like some like talking

[45:43.680 --> 45:51.520]  points and I was like okay but I'm like I actually think you know exactly what to say so what is this

[45:51.520 --> 45:57.840]  really about and then I was like oh wait I do have all the answers inside of me but I've been

[45:57.840 --> 46:04.880]  programmed to have these points to talk about because that's how I had to move and shake in

[46:04.880 --> 46:10.560]  my whole life yeah well I remember you saying to me and this kind of stuck with me that in order

[46:10.560 --> 46:15.520]  to try to prevent yourself from feeling bad you would look around the room in the class to see

[46:15.520 --> 46:19.600]  when you were going to be called on to read and then try to make sure you knew how to read

[46:19.600 --> 46:24.080]  but I feel like that's what you were doing with like the podcast thing like you were like I have

[46:24.080 --> 46:29.520]  to make sure I don't feel stupid you know and those are like all these coping mechanisms that

[46:29.520 --> 46:34.800]  we come up with as kids and this is an important point too because I think sometimes then we

[46:35.760 --> 46:41.120]  make ourselves feel stupid for it or like oh stop you don't need to do that anymore but really

[46:41.120 --> 46:45.760]  when that stuff comes up like for example with you feeling worried about the podcast

[46:45.760 --> 46:51.360]  those are like these moments where we have the opportunity to give ourselves compassion because

[46:51.360 --> 46:57.600]  it's like that younger version of you who was just afraid that you didn't know enough and you were

[46:57.600 --> 47:02.960]  going to feel stupid and it's like moments like that where we just need to have compassion for

[47:02.960 --> 47:08.240]  ourselves and you know move through the emotions and I know that's a lot of the work that we've

[47:08.240 --> 47:12.880]  done together too is just you moving through those uncomfortable emotions which we could

[47:12.880 --> 47:18.960]  talk about that a little bit too and how that has you know played a part in your growth yeah

[47:18.960 --> 47:26.880]  oh my gosh oh the uncomfortableness oh my gosh I want to puke all the time but I just do it

[47:26.880 --> 47:36.960]  anyways Alyse she's like just do the damn thing but it's worth it it's so worth it and now I'm

[47:36.960 --> 47:43.040]  feeling it's like building up my confidence and you know now I'm like you're helping me start my

[47:43.040 --> 47:51.360]  own podcast and all these dreams that I've had looking back even like two years ago I remember

[47:51.360 --> 47:57.200]  my spirit guides were like okay you're gonna have a podcast you're probably gonna have a tv show

[47:57.200 --> 48:03.680]  you're gonna be a keynote speaker puke puke puke don't want to do that and you're gonna have this

[48:03.680 --> 48:10.800]  spiritual business like all of these things and now they're all starting to happen because I'm

[48:10.800 --> 48:17.440]  getting uncomfortable because I'm getting up against the edge and doing the scary things with

[48:17.440 --> 48:23.760]  you and you're helping guide me and build all these like foundational building blocks

[48:24.400 --> 48:31.600]  and rewiring my nervous system so I can show up in my truest authentic way yeah absolutely because

[48:31.600 --> 48:36.080]  I feel like you know we can talk about it like oh it's so uncomfortable so uncomfortable but

[48:36.080 --> 48:42.320]  what are the benefits of walking through the discomfort there's so many I mean just some

[48:42.320 --> 48:49.760]  tangible things me and my husband's relationship is amazing and gets better and better I show up

[48:49.760 --> 48:57.520]  as a mother more present than I've ever been in my entire life I am making more money and working

[48:57.520 --> 49:08.480]  less than I ever have before I have more time to myself which was another one side note Alyse

[49:08.560 --> 49:14.160]  helped me rip the band-aid off that I could put my daughter in school five days a week and not

[49:14.160 --> 49:20.400]  feeling mom guilt around her being in school five days a week instead of having an extra day home

[49:20.400 --> 49:27.600]  with me oh my god absolutely oh my god I am such a proponent of getting extra help with your kids

[49:27.600 --> 49:35.840]  and being get having more alone time and yes absolutely I was like no put her in school

[49:36.160 --> 49:42.320]  no she was going four days but like I was just feeling like depleted because I'm doing all these

[49:42.320 --> 49:49.760]  other things and so you were like no just do it and so you've just helped me push me to be

[49:49.760 --> 49:55.840]  uncomfortable and to do the scary things but then I get all the magic and the miracles and all my

[49:55.840 --> 50:03.520]  dreams are like really coming true and it just gets me a little like emotional just I know how

[50:03.520 --> 50:08.800]  far I've come in like six months oh my god I'm gonna cry I didn't know this was gonna like

[50:10.880 --> 50:17.040]  I've literally been crying like I cry so much I'm such a you too well Lydia and I record an

[50:17.040 --> 50:23.440]  episode on Friday and we both cried too so it's what happens because when you think about how

[50:23.440 --> 50:30.160]  far you come in such a short amount of time and also how magical that is but also what a badass

[50:30.160 --> 50:35.200]  you are for doing that and like taking that risk you know it was so funny Jocelyn sent me this

[50:35.200 --> 50:40.320]  thing the other day that was like a three-year memory when her and I like first started working

[50:40.320 --> 50:46.640]  together and I said to her because I was thinking about what I did to get that money which was I

[50:46.640 --> 50:50.640]  shouldn't have used that money like that was like money that was supposed to be retirement

[50:50.640 --> 50:57.600]  money or whatever and you had to pay a lot of money to take it and I was just like fuck it and

[50:57.600 --> 51:02.640]  I said to her I was like god I was such a badass I just like took this money that I shouldn't even

[51:02.640 --> 51:08.480]  have taken that I had to pay a ton of taxes on and I just used it you know but it's those things

[51:08.480 --> 51:14.080]  that if you want to be successful and you want to have the life that you dream of like you have to

[51:14.080 --> 51:19.600]  be willing to take those risks and you have to be willing to make those big moves you know you just

[51:19.600 --> 51:25.040]  like have to do that but then when you look at what happens you're just like fuck yeah I'm such

[51:25.040 --> 51:34.560]  a badass like I did it you know it's wild to me to see six months ago Marissa which I was terrified

[51:34.560 --> 51:42.560]  and so scared to like leave my comfort of just doing hair three days a week and I didn't want

[51:42.560 --> 51:47.600]  to like really dive deep I mean I wanted to into my spirit business and I wanted to make this

[51:47.600 --> 51:54.320]  podcast and I want to do these retreats and I want to do all of these things and oh now I'm doing it

[51:54.320 --> 51:59.840]  yeah and I'm making money I'm not stressed out and that was another thing that I have to make

[51:59.840 --> 52:08.240]  very clear here is I was programmed from my sweet father and just like our generation of our parents

[52:08.800 --> 52:18.560]  to you have to work really really hard to make money and it's such a lie it's such a lie it is

[52:18.560 --> 52:26.160]  and we all have that too I know for me sometimes oh and you and I we we share our love for bravo

[52:26.160 --> 52:32.160]  tv so like we we we bond over that but I'll be like you know I'll be done for the day and I'm

[52:32.160 --> 52:37.920]  like oh cool I have like an hour before the kids come home I'm gonna zone out to some bravo you

[52:37.920 --> 52:42.880]  know and I'll be like sitting there and then Matt will come upstairs and for a second I like feel

[52:42.880 --> 52:48.160]  bad I'm like oh my god he's totally gonna judge me I'm like laying in bed and then I'm like what

[52:48.320 --> 52:53.200]  the fuck am I talking about I'm the one who's making all the money he can't say shit to me

[52:53.200 --> 52:57.520]  I'm laying in bed and watching bravo and I'm loving it you know what I mean but it's because

[52:57.520 --> 53:03.440]  of that programming of oh you have to be like hustling grinding suffering like working really

[53:03.440 --> 53:10.720]  hard and don't get me wrong like it's not like we don't we put yeah it's like I put so much love and

[53:10.720 --> 53:17.200]  energy this is my life and that's how you are too but also it doesn't have to be grueling we don't

[53:17.200 --> 53:22.560]  have to be suffering we don't have to be miserable that's the point but you're right that's such a

[53:22.560 --> 53:28.560]  program and I think everybody kind of plays that out without realizing it and then that brings me

[53:28.560 --> 53:34.240]  to my other point I wanted to touch on before we end is just like the tools and the metamorphosis

[53:34.240 --> 53:40.480]  and why that's so important because you mentioned like your father and the programming we have to

[53:40.480 --> 53:47.360]  deal with that so can you talk a little bit about that too yeah so I did the father wound breath

[53:47.360 --> 53:57.280]  work session and journaling and stuff and it was wild that my father was taught by his father and

[53:57.280 --> 54:05.360]  you know generational ancestral trauma that he's not good enough if he doesn't work hard that's

[54:05.360 --> 54:11.120]  what was shown to me and then that's what I've been given and it was so wild too because I got

[54:11.120 --> 54:17.840]  this stuff around I think it was like something about how we have this shame around being white

[54:19.040 --> 54:28.880]  and that we were taken in my dad's whole generation of his father's side were kind of

[54:28.880 --> 54:35.440]  German and all of this we'll get into that different podcast yeah yeah no I mean we all

[54:35.440 --> 54:41.680]  have stuff like that the shame just like shame around it and then we have to work really hard

[54:41.680 --> 54:47.840]  but we took this on and it wasn't the truth and then my dad instilled that in us you know which

[54:47.840 --> 54:54.640]  I thank him for because I am who I am today because of it yeah but I just I remember feeling

[54:54.640 --> 54:59.680]  like oh my gosh I don't think I'm working enough I need to work more I need to work more to have

[54:59.680 --> 55:06.960]  this money yeah and I was feeling shameful around it yeah and then I realized like no this is what

[55:06.960 --> 55:16.320]  lights me up and it can be easy and flowy and and fun and I don't have to work so hard exactly to

[55:17.120 --> 55:22.240]  this money yeah yeah and that's a paradigm shift that I think we're all making right now but

[55:22.240 --> 55:27.520]  until we're conscious of it you know until we're conscious that we're actually playing that out

[55:27.520 --> 55:34.240]  in whatever form we took it on you know from like I know for me a lot of my father's line was just

[55:34.240 --> 55:39.440]  around like being a failure and that was what would always come up for me it still comes up for

[55:39.440 --> 55:46.160]  me right so just looking at all that ancestral stuff that we took on from both of our parents

[55:46.160 --> 55:52.160]  but also society it's so important to look at because if you don't you're going to be playing

[55:52.160 --> 55:57.280]  that stuff out without even realizing it and then you're going to set yourself up in a way that's

[55:57.280 --> 56:03.760]  not actually in service to your highest good and in service to creating a business that you can

[56:03.760 --> 56:09.200]  actually grow and scale in a really big way because you're not going to be able to do that

[56:09.200 --> 56:15.040]  if you're playing out these like suffering programs you know or these lack scarcity

[56:15.040 --> 56:21.440]  suffering like all that stuff that has to be eradicated and that's why I put the metamorphosis

[56:21.440 --> 56:27.120]  tools in accelerated wealth because it's like no we have to clear that stuff if we're going to make

[56:27.120 --> 56:32.320]  more and more and more money so that's so so important and I think it clears my dad's stuff

[56:32.320 --> 56:39.040]  too and his you know yes stuff without even having to have a conversation with my father about it

[56:39.040 --> 56:45.920]  exactly clear that too so yeah 100 it clears it for everyone when you clear it and especially

[56:45.920 --> 56:51.920]  we don't carry it on to the next generation so it's just so so important so is there anything

[56:51.920 --> 56:57.520]  else that we didn't touch on that you want to share and also oh the other thing I also wanted

[56:57.520 --> 57:04.160]  to ask you too is how your work with clients has evolved since we started working together well

[57:04.160 --> 57:13.200]  like I kind of said earlier because of the coaching you do with me I then am a better coach

[57:13.200 --> 57:22.960]  a better healer to my clients and it's insane to see their growth and you're helping me kind of

[57:22.960 --> 57:27.760]  like I'll get the energetics like today even I was like okay I have this energetics around my

[57:27.840 --> 57:34.480]  this new offer around fear you help put a structure in for me that I learned from you

[57:34.480 --> 57:39.840]  and then I give that to my clients and however it kind of comes out in the offering right but then

[57:39.840 --> 57:44.480]  in my one-on-one work with them you know some of these women are like business women and

[57:45.040 --> 57:52.720]  I'm helping them create a better business for themselves I mean it's just so beautiful to see

[57:52.720 --> 57:56.560]  yeah and people are like I never saw it like that I didn't know I could structure it like that

[57:57.120 --> 58:02.400]  and then just like the deep healing I can help people because of the healing I'm going through

[58:02.400 --> 58:09.760]  and what I received from you is just next level and so beautiful so thank you thank you it's also

[58:09.760 --> 58:17.520]  too it's true like we can really only help people to the degree that we've went within ourselves

[58:17.520 --> 58:22.400]  right and like that's what I always say about like being quote unquote trauma-informed the biggest

[58:22.480 --> 58:28.240]  key to that in my opinion and you know what I always say this is my opinion but I know I'm right

[58:29.280 --> 58:35.200]  is that we have to just be willing to continuously do the deep trauma work within ourselves and

[58:35.200 --> 58:40.320]  that's really how you become trauma-informed I mean obviously there's a few other things to it

[58:40.320 --> 58:45.040]  but it's the same thing with doing the healing work the deeper you go within yourself the deeper

[58:45.040 --> 58:50.640]  you're going to be able to go with clients so it obviously makes sense thank you so much for

[58:50.640 --> 58:55.120]  sharing all of that and can you let people know how they can find you and how they can

[58:55.120 --> 59:01.520]  work with you and if you have anything exciting going on yes all right you can find me at Marissa

[59:01.520 --> 59:10.320]  lane dot net you can also find me on the ig which is Marissa 22 lane that's where I live all the

[59:10.320 --> 59:19.040]  time and I have a free realignment tool kit you can sign up on my website and it has all the

[59:19.040 --> 59:26.560]  goodies for grounding clearing bringing in abundance all the yummy stuff and I also have

[59:26.560 --> 59:36.960]  a new offer coming out and it is all around fear love it and um it's gonna be so good it's going to

[59:36.960 --> 59:43.840]  be like a month-long container so if you're interested please check me out on my social

[59:43.840 --> 59:52.240]  at Marissa 22 lane I also have compass of love going on which is my 14-week container about

[59:52.240 --> 01:00:00.960]  becoming and attracting your ideal partner I feel like it's such a huge important part of healing

[01:00:00.960 --> 01:00:05.840]  and growing and I see this a lot with my women that they go through my true north program

[01:00:06.480 --> 01:00:13.200]  and then they're like I want to find love and I have walked the journey for two decades around

[01:00:13.200 --> 01:00:20.720]  love and I found my person so I want to share that gift with women as well so you can get all

[01:00:20.720 --> 01:00:28.640]  the details as well or hit me up dm me for that and uh yeah I think that's it yeah I love that

[01:00:28.640 --> 01:00:33.360]  and I love because I remember you were like I feel like I'm supposed to help women find love

[01:00:33.360 --> 01:00:37.840]  I did it for myself and I've just been like doing it for people and I was like yeah

[01:00:38.800 --> 01:00:45.360]  yes but isn't it funny when like you just naturally like see yourself doing something

[01:00:45.360 --> 01:00:50.240]  for people and then you're like oh wait this is obviously what I'm supposed to do that's what

[01:00:50.240 --> 01:00:55.680]  happened with me too and sometimes we think that what we're meant to do is like this thing that's

[01:00:55.680 --> 01:01:01.360]  way out here but really it's just the thing that you've already been doing naturally you know and

[01:01:01.360 --> 01:01:07.360]  it's just about claiming it so I love that so much thank you for sharing all that and thank you for

[01:01:07.440 --> 01:01:15.920]  being here this was so awesome and yeah I'm just gonna cry so thank you thank you guys you're just

[01:01:15.920 --> 01:01:22.240]  such I'm so glad that you came into my life like we are soul sisters totally and I have

[01:01:22.240 --> 01:01:27.440]  done any of this without you and I just love you so much and thank you thank you

[01:01:29.920 --> 01:01:35.440]  thank you so much for being here don't forget to subscribe to the show leave a review and share

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