Reclaiming Consciousness

#53 Solo with Alyse - How I Transformed My Relationship to Step into $50k then $100k Months

December 22, 2022 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 53
Reclaiming Consciousness
#53 Solo with Alyse - How I Transformed My Relationship to Step into $50k then $100k Months
Show Notes

This is a long due solo episode and "a vulnerable share" to demonstrate, from my own experiences, how transformation is possible in every aspect of our lives.
In 2020 I decided to quit my old job and start my own business. It was scary, changes usually are, but one key non-negotiable for me in this transformation phase was to have one-to-one high level mentorship. Even though money was tight, I knew I was investing in "where I wanted to be and not in where I was". Future vs Past.

As my business grew, I understood that "how you show up in your relationships is how you show up in your business and in your life". I had to go through a lot of changes and face tough situations in my marriage to understand that to not agree with someone does not equal to not loving that person. It seems like today's world pushes us to think that if someone does not agree with our opinion, it automatically turns them into our enemies. Bullsh$t!!!

I think it's important to ask ourselves: What am I doing to become a new and better version of myself?

"Your desire is your soul telling you this is what's next".


  • Growth in Relationships 
  • My business story since 2021 and becoming a true CEO
  • $30k to $50k to $100k months and the challenges the universe but me through
  • Nurturing my marriage while facing great changes
  • Shifting my people pleasing personality
  • Energy, Money and Boundaries
  • Not hiding your greatness from the world

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