Reclaiming Consciousness

#65 - How to Shift Your Identity to Make Big Money with Louisa Havers

March 30, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 65
Reclaiming Consciousness
#65 - How to Shift Your Identity to Make Big Money with Louisa Havers
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"Feeling like I could give myself permission to earn money in a different way and for it not to be like hard work because there's this illusion of success because you're working really hard. People are giving you that kudos. So proud of you darling, cuz you're working really hard... programming, programming programming."

This week’s guest is Louisa Havers who is an internationally renowned Business Coach, creator of The Helix Method and Master Akashic Records Teacher & Trainer. 

After many years working as a  Senior Manager in Social Services Louisa came to the understanding that she was on the path to “corporate burnout”  and wasn’t really living  according to her purpose in life. She finally made the transition when a couple of health scares made her realize “I’m not going to be waiting for my pension, living and doing the job just to get to the pension”. 

For Louisa, the hardest process was allowing herself to grieve the old version of herself and enjoy the journey of “being a newbie again” in a whole new world, where you don’t know your place. I understand her completely because I felt this way too when I started my own business but honestly, the journey becomes an empowering path of spiritual growth.

(08:43) Pivotal moments
(11:46) The gift
(15:13) Who is me?
(17:12) The starting point
(23:34) The art of asking the right questions and dismantling beliefs
(35:20) The Helix Method
(39:09) The initiation 
(42:52) The skills 
(45:41) Mentorship & coaching



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Louisa Havers: I left behind 13 years of doing this thing and I realized that my whole identity has become wrapped up in the job, and so, letting go of that was like cutting off an arm in one respect. When we had one of our biggest months in, in terms of our business growth to date was my dad's annual salary in a month in our business.

Feeling like I could give myself permission to earn money in a different way and for it not to be like hard work because there's this illusion of success because you're working really hard. People are giving you that kudos. So proud of you darling, cuz you're working really hard programming, programming programming.

Having the discernment to be able to make decisions that are gonna support your business and not just take some coaches' advice when they might not know your business as to where it's at. 

Alyse: Welcome to Reclaiming Consciousness. My name is Alyse Bacine, spiritual mentor, breathwork practitioner and owner, and CEO of Alyse Breathes.

For many years, our consciousness has been hijacked by societal and cultural programming. Religion, the media and familial and ancestral trauma right now during this epic time in history, people are waking up realizing who they really are and reclaiming the pieces of their consciousness that they unknowingly gave away.

This podcast is an exploration of how so many spectacular humans are leading the way in exiting the matrix and reclaiming who they really are and what they're capable of. In this show, you'll meet exceptional people who are paving the way in raising consciousness and creating a new way of living on this earth.

Get ready to go deep now. Let's dive in.

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So this week I am chatting with Louisa Havers, who I've known for a long time. Um, basically since I started in. My business, her and I have been in masterminds together and in different groups together, and we finally got a chance to sit down and chat. We talk a lot about money in this episode, which is great, and just like the identity shift that's required in order to step into higher and higher income levels and higher and higher levels of wealth, and this is just such an important piece of the puzzle.

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Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. Today I have Louisa Havers with me on the show. Super excited to have her. For those of you who don't know her, she is an internationally renowned success and business coach, creator of the Helix Method and Master Akashic records teacher and trainer with the Sole Journeys method, and she enables high achievers and coaches to unlock their superpowers, turbocharged, soul aligned magnetism, and lift the ceiling in both their lives and businesses.

So welcome to the show, Louisa. Thank 

Louisa Havers: you for having me. I'm so excited to be here for our conversation today. 

Alyse: Yes, me too. I'm really excited to chat with you. It's so funny cuz we've been in each other's worlds for so long and then we finally had a one-on-one conversation, I don't know, a month or so ago, and I was like, oh my gosh, that's so weird.

Haven't been having this conversation for a really long time, which I'm sure in other lifetimes and other timelines we were. But I'm really excited for this conversation and to dive deep with you. And I really keep feeling the pull to talk to you about money. I, and I know that's part of what you do, but my guys were showing me as I'm thinking about this, they were like, money, talk about money.

I'm like, ok. So yeah. So just throwing that out there, but I'd just love to hear from you just like a little bit. About your story for the audience, maybe just a couple of those pivotal moments in your life that kind of got you to where you are now. 

Louisa Havers: Yes, and I love talking about money, so thank you guys.

Alyse: Yes, we'll totally be talking about money today, . 

Louisa Havers: My background is six years ago I left what I've been doing for well over a decade for like 13 years. I was working as a senior manager in social services and whilst I. Did love that and I love making a difference in my local community and developing services for all different types across community safety and working with very complex cases.

From a social services perspective, I realized I was on a path of. Corporate burnout and not living my purpose. I was a single mom raising my two sons, and so anybody in the public sector will recognize this, particularly if they're in the uk, is we had been through over a decade of public service cuts.

And what that meant was as a senior manager, you did not get a pay rise. They would give you more. and they would give you the same pay. And so I was getting poorer, working harder, , my children were getting bigger and more expensive and I was like, hang on. What had worked well in the beginning used to, this just isn't working for me anymore.

From a kind of lifestyle perspective of being able to look after my children and to, and whilst I enjoyed the work, it was just getting more and more stressful. And I would say there's a pivotal moment, well, quite a few, but two ones that are springing to mind now to share was, the first one was having seen my father Ill health retired.

Uh, he died in 2004, so it was a period leading up to that where he had been ill health, retired for a number of years, and. I remember growing up with him and him working in this job always saying, well, when I retire I'm going to do this. When I retire, I'm going to have this art exhibition. Cause he was an artist before this corporate job and there's all these amazing things that he was gonna do when he retired.

And then of course he had ill health retirement. He couldn't really have the retirement that he wanted. So there I am with that in the back of my. He had just passed away, and I was like, oh, marvelous. I'm just basically recreating this lineage of working too hard, never really seeing my family, not having time for a life.

and getting home at the end of the evenings, just feeling like I was just living to pay the bills, and I was just like, oh God, is this it? This is just, it can't be it. This is just exhausting. And then I didn't pay any attention to my intuition. I just carried on doing what I was doing. And so the universe is right.

Hang on, she's not listening. We're gonna have to give her. Something she's gonna really pay attention to. So, fast forward a few years where I'd started kind of awakening as it were in terms of work. I was my empathic, my empathy was waking up in the workplace, which was very complex because of course I'm sitting in board meetings reading complex cases and feeling it going, what an earth is going on there?

And then, and realizing no one else was really seemingly to have this issue develop. And then I got up after a stressful period, um, with through kind of family stuff and work stuff. The universe gifted me with a about of shingles followed by postviral fatigue. So I was like wiped out in bed for sort of six months, and the gift was the start of my father's.

Ill health retirement was shingles, . . So I was like, ok, I'm not paying attention now. . Mm-hmm. . And it took me a good few years to make that transition, but I had intention. I was like, right, I'm doing this now. I am not going to be waiting for my pension. Like a lot of people were living and doing the job just to get to the pension and then retire.

I was like, I'm not doing that. I wanna live life now. I wanna live more of life now. And I'm terrifi. Of leaving and starting my own business, but I'm gonna do it. I have to do it for myself. My. Have to give it a go. And so I started getting things lined up so that I could leave without completely frazzle, frazzling, my nervous system.

Alyse: Did you know what you were gonna do for your business? 

Louisa Havers: Well, do you know what? I knew I was gonna do coaching. That was the plan. I didn't know it was gonna become such an energetic and spiritual business. I thought it was gonna be more kind of straightforward business coaching and life coaching. , but more from a cognitive perspective rather than an energetic perspective.

The piece for me that really exploded was the moment I left social services, and I guess I really allowed myself to connect my head in my heart again and actually to give myself permission to listen to what my intuition. And to really start to, to develop that part of me, if that makes sense. 

Alyse: Yeah, totally.

Well, I can relate to this so much cuz obviously I was a school counselor and I experienced a lot of that too. And I remember when I. Got another job. Cause I think, I thought I was unhappy and I thought the universe was pushing me to just get a different school counseling job. And I did. And then, and I also got a raise, like what I thought was a significant raise at the time.

Now I realize it really, it was like an $8,000 raise, which like to me at the time seemed like so much. But then, . Once I got to the job and then I started like receiving that amount of money, I really had this strong realization of like, oh, I'm like never gonna make the type of money I want to make. in this job is just not gonna happen.

When it was like that moment of realizing, yeah, that's not gonna happen, , and like if I wanted to make the type of money that I desire, I would have to be doing something else. So I totally get that. So then how was that process for you? Of leaving. 

Louisa Havers: Oh, do you know what? It was harder than I thought, even though it was something that I had been so intentional about.

I'd spent three years making the transition in terms of reducing my hours at work and increasing my income outside of work. So I had something for went far and I left. And I think the big bit for me that I hadn't really considered at all was the, my identity of who I was stepping into becoming, if that makes sense.

Yeah. So I left behind 13 years of doing this thing, and I realized that my whole identity has become wrapped up in the job. And so he, letting go of that was like cutting off an arm in one respect of then going well, and this is where the beautiful unfolding was. Like, who am I without that job? Oh me, well who is me?

What's going on? And it completely kind of threw me. But it was a brilliant journey cause it's one of the pieces I help people with. Now, anytime you're wanting to up level or to change something in your life, to change your reality in your. Your identity is so key in being able to really embody it and allow yourself to fully receive whatever it is that you are wanting to change.

So I think for me, the hardest bit was the kind of grieving, the old version of myself, allowing myself to enjoy the journey. Like being a newbie again in a new environment, . But you've gone on from knowing kind of everything. Cause you've been there for so long, part of the furniture type thing. So being in a space where it's like all these new people doing stuff that this whole new world opened up and where is my place within this and.

It felt very expansive and I felt like a tiny little fish in a big wide ocean going Help. I've gotta find my place within this. Does that make sense?

Alyse: Oh my gosh, totally. And I definitely felt that way. I think especially like in the beginning too, when I realized that I wanted to start a business, I remember just looking at what other people were doing and it was like this weird dichotomy too, where I feel like I would look at certain people and I would be.

I can do that. Like not in the way of the business stuff, but like what they were talking about, like what they were teaching about that was always came so easy to me just like teaching and like spirituality and stuff. So I remember being like, oh, I know what she's talking about. I could totally do that.

But then when I looked at like the way that people were running their businesses, I would always feel that feeling that you're talking about of being like, oh, . This is something that I know nothing about. I mean, obviously I learned, but I totally resonate with that. Obviously we know that really starting a business like this is a path of personal growth, but how did that start to develop?

Like obviously you started working with Energy and Spirituality and the Akashic record, so like how did that all unfold for you? 

Louisa Havers: The starting point. I remember this was like a catalyst. It really was a. I had a network marketing business that was the bit that had let me leave my job cause I'd managed to get that growing to a certain level so I could reduce my hours and have something.

And it was within health and wellness. And we were doing an event with a colleague of mine one day, like a health and wellness event. We were raising money for one of her dear friends who had cancer. So it was like a charitable event and we'd got lots of health and wellness practitioners from around the area.

We were doing like a little thing on nutrition presentation and my friend Kate was leading that and I was supporting. And there was this lady there who was doing chronic healing, which is like reiki for, for people that perhaps aren't familiar with that. And I kept looking over at this woman who just looked like she was waving her hands at people as they, as they had their eyes closed.

And I was like, what is going on over there? and she'd do it for like 10 minutes. I couldn't really tell. It just looked like nonsense to me cause I didn't understand what was going on. And remember, people would then get up and go, oh my God, that was amazing. And I'd be like, what is this? And so by the end of the evening, cause I was just kind of kept looking at this, by the end of the evening, it was like 11 o'clock at night.

We clean up the tables and I was like, I just have to ask her if she can do it for me, because I really wanna know what this is. And my friend Kate had been raving about, So I went over and I asked her to do it. She's like, yeah, she'll sit down. So I sat down in the meditative position and she started doing her thing and I had my eyes closed and I felt her come over to me, start doing something over here.

It's like she was touching me here on my aura, just on my left shoulder there. And then she went away and uh, I opened my eyes and she's like, how is that? And I said, oh, well I felt it when you came over and you touched my shoulder here and was doing all these things. And she went, I never moved. And I was.

What What? Cause I knew what I'd felt. Yeah. And then she told me what she'd done and I'd felt everything, so it just blew my mind and I had so much energy for a week after that. I was like, Straight away just went off and trained to be a . Cause I had no other sessions. I was like, I'm in. That's mad that I could feel it.

And I, it's just, for me, it really, I was like, oh, this is what I've been feeling when I'm around people. And you know, there's pieces when you don't understand what's happening as to. Suddenly you can connect the dots. And I had a lens to look through things and to really understand things and to understand why some people weren't feeling it.

And I was, and I wasn't going crazy. 

Alyse: I know exactly what you mean. That's how I felt when I got introduced to the Akashic records because it was like, it gave me this frame of reference for something that I always had access to, but I just didn't know what I was doing. Like I didn't know. what I was accessing.

But then when I learned about the records and I like accessed the records for the first time, I was like, oh, this is just like how I always like know things about people, but I don't know how, or I think I'm making it up like this is this thing . You know? And like it gives you like a frame of reference for something for some like part of yourself that you always knew, but you didn't know how to explain it, or you didn't know exactly what it was or how to define it.

and then all of a sudden, oh, like I'm able to do this or this is something that like I've been feeling, but I just didn't know what it was. I totally understand that. So then did you start incorporating that into like your coaching. 

Louisa Havers: Yeah, so I started incorporating it into my coaching and I'd say not traditionally doing like chronic healing, but weaving what I'd learned into the way I was coaching.

So it was more of a chronic coaching . And then I got really good at following the kind of spiritual breadcrumb trails, if that makes sense. And so then I went on and trained in another modality. Yeah. And from that then really was able to, which includes muscle testing, which I, is a key part of how I work now.

And so I've sort of brought everything that I've learned from all the different trainings that I've done in, into how I work now with my clients, with the Helix Method and then with the cache records as as well. And that's, My favorite way to, to work with people. Yeah. Um, in relation to that and the cash it records really came to me.

You know how you were saying like, oh, that's what I'm doing was as my intuition was getting stronger and stronger and that piece of, you know, me like, you know, things and I would very sentient, I feel things in my body for the other person and something's like, how, how are you doing that? I'm like, is see cash records that you're, you're tapping into.

So yeah, I completely agree. Being able to have this understanding through. The training to be able to give you, well, obviously you're always up leveling your skills whenever you are doing a training with someone and learning. But to be able to have that perspective of, oh, this is what this is, is very freeing and to.

I just think their cachet records has been the biggest game changer for me being able to really understand how to work with them so you can go deeper than I have been previously to actually really use them as a tool. Yeah. Life changing. 

Alyse: Yeah. Well, and you mentioned like the um, kinesiology piece, which I know you use with people specifically around money, which I know we wanna talk about.

So can you explain a little bit about. ? 

Louisa Havers: Yes. So one of the tools that I use is kinesiology muscle testing. And we use it from a perspective, well, the one that I love doing is the sway test, which is where you, you use your body basically like a pendulum, like a, a dousing device. And I love using it cuz it's really easy for people to be able to learn how to do it themselves, to do it at home.

And when you're working distantly with people. Coach them on how to use the muscle testing. They can be in their room in America or Australia, wherever they are, and I can see what's happening with their energy when they're doing the muscle testing. So it's a really easy way to be able to do that. And what's happening with the muscle testing if someone isn't familiar with it, is you can ask your body yes no questions.

And with the sway test, you'll go forwards for a yes and backwards for a no. So it's very simple way to unlock. What's being held in your body, in your subconscious, cuz your body will respond. And so you can identify so many resistances, blocks, trapped emotions, all the things simply from muscle testing.

The art is in asking the questions because. Sometimes people can get confused with the readings that they're getting because of the way they've asked the question, if that makes sense. So that's definitely an art, but you can really un uncover. You can have, and you'll know this, I know you know this, Alyse, but you can have like conflicting beliefs while you can have, I am worthy of receiving.

A hundred K months, I'm unworthy of receiving a hundred K months. You can have both those beliefs in different levels of your consciousness, and of course if you don't realize that, you might be thinking, oh, I've muscle tested. I am worthy of having a hundred K month. . I'm all good to go. Nothing else to do here.

But actually there's other layers of beliefs that are lurking, linked to the belief that's the opposite, that's hiding. Cause the subconscious wants to keep you in that old identity to keep you safe. Yeah. So that's why I love muscle testing because it's just a really quick way of helping. to identify what's going on.

And with the sway test, you feel it in your body. It really helps people to awaken their intuition. Cuz as they're asking the questions, they start to always, as they start to connect more with their heart. And if people are intuitive anyway, they get it straight away. But as people be suddenly going, oh, that's got a pain in my back.

Where's that come from? That's really weird. I'm like, no, it's not weird. . , completely normal. That's your subconscious speaking to you . 

Alyse: So then how would people know what questions to ask? Cause I think that's the hardest part, right? Is figuring out what questions to ask. But is that something that you coach people through?

Louisa Havers: Yeah, exactly. Knowing exactly what to ask. And I think a great ways, if people are wanting to test it out and to start is. Looking around to see what's going on in your reality. That's not how you would like it to be. Cuz we are magnets, we're signaling out to the universe, telling the universe what to bring us more of.

So if there's something in your reality that's not in alignment or you're not experiencing it as the way that you'd like to experience it, then that's the starting point of, okay, have I got a belief that is blocking. , X, Y, Z desired result. Have I got an emotion that's blocking X, Y, Z desired result? Have I got a resistance, an energetic resistance that is blocking X, Y, and Z?

That would be a great starting point. And then it's being able to follow the energy to go. It's like I'm doing a ball of string, an energetic ball of string to kind it to get to the roots. And of course, there's core fear underneath all of. To be able to go, right, hang on, let's drill right down. Get to the root, straight away, , right?

Pull that out. And always as we're doing this, people will remember things that might seem random, but again, it's just the subconscious speaking and coming through that, those layers of consciousness so you can go, ah. So that might be why I've created this belief, cuz it's something to do with whatever that happened to me when I was a child or.

Talking of money, often it can be experiences that people have had either for themselves, where perhaps they've had like a financial trauma, a business decision didn't go as well as they wanted, and then of course you're gonna be really fearful about potentially recreating that if you haven't healed that trauma and, and being able to let that go or you or senior parents have a financial drama and to be able to.

Let that go. Often people will think, oh, it hasn't made a, had an impact on my consciousness. 

Alyse: Oh, it has . Yep, . No, I was just talking about this earlier. I had to dismantle from for starting my business and everything. Like what I witnessed with my parents, but also what I took on from my father. And just a lot of like fear of failure and a lot of just thinking that they're always gonna be making mistakes with money or money is never gonna be what you want it to be.

Like all those kinds of beliefs and for me, I didn't really so much realize that I had any of that. Obviously I. Had issues with money, but none of that really came to the surface until I started my business and I was forced to. To move through that. So what would you say for you were some of the most challenging things that you came up against when it came to growing your business and making 

more money?

Louisa Havers: Oh my word. There's been so many. I mean, , it's like money was the greatest healer, I think, because it just, we project so much onto, onto money. I think the identity piece of being somebody could earn more money than I used to earn in a month. That. Job. I remember one of the, this really landed bizarrely in my energy field when we had one of our biggest months in, in terms of our business growth to date was my dad's annual salary in a month in our business.

And that really triggered a whole load of stuff, of kind of guilt of thinking. Cause I'd seen my dad work so hard and now I'm like, Really fun stuff, and stuff that I love. I've got more time with my children being able to work from home and to be able to let that settle in my consciousness around moving beyond the guilt and feeling like I could give myself permission to earn money in a different way and for it not to be like hard.

and to also not, 

Alyse: that's a huge paradigm shift. Sorry, I just have to say cuz we all think like on some level, that we have to suffer for money or do something we don't like for money. 

Louisa Havers: Exactly. That's exactly it. Or that we only deserve it if we work really hard. And I think, yeah, as the business grew, I would have those comparatives and my consciousness around what was going, what happened for my dad.

And then also looking back to the old version of myself who was. So hard not making ends meet. Having the perspective of my parents thinking she's so successful. Cause she's working really hard. . Yeah, yeah. But it's not working for me cuz this is rubbish, you know? 

Alyse: Yeah. Like it was, it's so funny. I would always look around at everyone that I worked with and be like, are you like able to pay your bills?

Cause like I'm not like, and I always had the luxury of. A partner who made up for what I was lacking financially. So like I would look around at everyone else who maybe were single parents or didn't have that luxury and be like, how are you like living? Cause I couldn't ma, I couldn't live on that salary.

And I was wondering how people who are in a wor like, not to say worse or better situation, but a situation where they might not have had the support that I. and be like, how are you doing it? And it still blows my mind even when I look at my parents who are both teachers for their whole lives, like how did they survive all those years?

Because you literally make Carly enough money to live on. 

Louisa Havers: Completely. And is that that what our consciousness then has in terms of expectations of being completely sucked into the slave matrix in the sense of you've gotta work really hard for barely anything. Yeah. And your acceptance of that. And when I look back and think what I tolerated Yeah.

Within the organization because. That's what it was. Everyone around you, in your environment is programming you to continue in that vein. Cause there's this illusion of success because you are working really hard. People are giving you that kudos. You know the amount of tires are proud. You're proud of you darling, cuz you're working really hard.

Programming. Programming. Programming. . Yeah. Oh my god. . Yeah. And. I think for me is comparing that to my, the old consciousness of the version of me that was working there and then, oh my word. There's just so much more that you can create. You are a free agent when you're an entrepreneur, to be able to create your own economy, and I think that, for me has just been so freeing and being really able to, I guess to see in my own consciousness the difference between, as I've unpicked all this programming.

To be able to expand my wealth consciousness so that I can allow more money. And of course I've got more work to do. There's always more work to do as I go on the journey and you find something else that's triggering you, oh, what's this being revealed? Didn't see that one coming. , you know? But I'm glad, always something glad I found it cause that's blocking.

Growth of business and being able to help more people and get out there and make that impact. 

Alyse: Yeah, no, I totally hear you. And I think it is just this process too, of what I always say is just getting comfortable, making money just for being you. and we don't feel comfortable with that at first. I think, and I know for me, even at every kind of new level that I come up against, like even every time I raise my prices, for example, I'll still feel that uncomfortable feeling of, oh my gosh, do I deserve?

To be making this much money. Or for example, if I have a new client sign on a bigger, like a private client or something, and all of a sudden as soon as the money comes through, I have this urge to be like, oh my gosh, I have to like, Do all of these things for this person, right? And then I'm like, okay, no, I don't have to do, I don't have to like, but it's like this urge where all of a sudden, because I receive this money, my natural like instinct is to be like, oh, what do I do?

I have to do something for them. And then I just have to bring myself actually like, no, actually Alyse, it's totally fine. Everything's set up. You have an assistant, she's gonna get everything going for you. Like you actually don't have to do anything. It's safe to make money. Just for being you. But it is, it's a constant reminder.

I think that we have to, at least for me, I know that I have to really like consciously and intentionally shift that paradigm regularly. 

Louisa Havers: Completely. Cause otherwise we go back to that old default set point, like our bodies. I was talking about this with clients the other week where some clients had broken through, they'd had their first couple of hundred K months.

Just to give this one an example. And I remember her saying to me, this is really weird. This feels harder than when things were difficult. And the example she gave was, she was really used to like having a bit of a fight with her Facebook ads. They she'd submit them to be approved. They wouldn't be approved.

She'd have to tweak things. It was. Sticky and Nicky and it would take a lot of time and it was a lot of battle and stress and she's like, my body doesn't know what to do. with this new emotion of it all being easy and it's in flow and I can feel my body wanting to recreate the kind of chaos cuz I know what to do in that situation.

Yeah, it's comfortable. Yeah. And so we re We have to be vigilant, otherwise the subconscious is going to find a sneaky way to recreate that emotion that it's actually addicted to in the body. So that we want to create new things to get addicted to hundred percent. That's get, 

Alyse: yeah, and also just like being intentional in each moment.

I was just talking about this on a group call. I feel like it's always like these little. energetic investments that you make in each moment that like then, Build on each other and contribute to a quantum leap, or that kind of pushed you over the edge. But it's like in each moment you have to decide, okay, am I gonna act as the version of me who's making a hundred K months, or am I gonna act as like the wounded version of me?

And every time, like in each moment when you act as that version of you, That you wanna step into, then that all builds up to you becoming that version of you. But you have to decide in each moment. It's not like you just snap your fingers and everything's changed. . 

Louisa Havers: Yeah, that's so true. That's such a beautiful way to describe it cuz it is constant decision making and being able to take yourself by the hand.

It's like your future self, isn't it? Taking yourself by hand and Come on. Come on Louisa. Come on. Yeah, we're going this way, . 

Alyse: Exactly. So I also wanted to ask you too, can you tell us about the Helix method? 

Louisa Havers: Yes. So the Helix method came through the ACC records in terms of you're supposed to be teaching your own modality.

And I was like, really . And then started explore how I could really start to tell people what I actually did. Because you know, when you, you have your own way of working and you're. It's just all in your head, . So that was a process of kinda having to unpick it all and get it outta my head onto paper. It's an energy psychology technique where I'm coaching other mentors and healers to use our techniques to be able to help their clients to break through that.

I'm always saying breakthrough without for limits. Cause that's my favorite way to, to work. We've got mentors that come in and love to do the healing around conditions and people with, with things that they wanna heal around their health. And so it's, yeah, it's an energy psychology technique. We use a lot of muscle testing to help uncover.

I find that all our coaches that we train, if they're not already on their spiritual, They explode into their spiritual awakening as they start to, you know, cause I encourage everybody, it's an experiential journey as they're going through the training. Cause I'm encouraging everybody to have their own breakthroughs and to be able to use the techniques on each other so that they are practicing and have got that.

Their own experience. And so they start to get these amazing results as well as they, as they use it. So it's a, I'd say it's a blend of energy healing and using psychology and then really helping people with the manifesting piece of really embodying their identity. And so I give people tools to support them in really being able to follow some processes.

They're not having to try and think, okay, what do I need to do to shift my consciousness here is actually, here's the process. Follow this. You'll get the results that you. To kind of like, oh, what do I do out out of the work? 

Alyse: Yeah. I feel like people always hit that, and people always say this to me too.

Okay, so I know what the problem is, but now what do I do? Yeah. You know, . So it's really important to have that piece for people. Cause especially in the beginning, I feel like people say that to me a lot. Okay. I get what you're saying. I agree with you, but what do I do with this information? 

Louisa Havers: Yeah, exactly.

Exactly. I think it's when you are confident in terms of applying your process, that in itself is really helpful for you to be able to know that it works for you to have those results. Being able to believe that you're gonna be able to make those changes is really, , because that's the intention, isn't it?

Behind what you are applying. It's gonna have a bigger impact than if you're like, nah, I'm not quite sure if this is gonna work, . But when you're following a Oh, absolutely a proven process, that gives you confidence. Certainly the newer people that are coming in, they've got the confidence cause they can see what's happening around them.

And then of course people are more experienced like, yep, I know this is gonna work cuz. , they've been working in the field for a while and that know that the how you approach everything, your intention behind your energy follows your intention and you're gonna create with that. So powerful. 

Alyse: Yes, a hundred percent.

So I'm guessing this also applies to helping people break through their upper limits with money as well, right? 

Louisa Havers: Yes. So I've got a program where I help people break through their upper limited money, which we call the wealth portal. And it's one of my favorite things to, to coach people through cuz it just being able for people to heal the parts of the money story that need healing to then.

And then, so the, we're doing a sort of blend of healing your relationship with money and then transforming your identity and really focusing on changing your vibration and being able to change your identity so you're creating and manifesting from this new embodied identity. And when people start to see the shifts, it's so exciting, isn't it, when clients.

Oh my God, actually it's working. . 

Alyse: Oh my god. It's like the best feeling. But I totally agree with you. I wanna go a little deeper into into the identity piece, cuz I know for me, one of the things that I keep reflecting on in my own journey is the person I needed to become, right? And I keep calling it like the initiation, like I did this masterclass called the six Figure Initiation, where I'm like talking about what were these like pillars that I had to embody.

So that I could become the version of myself that got to that, cuz it really is an identity shift. So I'd love for you to talk a little more about that too. 

Louisa Havers: Oh, absolutely. And there's so many pieces of our identity within that, because of course we've got the identity of who we are as a. A business owner, we've got the identity of who we are as a mother, the identity of who we are as a mother and a business owner.

Yeah. And being able to change your identity. You, you spoke earlier of around every decision making and action that you were taking from that your future self, like with the future at least. Make this decision and being able to really think about, well, what are those components of that future version of myself?

What are the self-concept that person's gonna have in relation to being a good steward of money in relation to their self-concepts about ha having wealth? There's self-concepts around confidence around what is the self-concept that a six figure seven figure owner has around being a a business owner.

It's gonna be different to somebody who has perhaps started their journey and is think seeing themselves more as self-employed rather than a business owner. And I think it's really recognizing that we can change our self-concepts and our identity. We've got complete control over that and. Pays. It's worth everything to actually take the time to think what I, what do I want my consciousness to be?

What do I actually want to imprint? What is the identity that I want to have so I can have be a good mom and. Be a good business owner and not leave it up to subconscious to decide . 

Alyse: Well, yeah. Or leave it up to what we think is like external circumstances. Cause a lot of times what I see people doing is like, well, I'll start to think of my business as legit when I'm making like this much money and it's, well then that leaves us in a perpetual state of waiting.

Not acting like you have a legitimate business. You need to project the image of your business that you want it to be onto it, versus waiting for like the outside circumstances to give you permission to do that. And I think that's a big mistake that people make too. So you have to like claim the identity that you want and project it onto the world instead of looking for the world to show it to you.

Louisa Havers: Exactly. That's exactly it. Because the world will show it to you when you've embodied it. 

Alyse: Yeah, . Exactly. But like we think it's the other way around for some reason. 

Louisa Havers: Yeah. This, uh, triggers a mind, isn't it? It's like, but when you don't know this stuff, it's a real mind. Switch to be able to really use your environment and what you're seeing in your reality is, okay, here's the indication of what the next bit that I need to change because we haven't had the growth that we wanted over here, or whatever it might be in terms of whether it's, well, we've had a couple of great months of income coming in in the business, and then it's flatlined.

and then being able to recognize, oh, what's going on in the identity piece? Is it your part of your identity is actually you only earn, but whatever the amount was the previous year and you started to pass it, and then your subconscious is going, no, no, no, 

Alyse: we're good with that. We're good with last year.

Louisa Havers: Let's create the same. Like,

Alyse: I have a question too, cause I feel like, so I see people struggle with this a lot too. It's like, what would you say to the person. Is just starting, or you know, they're in like their first year of business and it doesn't seem like it's working, quote unquote, or maybe it's not happening in the way that they want, and they feel like they're putting the effort in and they're not seeing the results yet.

Like what could be some of the missing pieces or what would you say to that the person who's in that spot? 

Louisa Havers: Yes. And cuz there's so much going on in that first year, cuz you've gotta, you have gotta learn skills. That is a key piece. So I'm gonna speak to the energetics, which I think is the most important thing, but you have to develop your skills like that.

I often see people thinking it's all mindset. I've gotta focus on my energy. I'm like, yeah, but you can't mark it. I've seen your Facebook posts, they're not great . So please develop that skill as you know as well, because. , and I think it actually does link back to energetics because where your consciousness is, if you're putting stuff out in a kind of spaghetti western style, throwing stuff at the wall.

Yeah. Or energetically not aligned with what you are doing, and then you're making decisions off the back of being completely outta alignment. So you're not gonna get the results that you want. So for somebody who's really first starting in their businesses, I, I would like Yeah. Imagine yourself as the six bigger business owner that you want to be.

And what does that version of you believe? What do they feel? How did they get to where they want to go to really spend time? And this isn't like a one, one off wonder experience that you're doing. This is like every day doing something to expand your identity and your wealth consciousness so that, like you were saying earlier, and every day is a decision, you're making a decision to get, to start to embody that version of yourself and to be able to lead.

New business as if it's bringing in six figures because you would make different decisions if that money was already in there. You'd make different decisions in relation to making sure that you had team members coming in to support you and all those things. And when you shift your consciousness around that, you do completely make different decisions and therefore, Are quicker in terms of being able to grow the business.

And I think that being able to, for me at recognizing that there's skill development alongside. Sometimes the bit I'll really wanna speak to is around having the discernment to be able to make decisions that are gonna support your business and not just take some coaches' advice when they might not know your business as to where it's at.

Because I think some people can get, you can get put in these great big coaching groups where your one of 800 people and you hear someone sharing some. For someone else whose business is in a different point and you are taking that advice to go and implement in your business and it's just not right for you.

I think this time is key. 

Alyse: Absolutely. I love that. And then that actually brings me to the second piece of this that I was gonna ask you is around coaching and mentorship and what would you say is the most important. Your advice on that or the way that you look at that? Cause I know for me I think private mentorship is a, is very important.

I think it's the reason why, cuz I always had private mentorship and I think that's why I grew so quickly. But what would you say is the most important piece around like coaching, mentorship, or how you approach that piece of the business and the growth?

Louisa Havers: Yeah, I agree. I think p investing with where you feel comfortable in that.

So you don't frazzle your nervous system. Cuz I've seen people. Frazzled their nervous systems with an investment and then they've just contracted back. But get yourself into alignment with what you're investing in so that you can be like, yes, I'm gonna expand and grow within this and going for it. I think mentor mentoring and coaching is absolutely essential.

And I agree. Private mentoring has been absolutely transformational for me because you've got, you are building a relationship. Your mentor is really getting to to know you, so you are healing. , any pieces around having intimate relationships in a business setting in relation to that, which has a complete knock on impact in terms of your business and your leadership and how you show up?

And cuz you're allowing yourself to be fully supported and money is a supportive energy, you're allowing him more support and into the business, if that makes sense. So I think being able to always have a coach or a mentor, people have different levels that they feel comfortable with investing at. It's essential for your business growth.

I always learn from always in a program, mentorship, something to support my business growth along the way. I think it's essential. 

Alyse: Yeah, me too. And I really believe strongly in the long-term relationship. I've really only had two coaches or mentors, and I've been with both of them since almost the beginning.

and you really value the fact that they both know me so well that like I can just lean into that. And I feel like, and obviously there's nothing wrong with changing who you're working with, but I do believe really investing not only the money piece, but like your own energy into really allowing this other person to know you on a very deep level.

Because the deeper that they know you, the better that they can support you and the more supported that you'll feel. So I really do believe it's about the relationship and I think that's the number one piece in the growth is like really allowing yourself to have that support. Cause I couldn't imagine trying to do this without, Some kind of support.

I feel like I would go crazy. . 

Louisa Havers: Me too. Cause what I love with, when you've got that long-term relationship with your coach is that they know your patterns so they can mm-hmm. call it out. . 

Alyse: Exactly. 

Louisa Havers: Really quickly. Yes. Cause you can get quite good at telling yourself, oh, cause of blah, blah, blah. No . Yes. That's where it's so helpful.

You've got that long-term relationship. You can, you are able to, I see it with myself when I'm receiving that mentorship. And then also with my clients that work with me in a long-term container, cuz I, you can just see their patterns running straight away and you can just come in, got a good relationship with them and go.

No . 

Alyse: Yeah, I don't think so. Perspective. We, yeah, we know what's going on here. And then even just from the coaching perspective too. Even when I start work with somebody new, even if I can see that they're running a pattern, sometimes it's harder for me to say it or articulate it when we don't have. Deep relationship yet.

And then once we fall into that deeper relationship, it's so easy for me to be like, oh, it's that, and it just moves so much quicker because like you have that relationship with them. 

Louisa Havers: Yeah, exactly. I think it's absolutely key and. people. And I love working with people in those long-term containers as well cuz they've got that commitment and you know that you are on that journey.

And of course as you grow they benefit from you growing and they're growing and everyone truly is growing together. And I've seen it with my coach that I've worked with for a number of years as well. We have the same one. The growth is just incredible. Everybody's growing together and it is, it's a beautiful thing to be part of..

Alyse: Yeah, and also like for me, what I've noticed now that I'm a little further on in my business is now I have the benefit of being able to really work with women that I like. Really, truly believe in what they're doing, and I feel so excited and like just like heartfelt to support them in doing what they're doing.

And it's just like such a amazing feeling to be able to support something that you really just fully believe in. 

Louisa Havers: Oh yeah. It's so exciting, isn't it? I just love it. And being able to celebrate with them as they're getting their results with their clients. Being able to be that person behind the scenes, supporting them through, through the highs and the lows that can happen in business is it's just, yeah, it's a complete joy to be able to contribute in that way 

Alyse: a hundred percent.

So what is next for you? Is there anything you're excited about or anything you have coming up that you'd like to share about? 

Louisa Havers: Oh, I have so many exciting things this year. So we are currently enrolling into our next intake for the Helix Method. So for coaches and men mentors and healers that are looking to add new toolkit to their service.

I'm very excited about that. We've got Doors are open for that, and then we've got our, I do Breakthrough the Money Ceiling Masterclass that are free for people periodically throughout. I cannot wait for, cause I've missed it. We haven't done one since November and I'm like, I've got withdrawal. Oh yeah. . So I'm really excited about that one cuz everyone always gets such breakthroughs and it's just really exciting to be in the, the energy vortex with everybody on that journey.

Oh, I love that. So we've got those two coming up and then we've also got some Akashic record weekends that I'm teaching, which I'm very excited about as well. So that's kinda my rhythm throughout the year that we do these things. And then I know that this is on my, I get to do this list is that I keep getting the download that there's meant to be a book being born and I have been procrastinating on that one.

So I'm calling myself out on that here, . 

Alyse: I totally hear you. I've been feeling that way too. And then I had, I had. Started it and then one of my astrologers said that the spring would be a really good time for me to really go full force on it. So I was like, okay, that sounds good. I can live with that. I'm gonna wait till the , but I totally hear you on that.

So can you share with everyone where they can find you? Cause I'm sure everyone wanna connect with you and do your master class. That sounds amazing. 

Louisa Havers: Ah, thank you. Yes, do come and find me. I've got my website where you can get the link for the master. So it's I'm on Facebook and Instagram and we've got all the links in there as well.

So it's just Louisa Havers, nice and simple. It's my name. Um, cool. On, on Instagram and on on uh, Facebook. 

Alyse: Awesome. Well, thank you for sharing that. And for our last question, what is a non-negotiable for you when it comes to fully reclaiming your consciousness? 


Louisa Havers: day clearing and aligning to my energy with the direction I want to go in and working in the Akashic records.

For me, that is completely non-negotiable. I always understand new things I didn't know before when I'm working in the Akashic records and doing my energy work. 

Alyse: Oh my God, a hundred percent. It's so important to like connect with that deeper. Energy, that deeper part of yourself and just be so intentional about what you're creating.

I always say to people like, this didn't just happen like randomly, like . You have to be very intentional about what you're creating, what you're doing with your energy and all of that. It's such a like daily process. So I totally agree with you. So thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.

I know everyone's gonna love it, so thank you.

Louisa Havers: Aw, thank you, Alyse. Thank for having me. 

Alyse: Of course. 

Thank you so much for being here. Don't forget to subscribe to the show. Leave a review and share this show with your friends who you know are yearning for this type of content. You can stay connected with me by following me on Instagram at Alyse underscore Breathes, and by joining my Facebook group Breathe to Succeed where I share my weekly energy forecast and subscribe to my list where you'll receive a free breathwork session, meditation and journaling prompts to deeply connect with your intuition at See you next time.