Reclaiming Consciousness

#56 - Anchoring into Higher Ideas with Daniel John Hanneman

January 26, 2023 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 56
Reclaiming Consciousness
#56 - Anchoring into Higher Ideas with Daniel John Hanneman
Show Notes

This week’s guest is Daniel John Hanneman, professional counselor, certified hypnotherapist and a very gifted healer, with whom I had a couple of sessions with and can say has completely shifted things for me. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this conversation. 

Daniel John grew up feeling as “a fish out of water” - a common theme for light workers- and sensing that “there’s something not right in the world”,  but he was able to find solace in going to church and doing sports. 

After studying Psychology and as a young adult he started honing his skills in energy work and more when he realized he could “make things happen”. He is now focused on helping people get to the next level, whether they are starting a new business or career or are already successful but struggle to reach new heights.


  • Daniel John’s story
  • Law of Attraction mentality
  • Energy scanning
  • Pinpointing what is going on
  • The money thing
  • Influencing ourselves
  • Operating from wounding
  • A passion test
  • Not 1 formula
  • Tuning into the body
  • Dialing it up


He focuses on personal/business development systems, spiritual life coaching, intuitive business coaching, energy scanning, energy clearing channeling, metaphysics, Religious Science, hypnosis, psychology and motivational techniques. 

Daniel has co-authored the book, “Wake Up Live The Life You Love – Living In Abundance” , and is also the creator of “Your Sacred Purpose” that is unleashing the hidden greatest potential within world changing empaths, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs. 


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  • Or Instagram: @rockyoursecretpurpose
  • Listen to his podcast: “Spiritual Rockstar”


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