Reclaiming Consciousness

#62- Why Walking Through Discomfort is the Key to Your Next Level

March 09, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 62
Reclaiming Consciousness
#62- Why Walking Through Discomfort is the Key to Your Next Level
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I decided to do another solo episode, to share my experience of creating and developing my upcoming Costa Rica retreat and the fears that came up with it. I also wanted to talk about the importance of pushing oneself through discomfort to achieve growth and new levels of success.

Communicating with the consciousness of the retreat helped me feel more confident and sure about it. The power of in-person experiences and pushing oneself out of our comfort zone is key to achieving personal growth.

I encourage you to listen to your inner call to growth and not let fear around time or money hold you back.


  • (3:35) Announcements
  • (9:38) The fears of creating the Costa Rica retreat 
  • (18:20) Overcoming trauma-induced fear of discomfort; push through to achieve growth.
  •  (26:46) In-person experiences (i.g., retreats) create transformative energy. 
  • (31:26) Embrace discomfort for personal growth & development.
    (35:58) Access higher states of consciousness. Joining my Inherently Worthy Immersion is definitely your first step to it.


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As you step into the discomfort, What you come out on the other side as is a completely different version of you who feels like more of who you really are. Anything that you're drawn to that feels, ugh, I don't know if I can do that. Cause a lot of times when we're afraid of the growth, we make it about time or money because that's easy.

It's easy to make it about that. When we are feeling wobbly about the. That is put in front of us. Welcome to Reclaiming Consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor, breathwork. Practitioner and owner, and CEO of Alyse Breathes. For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming, religion, the media, and familial and ancestral trauma.

Right now, during this epic time in history, people are waking up realizing who they really. And reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they unknowingly gave. This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're capable of.

In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising conscious. This and creating a new way of living on this earth. Get ready to go deep now. Let's dive in.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. This week I have another solo episode for you, . I felt really called to speak on this topic of walking through discomfort because I just think it's such an important piece of the growth process, and I illustrated it just with talking about. My Costa Rica retreat and what that's brought up for me and the energetic shifts that I've made already, it hasn't even happened yet, , it's in April, but I had a bunch of realizations about.

The process of walking through discomfort and walking into the unknown, especially with things that we've never done before and just what can come up in that process. But always what comes out on the other side of that. And I just think that's such an important piece of the puzzle, of the journey of growth because our ego and our like physiological body, Will actually try to prevent us from putting ourselves in situations where we would be uncomfortable, right?

There's something within us that tries to prevent us from getting hurt. In some ways, it's counterintuitive to put yourself in a situation where maybe you are ego or. The wounded version of you perceives it as a way that you could get hurt. But I talk about how when we walk through those situations, we walk through the discomfort, we walk through the fear.

What comes out on the other side is a new version of you that is available for so much more, right? More money, more happiness, better relationships, you know, a larger. Business, if you have your own business or whatever it is, whatever kind of expansion that you desire or whatever expansion is meant for you.

So I really go deep into that in this episode and I hope you guys enjoy it. So just before. We go into the episode, a couple announcements. First of all, you'll hear me in the episode talk about my Costa Rica retreat, but I do still have two spaces available. I had one, but then somebody actually canceled, so I now have two.

It's actually perfect because if you want to come and bring a friend, because I know that people like to travel in pairs, it's the perfect situation for that. Also, if you. A West Coast person I didn't realize. Flying into San Jose is only like an hour and a half. If you live in Southern California, the retreat is April one to eight in the OSA Peninsula.

The price is ridiculously good for this beautiful retreat center right on the beach. It's literally right on the beach, and it's just gonna be one of those experiences that changes you. But here's what I talk about in the episode. It's like requiring yourself to walk through that discomfort of just getting yourself.

I know for me it was like, oh my gosh, cause I'm bringing my husband and kids and I had to, you know, get everything ready for them, the kids, their passports, all of these things, right? It's a lot of steps to get there, but once you do, it's so worth it because you will emerge a new version of yourself. I know that there are two more people out there who are meant to be part of this group, and I know that everything is divinely orchestrated.

So if you're feeling the call, just reach out to me. All you need to do right now is send a $525 deposit, and then we'll get you squared away with everything else. Reach out to me if you're thinking about going. It starts April 1st, and then also I have my five week immersion inherently worthy starting.

We're either gonna start next week or the week after. I'm just seeing how many more people end up coming in. We have a really nice group so far, but this again was one of those things that are, was downloaded to. Worthiness is probably the most common thing that I see every single person I work with coming up against, and there's so many reasons why at the core of whatever is blocking you from getting to your next.

Level, whether it's your next income level, your next relationship level, your next level in business is the core issue of the question of your own self-worth. Can I really do this? Do I deserve this? Am I worthy of this? I see it with every single person, including myself. It's a growth edge that we all move through at every level.

This immersion is gonna be four channeled transmissions that are meant to activate you into the new paradigm of worthiness. And I've seen it very clearly because I've been getting a ton of downloads about this information, about how we are moving into this new paradigm of embodying our own inherent worthiness just for being.

So the old paradigm is sourcing your worthiness because of what you've done, what you've accomplished, what you've produced, who you've pleased, right? Who you made happy. Cause that's the old paradigm of codependency and relationships that I source my identity, I source my worthiness from what I can do for somebody else, right?

Or how other people view me. And this is switching into a completely new paradigm. Of embodying that inherent worthiness just for the energy that you hold on the planet and nothing else. And when you're able to embody that, the manifestation process becomes much quicker. And also, it's not even about manifestation because when you are in that energy of that knowing,

Then what ends up happening is the things that are meant for you just naturally come to you, and you don't even really have to try. So this is what I've been really called to help people move into is this new paradigm of worthiness of really embodying and anchoring into your own value so that the creation process becomes much easier.

and you're able to live in this flow without the doubting, without the questioning, without constantly making yourself wrong or trying to figure things out or fix things. So we're really stepping out of that paradigm of the ego and stepping into this like higher consciousness paradigm where we have, we're much more connected to that place within you.

that is all knowing that knows the answer, that knows what's meant for you. So that's what this program is all about. It's gonna be four live transmissions and one q and a call, and it is 6 97 or two payments of three 50. We'll link it below here or reach out to me if you have any questions, but it's just gonna be such a powerful.

Immersion that's really gonna energetically shift you into this new paradigm of worthiness. This is key. This is at the core of everything I see people move through in the growth process, so I highly recommend joining us. If you feel the pull, reach out to me or click the link below. And that is all I have for now.

Enjoy the episode.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. I wanted to do another solo episode this week because there's just been so much happening in my life, and so much like transformation going on. I feel like there's so much that I wanna teach about and so much I wanna share with all of you to give you just like a deeper look into what's going on in my world and why I am doing the things that I do.

So it's really interesting. I had a lot of stuff coming up around my Costa Rica retreat. I'm sure most of you know I am hosting a Costa Rica retreat in the beginning of April, and it's really interesting because I had. Eight people signed up, which was great. I wanted to get 10 and I think, you know, I still would like to get 10 people, but I had eight.

But it was really interesting because I was feeling this kind of like heavy energy around it. And when I tuned into it, I was like, what's going on here? Like why am I feeling this heavy energy around it? And it was a mixture of things because I feel like there's also this thing that comes. , anytime we do something we've never done before.

So you know, for example, with my last retreat, which I'm gonna talk about more extensively, there was just like this part of me that was like, oh my gosh, can I really do this? And I think with every new thing that we do, there's always gonna be a part of us that's, oh my gosh, can I really do this? You. Just cuz you've never done it before.

So like that ego part of you, even though you know that you can do it, there's that ego part of your brain that's, can I actually really do this? I was feeling that. But then also there was somebody that had signed up that I felt was actually not going to go and I was like tuning into that and I was like, maybe I'm just being crazy.

Like maybe I. Projecting. I don't know, but it felt like it was like weighing on me a little bit. And then I started actually doing some energy work around the retreat. I started communicating with the consciousness of the retreat, and this is something I will do when I'm launching certain containers, as I'll actually tune into the energy of the container, and then I will ask the container like, okay.

What do you need and how can I support you? And then also like I'll ask the container to call forward the people who are meant to be in it, who are meant to receive the transmission, who are meant to receive the teachings. And so I did that with the Costa Rica retreat and it was interesting because I hadn't done that before with the retreat.

And I think it was also because I was in a little. Fear around it just because it was something that was way out of my comfort zone. And that's what I wanna talk about on today's episode is why making yourself uncomfortable is so important and it a major key to getting to your next level is like, Walking through discomfort.

So basically I was feeling, and I was, I didn't even realize I was doing this, but I was projecting a lot of fear onto the Costa Rica retreat, a just because I have never done anything like that before, and even though I knew. Someday at some point I would be doing this, especially because my friend Simon, who's co-hosting the retreat with me, he's leading the yoga portion.

He is someone that I have known for 20 years and he has been traveling around doing yoga retreats internationally for 20 years. That's how he lives. . I always knew at some point I'd be doing a retreat with him. In fact, in 2011, Matt and I did one of his Costa Rica retreats, his yoga retreat in the same area, not the same retreat center, but the same area in the osa.

And even at that time, I think I knew on some level that. Someday I'd be doing a retreat with him. So anyway, even though it's something I knew I would eventually end up doing, I still had this like energy around it of, oh my gosh, can I actually do this? And then on top of that I was like, oh my gosh, can I actually.

Fill this. Like I know going to Costa Rica is a big deal for people. I know. It was even a big deal for me, like even just the whole process of getting my passport renewed, getting the kids their passports. Like I've never taken my kids outta the country. And not that I'm like scared of that or anything, but it's just a process.

And then even to get to. The osa, you need to fly into San Jose, then take a puddle jumper, like a smaller plane to where we're staying in the osa. So it's like a process, and I noticed the way that it brought up some fear in me or made me feel uncomfortable. And then once I snapped out of it and I was like, okay, I need to start communicating with the consciousness of the retreat, with the energy of the container, because I need to really tune in here to see what needs to shift.

So I'm not feeling this way about it. I started communicating with the consciousness of the container. and asking it, what is in your highest good? Please call in the people who are meant to be here. Show me what I need to do to support this retreat. Being better than I imagine like all of these things, right?

And this is stuff I do all the time, but for whatever reason, it didn't occur to me till now to do it with the retreat. And of course, There's always reasons why things happen the way that they do. But anyway, so I started doing that and then the next morning I woke up and this woman who I thought maybe was gonna back out emailed and said she was gonna back out.

And what's really interesting is that, . It felt like such a relief, like a weight off of me because I think on some level I knew that was gonna happen and it opened up this energy around the retreat where I was like, oh my gosh, okay, now I feel like something has shifted. So the people who are meant to be in this container can actually come in.

Right? So it felt like there was a huge energy shift around. And then it just really got me thinking of my own process around it. And then also reflecting on my last retreat and how uncomfortable it made me. And then I was like, holy shit, there are these like, Things in our lives where we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations that on some level we know we're meant to be in.

For example, with my last retreat, I knew that I was meant to do it, and it's interesting too because Matt. Was actually the one that, he didn't push me to do it, but he really encouraged me to do it. He was like, why don't you do retreats? Why don't you do a retreat? You should really do a retreat. And finally I was like, okay.

But then once I started planning it, I definitely had a lot of just doubt around, oh my gosh, can I really do this? Can I really fill this? And then with that last retreat, the one in upstate New York, back in. I, not only did I sell it out, but it oversold and I was like, holy shit, okay, this is amazing. But then it also just brought up a ton of like discomfort for me because I was like, oh my gosh, I'm gonna be holding the energy of 17 people in person.

Right? And that's a totally different thing than doing it online. And also for me, you guys all know I like to go super deep, so sometimes I prefer to. A smaller group because then you know, you can go a lot deeper. So for me, the idea of having 17 people in person, I was like, oh my gosh. And even though I was super excited, there was a part of me that was like super nervous and just, you know, that doubt was creeping in a little bit of, oh my gosh, is this going to be.

everything that I hoped for. Right. So I was like walking through this discomfort of the expansion. Right. And this is the thing that I wanna talk about that I feel like is important for people to understand because I think so much of the programming we have is around. Keeping ourselves safe and keeping ourselves comfortable, even though I know intellectually we know that, you know, you have to make yourself uncomfortable.

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable in order to get what you want or in order to grow or in order to, you know, get to that next level. We're so programmed to want to stay safe and stay in our comfort zone, where even if it's like this idea of going to a retreat or going traveling internationally, or disrupting our regular routine, or leaving our family or leaving our kids, we can make it about all of these things, right?

But the reality of it is that we. Preserving ourselves from having to walk through that discomfort. And I think that comes from a lot of things, right? I think on some level, whenever we had any kind of trauma or overwhelming situation in our lives, and of course I'm gonna bring it back to this cuz this is what I do, , but whenever we have.

Like a trauma or an overwhelming situation in our lives. On some level, our body, like physiologically is trying to prevent that situation from happening again, is trying to prevent us from getting hurt again. So to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation is counterintuitive sometimes. Like the body's actually like, You don't need to do. That's okay. And then in our mind, we'll make it about the money. We'll make it about time, we'll make it about whatever, but really, we just don't want to feel that discomfort of putting ourselves in a new situation that we don't know. , and that's the reality of it. But what I realized as I was reflecting on this is the power that comes from putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

And it doesn't even have to be like I'm just using the retreat as an example because that's what came up for me recently. But it doesn't even have to be something that's like an in-person thing. It can also just be making that investment to work with a coach like you guys always hear me share about when I made my.

Investment with my mentor to work with her for one year and I agreed to pay her more than I was making each month at my job. And I didn't know how I was gonna pay her and I agreed to do it anyway cuz I knew that's what I was meant to do, even though it was. So incredibly uncomfortable. I knew that's where I was going, and I knew that's what I was meant to do, and I was willing to walk through that discomfort so I could become the version of myself that I became on the other side.

And that's what the discomfort does, is you have to walk through it. But once you do, you become a different version of yourself and you become. That next level version of yourself that you wanted to become anyway. Right. And then when I was reflecting on this with my last retreat, it was so interesting because like I said, Matt really pushed me to do it.

And obviously I was, you know, doubting myself, although I knew it was gonna be great. Right. Also because I'm really good at leading groups, I knew that it was gonna be really special. I could feel it. The group that came together. So aligned and it was so perfect. And again, that's always what happens in these types of in-person situations is the group that, and even online too.

But I always find the groups that come together are so divinely orchestrated. It's like comical almost. I remember at my last. Putting the groups together. So like there was a group, you know, the big group, but then we would do like these breakout group things where I would pair people up or put them in threes and whoever I ended up pairing.

And I just would do it intuitively. Right. I didn't even think about it. Would end up being so perfectly matched together because of what they were going through and how they could support each other. It was like laughable, how perfect it always was. And even in like the metamorphosis method, I feel like this happens all the time too, because we do partner exchanges in that, and that's my certification program.

Even in those, everyone always comes back and they're like, oh my God. That was the perfect partnership for like where we both are this month and what I needed this month. Like it couldn't have been more perfect. It's crazy how things are always divinely orchestrated and I always think about how. Barbara MEC was talking about.

I always listen to her channeled stuff. If you don't know who she is, she's a Pleidian channel. Look her up. She's amazing. But anyway, she was talking about like how things are always divinely orchestrated like that, that we don't even realize. And she's, who's really in charge here? Right? Because she's always talking about how things are so magically orchestrated in ways that we could never really.

even put together ourselves or imagine ourselves. And that's what always happens, right? So I share that to say, these groups that come together are always so divinely orchestrated and so aligned that it creates an energy that people shift from, right? But you have to be willing to put yourself through that discomfort.

And what I noticed on my last retreat, Everybody on the first night, this retreat was just Thursday through Sunday. Costa Rica's gonna be a full week, but this was Thursday through Sunday. But what happened on Thursday was that everybody got there and we all sat in a circle in the beginning to, you know, introduce ourselves whenever, immediately, as soon as we all got together.

Everybody started crying and there were some people that were like, oh my gosh, I literally have been crying since I got to the retreat center. Because it's like you put yourself through the discomfort of, okay, I'm gonna put myself outside of my comfort zone. I'm gonna fly to this place with people I don't know, and I'm going to make this.

Statement to the universe that I'm ready to make a change, that I am stepping into a new version of myself. And then when you go there, it's like a huge release cuz you're like, oh my gosh, I'm here. I made it. This is finally happening. And I think also everyone could feel how powerful the energy was and the changes that were gonna be made.

Like it was just a huge release and everyone was crying. Literally the whole first night I actually cried for every day I think. And a lot of us did because just for me too, like it's funny cuz the retreat was called Manifestation Magic and I felt like for me it was such a huge, now I'm gonna get emotional.

It was such a huge manifestation that had been coming for so long. That was just like a statement too. The growth that I've had and where I was that it just, for me, it was a huge manifestation just to have created that. You know, and it's so funny because, and this is like a total side note, but it's just coming through to share my first coach, Jocelyn, who I am still working with now, she reached out to me last night and I guess she had gotten like a Facebook memory.

Cause I was actually one of her very first clients. So her and I have. Like started our businesses almost at the same time. She was a little bit before me, obviously, but she shared a Facebook memory with me from three years ago, and this was yesterday and right now it's Tuesday. This is gonna be coming out Thursday.

So it's literally was like Monday. It was a memory from three years ago where she was celebrating me signing on for my second three month, one-on-one coaching package. And she was like a. Look at this. She's like, and think about like where you were then and where you are now. And that was only three years ago.

And it's crazy to think how much happened in those three years. So it just blew my mind and it's, and I know everybody here, everybody that's listening, if you look back on yourself three years ago, how different were you? Literally like we've all changed so much in such a short period of time in this window.

and we've all been choosing to put ourselves in these uncomfortable situations because we felt so called and so drawn to make a change. Right? And then we've all been able to see that as you step into the discomfort. What you come out on the other side as is a completely different version of you who feels like more of who you really are, you know, and is allowing more life force energy in and is allowing more of your authentic energy to be.

Its. Expressed and is allowing more of your worthiness to be expressed and is allowing more of your gifts to be expressed. And it's just crazy how that can happen so quickly if we allow it. And I also think that the energies on the planet are really supporting it right now. We're all growing so much, but we have to be willing to go through that discomfort and come out on the other side.

Which is the thing that I really wanted to get across here because I was just reflecting on it, and I feel like it's such a important piece of the puzzle, and especially with these in-person experiences, it just magnifies everything so much. It's like the energy of everybody. Putting themselves in an uncomfortable situation and stepping through the discomfort together, it creates an energy where it just makes things speed up so quickly.

Like even in that four days of my last retreat, I could not believe on Sunday the amount of transformation that happened in three days, like on Sunday morning. Looking back over the last three days, I was like, holy shit. And not only that, , but the way that everybody was so close and connected and felt so bonded, like literally for life.

Literally people made friends for life. People who were there met on the retreat and then have gone and hung out together, have gone on trips together. Crazy, right? It's so crazy how that happens in such a short amount of time because of the growth that happens when people come together. in person, so I just wanted to share about that because I think it's such an important piece of the journey is like just the effort of leaving your comfort zone and what can happen on the other side of that.

Then the other piece of this for me that I feel like was really important is after the retreat, , and that was in the end of August. Even though I was leading it, I feel like I stepped into a whole nother level of my own leadership. Just being able to take that larger group through this process. In person.

It invited me. It called me forward into an entirely new level of leadership where I was able to hold such a powerful energy, and it just so happened that at the time I was launching Accelerated Wealth, my mastermind, which is all around clearing the trauma and blocks that come up when you are growing your business and your income.

and it was really interesting because I felt like I was being called forward into a new level just with teaching about money. It wasn't something I ever really thought I was gonna be doing and teaching people like how to make more money and how to grow their business and clearing the blocks that come up, that just never was something that I thought I would be teaching.

So I was definitely being called forward into a new level of leadership as I was at that retreat and being able to hold the space for such a large. In person definitely called me forward into a new version of myself. And then the crazy thing is so many people who were at the retreat, including myself, had huge financial wins like right after the retreat and me.

September was my best month ever in my business. $103,000 in revenue, and that happened right after the retreat. So I feel like these types of situations where we put ourselves through the discomfort, we make ourselves uncomfortable. And it's not like just making yourself uncomfortable just for the sake of making yourself uncom.

It's doing something that you feel called to, that you feel excited about, but there's a level of fear that comes up or there's a level of, can I really do that? Is that really gonna be okay? Am I really gonna be okay? Am I really gonna be able to do that? Ooh, I th I don't think I have the time. Ooh, I don't think I have the money.

But you feel drawn to it. It's so important to listen to that, cuz even though it feels uncomfortable, if you're drawn to it, it means that it's for you and it's calling you forward. into your next level. And I feel like for me, with my last retreat, it really called me forward into this new energy, this new leadership energy, this new financial level.

And I know it did that for a lot of other people too, who were at the retreat. And again, this doesn't even have to be like I'm using thee as an example, but it doesn't even have to be about that. Anything that you're drawn to that feels, ugh, I don't know if I can do that, or I don't have the money or I don't have the time.

Cause a lot of times when we're afraid of the growth, we make it about time or money because that's easy. I do that too sometimes and I'm like, okay, I know this isn't actually about the money. I've proven to myself over and over again, I can make money and I can continue making more. Right? It's not about that, but it's easy to make it about that when we are feeling wobbly about the growth that is put in front of us, right?

The growth opportunity, and we can see. What we're being called forward into and our ego is just, oh, nope, I'm comfortable here. Let me just stay here. Right. So I think it's just so important to look for those situations where you feel that feeling of, I feel drawn to this. I feel like I'm being called forward into this, but I can't do it because of this.

And. And really look at, okay, well, am I just like attempting to not make myself uncomfortable? . Right. And I think that's really important to look at because those are the growth opportunities that call you forward into something else. And that's what I can feel again happening with the Costa Rica retreat as I'm like, holy shit, this is calling me forward into a whole other level.

Right. And even with just going somewhere that's really remote, and obviously I. So different there. And the energy's so different. The energy's so pure and clean, and it's like you're totally disconnected from your life, totally disconnected from reality. And you're just like in this situation where all you can do is grow and be with yourself, that's gonna call you forward into a new level.

Right? And like for me, I know leading that is calling me forward into a new level. I'm still walking through the discomfort right now, but as I'm reflecting on that, I'm like, wow, this is so important and it's so important for people to know that this is such a necessary part of the journey Is. Being willing to walk through the discomfort and being willing to be uncomfortable.

Cause I think a lot of times people are like, okay, I'm uncomfortable. What can I do to fix it? Or what can I do to get out of it? And of course we have these tools, like the breath work and the energy work and all of that is so great, but at the end of the day, sometimes you just have to be uncomfortable, you know?

And you have to just move through it. You have to feel it. because that's what's standing between you and getting on the other side, you know? So it's really important and I'm really excited to see what this portal of the retreat is going to send me into. Cause I know I'm gonna be coming out on the other side, and then I'm actually participating in a retreat in May also.

And I know that's gonna be a crazy energetic portal and. Already felt super uncomfortable around that. My brain has made it around the money, but I know I'm gonna be called forward into a whole new level of leadership and a whole new level of like emotional and spiritual maturity. . I can feel it. It's like a lot of growth happening at one time.

But one thing I've learned is. . Now I can really look at, oh wow, I'm uncomfortable. It must mean that I am about to go through another growth portal. It must mean I'm about to hit another level, and I can actually feel like even though it still doesn't feel good, I can actually feel okay with it and a little more not even comfortable.

It makes sense to me, I guess you could say, because I know that I'm about to hit another level or something is about to pop or something is about to shift. And I don't know about you guys, but I have felt such an energy shift. I'm actually recording this on March 7th, which is the full moon. And we had Saturn move into Pisces today, which is another like huge energetic shift.

And I just feel so different, especially with like my ability to channel and like the connection I feel to my guys is so much deeper. And also my channeling abilities have really skyrocketed to the point where I feel so charged up about sharing the channeled message that comes through me. Yesterday we started Beyond the Matrix, which is my membership, where I'm sharing weekly channeled messages.

And it was wild you guys, like I was feeling so much like electricity running through my body and just sharing what came through, felt so powerful and aligned. . It was so wild and I know that everyone who was watching it could feel it too. But it's not even just about like the words that were coming through.

It's like the energy that was coming through. And I really feel like we're moving into this place where we're gonna be able to access higher states of consciousness so much easier and we're gonna be able to access higher wisdom and that like broader perspective of reality, that higher consciousness perspective of reality.

Everyone's gonna have so much access to that in a way that they haven't before. And that's something that I've been feeling really strongly, and that's why I created the membership too, is because I was like, holy shit, I need to share this stuff. You know, because I could. Feel that just by me sharing it was gonna give people access to that higher dimensional wisdom, and not like just mine, but like your own higher dimensional wisdom because everybody has access to it.

It's just about activating it on a deeper level and really tuning into your own. Higher wisdom regularly, and I feel like that's what we're all being called forward into for the rest of the year and beyond, right? But it really just feels that way to me. So anyway, if you're not in that membership, I highly recommend.

And joining. You can cancel at any time too. So you can just join for one month just to see how it is and you can cancel at any time cuz you also get access to a ton of other like recorded content that you can, you know, utilize while you're in there. So anyway, I'll link that below if you guys wanna check that out.

And then also, so now I. Either two or three spots available for Costa Rica, and I'm really like, now I really can feel that there are people that are super aligned that are meant to come with us, and I'm really allowing the energy of the container to call those people in. So if you feel like you're one of those people and you're ready to go through that, Growth portal with us, then reach out to me and we can chat about the best way to get you signed up.

So that's all I have for now. Please reach out to me and let me know if this is landing. I do feel like this is such an important piece of the journey. And just so you guys know, I have been feeling really called to do more. Solo teaching episodes cuz there's just been so much information that's been coming through that I feel is pertinent to share, especially around relationships.

I'm gonna be doing another episode soon around just more insights around relationships, especially around my own relationship and the things I continue to learn as Matt and I go down this path of creating this new version of our relationship and just all the things that I've learned. Different things that I think will help all of you to be able to shift not only your, you know, relationship with your partner if you have one, but just your relationship with yourself.

So stay tuned for that. I'm sending you all so much love, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye. Thank you so much for being here. Don't forget to subscribe to the show. Leave a review, and share this show with your friends who you know are yearning for this type of content. You can stay connected with me by following me on Instagram at Alyse underscore breathe.

And by joining my Facebook group breeds a Succeed where I share my weekly energy forecast and subscribe to my list where you'll receive a free breathwork session, meditation and journaling prompts to deeply connect with your See you next time.

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