Reclaiming Consciousness

#61- Solo Episode with Alyse - The Biggest Paradigm Shift We're Making Right Now

March 02, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 61
Reclaiming Consciousness
#61- Solo Episode with Alyse - The Biggest Paradigm Shift We're Making Right Now
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Today, I’m doing a solo episode to talk about self-worth and how it can be a challenge for all of us, no matter where we are in our personal growth journeys.

In today's age of individualism and self-sovereignty, valuing ourselves and our unique abilities is essential. Trauma and societal programming can hinder us from achieving our goals, necessitating a change in perspective. By practicing self-love and self-acceptance, we can overcome the "worthiness barrier" and rise to new levels of consciousness, increasing productivity and success in all aspects of our lives. Being kind and compassionate to ourselves can help us become more self-accepting and productive.  

If you want to learn more about activating your inherent worthiness, consider joining my five-week "Inherently Worthy" program starting in mid-March. 

Remember, your desires are your soul's way of communicating with you, so trust in yourself and your worthiness, and take small steps each day towards achieving your goals.


  • (7:20) Moving into the age of Aquarius, focused on individual self-sovereignty
  • (12:27) Dismantling subconscious beliefs and patterns from our past
  • (23:46) Self-love and self-acceptance
  •  (25:36) Awareness of self-critical behaviors 
  • (31:39) Following our soul's desires to achieve our goals in life


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Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So this week I recorded a solo episode for you around this paradigm shift that we're making, the Age of Aquarius and this idea of changing the paradigm from outsourcing our worthiness, from seeking validation from other people or looking to people outside of us for validation to switching the paradigm and sourcing our own sense of value and worthiness from within.

And how I truly believe that this is some of the most important work that we can be doing right now, which is why I did a podcast episode about it, and which is also why. I'm launching a five week immersion solely about this idea of your own inherent worth. And learning to embody that worthiness from within instead of outsourcing it.

Outsourcing it is not sustainable, right? Then we're always looking outside of us to feel validated, to feel good, to feel worthy, to feel like we're enough. And the paradigm show we're really making is to source that from within. Feel that and embody that from within us. And that's what I'm talking about in this episode.

And that's also what Inherently Worthy is all about. And I really just wanted to make this episode to share with you kind of what's been coming through for me, what I've been shown by the guides. So strongly around this idea of worthiness and why this is such a crucial piece of the journey for us, whether you are a business owner, whether you are just wanting to grow and expand in whatever way, whether it's expand your income, create a better relationship, or just expand in general.

So, yeah, I just wanted to really illuminate what's been coming through for me so strong about this paradigm shift around worthiness and just really kind of illustrate this for you in an episode because it's just a message that's been coming through so strong as I've been channeling. So just a few announcements before we get to the episode.

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Anything really. And then you're also gonna get a recorded monthly breath work session that's gonna be calibrated specifically for the group. And then you're also gonna have access to all master classes I've done in the past and all master classes I will do in the future. So it's an insanely good deal and just a really fun, sacred community to be in.

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And then also, obviously inherently worthy, my five week immersion is starting mid-March. If you're feeling the pull after you listen to this episode, reach out to me and we will link it below so you can get all the info. I'm sending you guys so much love and enjoy the episode.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. I wanted to take some time this week to do a solo episode around this idea of self-worth and worthiness and deservingness, because this is such a huge topic, I think in the personal growth world, the coaching industry, all of that. And there's a reason why, because it's something that we come up against at all levels, and I wanted to take some time to talk about it because I think sometimes it can be over.

or just completely misunderstood in the ways that it actually shows up for people and why it's such an important piece of the journey as you move forward to, you know, manifest what you desire, create the business or the life that you want, create the relationship that you want. Like this is something that we come up against at every single level.

So I wanted to take some time today. To dig into why that happens and then what we can do about it. One of the single biggest paradigm shifts that we're making right now, just as a collective. You've all heard me talk about this, and I'm sure you've heard many other people talk about this. We're moving into the age of Aquarius and the age of Aquarius is a much different energy, and there's a different focus than there was previously, right? Than there was before. And right now that focus is more on the individual. It's more on your own self sovereignty. It's more on your own inner authority and sourcing your power. From within instead of looking outside of you to say, okay, well this person says I should do this, and they know better.

This person says I should do that, and they know better, right? It's dismantling from this indoctrination of, well, , I'm gonna do that because my teacher said I'm gonna do that because my parents said I'm gonna do that because my doctor said, because the government said It's really this paradigm shift from.

These other people know better than me to no one knows better than me. What is right for me? And I've talked about this a lot, but I wanna touch on this because this is the overall paradigm shift that we're making as a collective right now. And as we're doing that, there's a lot of stuff that's coming up to be dismantled from the old programming that we've been indoctrinated into.

And what goes along with that is looking at the ways that we've been co-dependent with the people in our lives and with these overall authorities in general, right? Because in some way we've been looking for. outside validation to feel okay about ourselves. And that's what co-dependency really is. It is outsourcing your sense of worthiness.

It's outsourcing your sense of value to somebody else, right? So like when we have a co-dependent relationship, we're literally looking to the other person to make us feel good about ourselves, right? We need the other person to say, , I love you. You are good enough, you are valuable in order for us to feel valuable, right?

So that's what a codependent relationship is. And right now, as a collective, we're shifting out of that way of thinking where it's, oh, I need this external validation from other people in order for me to feel okay about. So the way that kind of comes up that I see a lot of my clients struggling with in business is that they're looking to their audience or the people around them to validate what they're doing, right?.

For example, if you post something on social media, you are looking to get likes or comments or people. Saying that they agree with you in order for you to feel good about it. Now, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with being happy that people are agreeing with you or enjoying getting good feedback.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. That's great. Especially when you run a business and you wanna know that you're having an impact on people. Like of course, that's great. However, We don't wanna rely on that in order to feel good about ourselves. And I think that's one of the biggest paradigm shifts that we're making right now, and that for those of us who own businesses, or not even own businesses in general, but even just going down the personal growth path, what we're really doing is learning how to source that sense of worthiness from within instead of relying on the validation of the people around us in order to feel that sense of worthiness or being good enough or being validated.

And that's something that I think. Is a little sneaky thing that comes up at every level of growth, cuz at every level of growth we're being required to go even deeper within ourselves to source that sense of value, that sense of worthiness. That sense of deservingness because at each next level, we have to be able to see ourselves as the person who is worthy and deserving of that next level.

Whether it's money, whether it's business growth, whether it's a relationship, whatever kind of expansion it is, we have to be willing to see ourselves as worthy and deserving of. On a deeper level too, because sometimes you can say, okay, I, I'm worthy and deserving of that. But you have to feel it. And in order to feel it, there's some deeper work that needs to be done, right?

Because of the programming we've received in childhood from society, from our families, all of that is all programming around why. We're limited. Why we're lacking, why we're not good enough, why we should be afraid. So at each new level, we have to continue to dismantle all of that. And this is one of the things that I see people coming up against at all levels.

So why don't we feel worthy? Well, first of all, there's a lot of familial and ancestral trauma or patterns or beliefs that we take on from our parents and just from the programming from society that says, you are not worthy. You need to be afraid. You are not capable, you are lacking, you are limited. Like it's all stuff that we take on that needs to be dismantled in order for us to continue to grow.

Span because on some level we're carrying these unconscious beliefs that we're limited in some way, that we're lacking in some way. Even if we don't, if we're not consciously aware of it. If you are desiring to get to another level and it's not happening, most likely there is a subconscious or unconscious.

Going on inside of you that's driving the bus, that is still creating that result where you're not able to get to that next level. There's something inside of you that doesn't believe that you can do it, doesn't believe that you're worthy, deserving. Good enough. Whatever it is, however you wanna say it, and that's what needs to be dismantled at every new level so that you can expand into that next level that you want.

Right. I see this coming up with almost everybody that I work with, and usually it's a combination of what we took on from our parents, right. Without even realizing it. Just by taking on their consciousness, just by what they modeled to us and just. Being in their energy and taking that on. As we grow up, we will take on their beliefs about the world, their consciousness, until we decide we're not gonna do that anymore, and we shift it.

Right? And that's a process. That's really what comes up at every new level is this. New level of feeling worthy and deserving. Right. And a lot of it will have to do with just what we saw our parents do. So like even for me, when I started my business, I had to really be okay with and start to feel safe and comfortable with expanding past where my.

When, and that was my parents were both teachers and that was what they did with their lives. So for me to expand past that, I had to get more and more comfortable not having a regular job and then gradually expanding my income level past what they did. And even that, it takes some dismantling of whichever ways I was still holding onto their beliefs about the world, their ideas of what was available to them, their ideas of what their limitations were, and that's what I came up against.

When I started my business and started to go places in life that they never went. And then the other piece is the ancestral piece, which is also really important for me. I took on this ancestral programming around being a failure and fear of being a failure. And I think this is another thing that people come up against at all levels is some of this ancestral patterning that we're not even aware of, that we're playing.

Or around what happened to our ancestors and kind of like what fears or stuck energy or programming that they're holding in their bodies that gets passed onto us. So for me, what that looked like was fear of failure and feeling like a failure. And that was something that I had to continue to dismantle at every new level.

And then the other thing that I see, the way that I see the worthiness piece showing up for people is around just confidence, fear of being seen. This idea that, well, who am I to step forward and share my gifts? I don't have anything unique to share. There's so many other people doing this. Why am I gonna be any different?

And that underneath all of. Thoughts is I'm not good enough or I'm not worthy. Right? So the worthiness piece is like usually the core element or the core wound that we all come up against at every new level of growth because you have to be willing to see yourself as worthy and deserving of that next level, whatever that is for you.

And that's a paradigm shift because it's not only something that you. . Like decide and say to yourself, you have to feel it right. You have to embody it. And that's part of the work that has to be done in order for you to grow, is you have to be willing to see yourself differently, and you have to be willing to.

Feel differently about yourself, and sometimes this takes a little poking and prodding because sometimes we're not even aware of the unconscious limitations that we're putting on ourselves or the unconscious ways that we don't think something is available to us or. The unconscious ways that we don't think we are enough or good enough or worthy or deserving of what we desire.

For me, one of the things I came up against a lot in the beginning was just the confidence piece, right? Just feeling within my own being. Even though that I knew that I had something powerful to share, and even though that I knew I was really good at helping people heal and illuminating things for people that they couldn't see, and I had a really deep understanding of breath work and the subconscious mind and family patterns and all of that.

There was still a part of me that was like, , can I really do this right? Do I really have what it takes? And there's that like self-doubt piece that comes up. I feel like at so many different levels, whenever you step into something that you haven't done before, there's always gonna be that part of your ego brain that's like, can I really do this?

Am I really capable of this? And the only reason that actually comes up is because you've never done it before. Right? So your ego's gonna be like, well, can you really do it? You don't have evidence to say that you actually can, cuz you never have, even though your higher self, your guidance is leading you there and you know that and you trust that there's still a part of you that's like, can I really do?

and it's that worthiness barrier that you have to break through every single time. And it's really something that is worth looking at regularly so that you can continue to up-level the value that you place on yourself. And I think this is something that, again, is like one of those key components that's overlooked because we don't even realize the ways we've been indoctrinated to.

not value ourselves or to place value on things outside of ourselves versus ourselves and our own worthiness, right? But the more value that you energetically place on yourself, the easier it will be to call in more money to have more satisfying and fulfilling relationships with people that actually feel really good to you, the easier it'll be for you to.

Proper boundaries with people. I always say all boundaries are is placing value on yourself. Cuz when you value yourself more than anyone else, it's easy for you to set boundaries because you're naturally placing a higher value on yourself and you're energy. instead of abandoning yourself or betraying yourself to make other people happy.

Right? And this again, is just a big paradigm shift where it's bringing the focus back to what actually serves you and what is in your highest good. And realizing that when you do that, that actually has a ripple effect on the people around you. And not only. Is what is in your highest good, in their highest good, but it also invites them to hold themselves in a high regard and hold their energy in a high regard and place value on themselves, and they might not even realize it Conscious.

But that's actually what's happening on an energetic level is when you rise into a new level, it automatically invites the people around you to calibrate to that level themselves. And they might not even realize it, right? Like, I've noticed this happening in my relationship over the last year. Every time I calibrate to a new level, every time I hold my own energy in a really high.

Within the context of my relationship, it actually invites my husband to show up differently and every time I hold the space and the energy for him to show up in the way that I would like him to show up, he does. And we're able to meet on a much higher energetic level just because I'm. Allowing him to calibrate to my level instead of me feeling like I need to go down a level, if that makes sense, because I'm holding a very high value on my own energy and what I'm requiring, and then the people around you just naturally fall in line.

People always say to me when they first start working with me, they're like, I don't know what's going on. My, I had a client say to me the other day, everything's just better in my relationship, but I'm so confused. I don't know what happened. And I'm like, you don't need to know what happened. It's just because your energy is shifting and your calibrating to a higher frequency, your partner is meeting you there.

It's just a natural, energetic thing that happens. So I share all this to say, That the value that we place on ourselves, the feelings that we have towards ourselves of holding ourselves in a high regard and holding ourselves in a level of deservingness and worthiness, really has a ripple effect on everything else that we're doing.

So this is essentially why I decided I want to. Create an entire five week program on worthiness is because this is such an important piece of the puzzle for literally every single person, is the way that you treat yourself, the relationship you have with yourself, the energy you put towards yourself.

Is the single most game changer of getting to where you want to be with speed and with efficiency, because whatever it is you wanna create, however it is, you wanna expand. What's gonna be required of you is holding yourself in an even higher value than you did before. That is the missing piece between you and your next level.

I was talking about this the other day with another mentor, is so much of the work that we're doing when we're learning to grow, create a business, expand our vision of what's possible for ourselves, is also really just this initiation or this journey of coming back to this place of deep self-love and self-acceptance.

And it's funny, I always share about how. When I first started reading the Akashic records and when I first went into the records and I would ask for guidance regularly, the biggest piece of guidance that I would get was you need to love yourself more. Love yourself, love yourself. Self-love, self-love, self-acceptance, self-love.

and I would be like, what the fuck? This is so annoying. I want some information about aliens. Like I want some really good information, and all you're telling me is I need to love myself more. What the heck? But really at the time I didn't realize how important that was, and I didn't realize the. Magnitude of that message because I didn't even realize at the time the point to which I was not loving myself, the point to which I was not holding a high value on myself.

The way that I wasn't even treating myself well, and here's the thing that sometimes we don't even realize because of the way we've been indoctrinated in our society and from our parents. Cause I always say we treat ourselves the way our parents treated us. Until we get conscious of it and change it.

Sometimes we don't even realize the way that we are treating ourselves. That's actually. Not really that nice, and that's actually hyper critical, hyper judgemental, and that overall just really doesn't feel good. I have been through multiple. Times in my life, including recently where I've come to the realization of the degrees, to which I have been really hard on myself, been overly critical and judgmental, and not really accepting of myself.

And every time I've shifted that, every time I've come to a new level of self-acceptance, come to a new level of releasing the judgment, releasing the criticism, releasing the ways I beat myself up. , I've hit a new income level every single time. But the key to this is the awareness of it, right? And that's part of what we're gonna be doing and inherently worthy is helping you pinpoint these unconscious ways that we actually are hyper judgmental.

Hypercritical are always looking for the problem within ourselves that needs to be solved. Instead of coming to this place of self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-love, and really holding ourselves in a high regard. And what's on the other side of that is your next level of expansion, right? Whatever that is for you.

It's really leaning into. Who you are, trusting who you are, accepting who you are. And it doesn't mean that you don't wanna grow, you don't wanna change. You don't wanna keep getting better and better. That's not what this is. But what it is, is changing the energy that you have towards yourself so that you are incongruence with your higher self, with that divine love energy that wants to run through you and channel through you.

Because that is really what's going to attract the clients, the money, the relationship, right? The reason why I wanted to share about this is because I really wanted to, Help you guys understand where I'm coming from when I'm saying how important the worthiness, self-love, self-value journey is to where you're going, right?

And it doesn't matter where you are on your journey. If you have a business, if you're later on in business, if you're just starting out, if you don't, if you are questioning whether you want to leave your job and start a business, or you're just wanting to better yourself and to grow. , this journey of worthiness is a non-negotiable for everyone and this is a game changer.

So in the program it's just five weeks cuz it's really like the guide showed me that it's meant to be an activator for you to activate you into this new energy of holding yourself in a high regard of placing this value on yourself and really coming into this place of. Self-acceptance, self-love, and leaning into your own energy and trusting yourself.

So it's five weeks, four weeks of transmissions, and then the fifth week is gonna be a q and a. And it's really just meant to activate you into this higher frequency of worthiness so that everything kind of lines up and becomes easier. And you're kind of activated into this new way of operating within yourself.

Because what I see with every single person I work with is it's really just about changing the relationship with yourself and realizing the ways that you may be treating yourself that are actually incongruent with the things that you wanna create and the ways that you might be doing that on more like an internal, subtle, subconscious level.

are actually not benefiting you and are actually stopping you from getting to where you wanna be. So in this program, we're really going to dismantle that and I'm really gonna show you how to relate to yourself in a much different way so that your energy is actually congruent with calling in the things you wanna create that next level for you, whatever that is, and wherever you are.

You'll be able to align more congruently with that. It really is a journey of coming back to. Yourself and treating yourself in a way that actually creates an energy within you that aligns with what you want. So I hope this is making sense. I'm a lot of times shown energetic visuals of things and what I'm supposed to be transmitting to you.

And sometimes I'm like, am I explaining this right? So hopefully this is making sense. I would love to hear your thoughts about this. If you have questions about this or wanna know more about the program. We start in the middle of March, it's just 5 97 to join, or you can do it in two payments of 300. And this really is an opportunity to shift on a deeper internal level just by hearing these transmission.

It's all gonna be mostly channeled. Usually what happens is the guides show me like exactly what I'm gonna be talking about, and then they give me some talking points, and then I just channel through the messages that are meant to come through each week. But it's really all gonna be about aligning you and embodying you into your own inherent worthiness, which it's already your.

Right, and this is the thing that I'm always shown in all of the energy work that I do for people, is that you are already inherently worthy just for being you. And this is the other paradigm shift that we're really making that we're gonna be making in the program, is we've really been indoctrinated into believing that we have to derive our worthiness from what we do.

how we perform, what we create, and we're really making the shift into embodying our own inherent worthiness just for being who we are. And this is something I see in everybody's Akashic records, is that you came here to hold a frequency. , and just by you being here and holding that frequency, you are making a contribution.

And it's really about understanding that just for you being here and holding the energy that you hold, you are inherently worthy and deserving of all that you desire because your desires are actually your soul's way of communicating with you. This is what you should have. This is your next level. This is yours.

This is where you're going. That's what your desires are communicating with you. So it's also really important to trust that. As well and realize that because you desire something, it means that you are worthy and deserving of it, and that's really what we're going to be anchoring into and embodying you into in this five week activation inherently worthy.

Like I said, we start mid-March. I would love to have you, if you're feeling the pull towards this, please reach out to me. We will link it below so that you can sign up. But this is unlike anything I've ever taught because. All channeled, all transmissions, and then just one q and a call. So there's not really gonna be much questions or coaching until the end.

It's all channeled, all transmissions, all meant to activate you into this new frequency of worthiness, this new paradigm of worthiness that we are stepping into on the planet right now. So thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this, if it's resonating. Please reach out and let me know and reach out if you have any questions about joining the program.

So I'm sending you all so much love and I will talk to you soon. 

Moving into the age of Aquarius, focused on individual self-sovereignty
Dismantling subconscious beliefs and patterns from our past
Self-love and self-acceptance
Awareness of self-critical behaviors
Following our soul's desires to achieve our goals in life