Reclaiming Consciousness

#18 Performing Psychic Surgery and Being a Medical Intuitive with Natalie Woodman

April 21, 2022 Alyse Bacine Season 1 Episode 18
Reclaiming Consciousness
#18 Performing Psychic Surgery and Being a Medical Intuitive with Natalie Woodman
Show Notes

This week's guest is Natalie Woodman, a medical intuitive channel, psychic surgeon and embodiment coach.  

Natalie was always fascinated by the body and alternative medicine. She studied physical therapy but really started connecting and valuing her body after a back injury.  

When she emigrated to the UK, where she’s been living for the last 22 years, she ended up divorcing her husband of the time, experiencing intense claustrophobia and having a string of debilitating health problems. That all took her on a deeper spiritual path where she really looked into her emotions.  As Natalie points out, “there’s such a gift in these experiences if we’re willing to dig deeper”.

She realized that there was a lot of healing work that had to be done within herself, and consequently started creating healthy boundaries and exploring other ways to carry herself and carry out her physio work. As she says, “I first fill up the tank, and then I can give”.

Now, with her new understanding of the body-emotion connection, her therapy work has a more holistic approach. She does energetic scans and works to heal the core rejection wounds of her clients: “There’s a re-calibration that needs to take place”, because the body needs presence and willingness to sit with the discomfort".


  • Natalie’s story
  • The afterlife
  • Burnout
  • A people pleasing pattern
  • Self- acceptance
  • Co-dependency
  • Stopping the overgiving 
  • Holding space
  • Auto immune problems & emotions
  • The body asking for a reset
  • The wisdom of your own truth
  • Open to what the body has to share
  • FOMO
  • To be a medical intuitive

As a medical intuitive channel, psychic surgeon and embodiment coach she helps women reclaim the sovereign connection to their bodies as sacred portals calibrating to truth, abundance, power, potency and love and release the shackles of fear, struggle, control, overwhelm and doubt to reclaim the connection to the “real her” inside. 

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