Reclaiming Consciousness

#59- What Happens When You Die with Julie Ryan

February 16, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 59
Reclaiming Consciousness
#59- What Happens When You Die with Julie Ryan
Show Notes

I have the pleasure of introducing Julie Ryan to you. A psychic and medical intuitive, Julie can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She can also scan animals, communicate with people- alive and dead- access people’s past lives and can tell how close to death someone is.

After learning about intuitive medicine, energetic healing and much more, she got a visit from a spirit who claimed to be Pope Clement and tasked her with teaching the world what happens when somebody dies.

Julie had no recollection of a Pope Clement and replied “yeah, that’s not going to happen, I’m a business woman and people are going to think I’m nuts” , but curiosity got the best of her and she discovered that the spirit who came to her was Pope Clement VI, who reigned during the first visitation of the Black Death.

 It was this  event that truly sent her down the path she is on now. As Julie says, “we all heal ourselves, no medical provider, or doctor or healer heals anybody else”.


  • Julie’s story
  • A Human MRI
  • Energetic healing
  • What happens when you die?
  • In Paradisum
  • As a species
  • Creating fear
  • Proof
  • Intuition
  • They are around us
  • No coincidences


She is a psychic, medical intuitive, businesswoman, inventor, author, radio show host, podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Her book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next describes a series of events that involves angels, multitudes of deceased family and friends, the spirits of deceased pets, and countless serendipitous and miraculous moments. Julie’s Angel Messages® books are picture books that have angels answering kids’ tough questions. Each week, Julie scans callers on her 'Ask Julie Ryan' radio show and podcast.



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