Reclaiming Consciousness

#51 You ARE the Abundance with the Queen of Wealth Embodiment Victoria Washington

December 08, 2022 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 51
Reclaiming Consciousness
#51 You ARE the Abundance with the Queen of Wealth Embodiment Victoria Washington
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Victoria Washington, money medicine-woman and business wizard who supports women and entrepreneurs from all walks of life “in breaking free of the conditioning that society places on us, so that they can not only be financially free but fully embody their wealth identity.”

 After filing for bankruptcy in 2018 during her “financial rock bottom”, Victoria started her coaching business from scratch, on her living room floor, by peeling off the layers of feelings of scarcity from her heart and body. In this sense, mindset work “really opened the door to what’s possible”. 

Three years later, Victoria Washington, Inc. is a 7-figure/yr global brand that has supported over 3,000 women on the journey of financial liberation.

She is adamant that the ideas of what money can and can’t be gets passed down from generation to generation and form your perception of wealth: “we pass down wealth through our body, we pass it down through our blood, through the energetic signature our lineage holds”...And we have the power within ourselves to shift our experience with it.


  • Victoria’s breakthroughs
  • Money lineage
  • Ripping scarcity off
  • Body leads, mind follows
  • “Wealth, A.K.A, valuable”
  • Somatic experience
  • The liberator of your life
  • Resistance
  • True safety
  • Chapters
  • Are you actually available?


Through her signature methodology, Wealth Embodiment Flow™ (WE Flow), women are guided through a series of postures, breath patterns & mantras that help them release financial trauma from their bodies and water the seeds of their most abundant realities

Victoria’s teachings weave together somatic movement, business strategy, and channeled spiritual wisdom to support women - and in particular women of color - to step into new levels of financial empowerment.




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