Reclaiming Consciousness

#57- Solo Episode with Alyse - 2023 Energy Forecast

February 02, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 57
Reclaiming Consciousness
#57- Solo Episode with Alyse - 2023 Energy Forecast
Show Notes

This week’s episode is a recording of the Live Energy Forecast I did on my Facebook group, where I talked about the information that came through from my guides. 

You’ll be hearing about the energies we can expect for the year ahead and the changes that I’m seeing in business, money, and different themes in general.

I really think you’ll love this and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed channeling this information for all.

If you’ve been a part of the live stream already, I’m sure you’ll want to take this opportunity to listen to the forecast again since there’s a lot to process from it!

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  • An energy shift
  • The non-negotiable
  • Leading from the heart
  • A new paradigm
  • Relationships
  • Desire as a compass
  • The true power
  • Initiation of consciousness
  • Money patterns
  • Age of Aquarius


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