Reclaiming Consciousness

#60- YOU are the Method with Dr. Yael Green

February 23, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 60
Reclaiming Consciousness
#60- YOU are the Method with Dr. Yael Green
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Doctor Yael Green, an ambassador of hybrid technologies and a living portal to other dimensions, which she channels in real time when operating with her integrated crystalline DNA structure in a highly plasmic state. 

As soon as we start with the show, Yael wants you to know “this is really the first time I’ve been in bodily form on this planet” as she comes from “a collective of beings that come together to have specific purposes in the galactic realms”. 

She is from one of the first waves of Hybrid Humans that have come to the planet in the 70’s to help humanity during this time of transition, create a foundation, and “start to shift the frequency to a higher-pitched frequency”.
Yael is adamant, “I’m a portal for remembering consciousness and how we are one and there are no fractures, there is no segmentation or separation, there is no part’s work we need to do to come back together”.


  • (08:00) A specific mission
  • (10:15) Yael’s story 
  • (15:18) A ship family
  • (19:00) How do we experience full consciousness? 
  • (23:30) Just being is enough
  • (27:30) Moving forward
  • (30:30) Collective agreements 
  • (33:05) Trauma work 
  • (37:05) The flow 
  • (38:18) Kids


Yael has a Bachelors and Masters in Business and Nonprofit Management and a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has spent the last 25 years in the fields of organizational and systems management, physical therapy, somatics, sound healing and education. Yael now focuses on paradigm shifts through system re-patterning, dimensional energetics, and movement.

She embodies an extensive knowledge of sacred geometry, balance and harmony and is experienced in reading and recalibrating the energy of portals back to their highest integrity. Yael uses technological understanding of the non-physical to activate and imprint the earth grids and the waters to return to their original state of neutrality.



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